Kiddnapped By Mafia Idols Chapter 22

22 What Will Happen


RM:Jackson and his team tried to kill the whole family for some reason before they died they said they are v-then got cut off by someone*stares at suga*we still wonder what Jackson meant by that

4minute:haha funny*in mind talking to each other*

Y/n:hope they don't find out

Miranda:yeah that would be bad

Wendy:what do we do if they find out that we are half vampires and half human and half wolf

Kimberly:just pray they don't

Mariana:ya they are about to talk shut up!!!

End of talking to each other

Suga:what with all of you. You all just shut your eyes for almost 2minutes

Kimberly:oppa it's nothing important

Suga: you sure

4 minute:yes we're sure!!!

Bts:dam you don't have to be mad

Y/n:then don't say shit

Jungkook:are you guys on your period

4 minute:ya we're not on our period

Katie:I want to go home and do you remember what's tomorrow


Wendy:February 5

Kimberly:Chinese new year

Miranda:all of those stuff they just said

Katie:*tears up*you really don't remember don't know after these years

Mariana:it's New Years where we all turn one more year

Katie:forget about it

Daehwi:what's happening why is katie about to cry*realizes what's about to happen*omg don't do it!!!!

Y/n:Katie don't cry remember what happens when you cry and get mad

Katie:I don't care anymore*eyes turn dark brown*


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