Kill The Protagonist Chapter 5

6 Confession

A week has passed since the great hero summoning and the heroes are gathered in the courtyard doing basic training right at the crack of dawn.

On the first day, Jin had discussed various aspects of the nation and what needs to be done to begin the journey to defeat the demon king.

The information can be summarised as following

The nation that this place is in is called Britania. Lucelet, one of the more developed nation. It enjoys a similar status that a superpower country would back on earth,

The King, Lucet II had ascended to the throne 20 years ago while his daughter the beautiful fairy maiden princess Elizabeth Lucet was to be wed to the prince of a neighbouring country, Azerbhekan, well known for their military talent. Unfortunately the wrong prince had died due to heart failure caused while visiting a local brothel a year ago leaving the princess a young widow.

The Kingdom have given there full support to Jin and the others. From there initial arrival everything was nothing but the best. Still paupery when compared to the modem furnishing of life but it was the best of the best that Lucelet could prepare.

Since accepting the mandate to "Kill the demon king", the royal training grounds have been filled with the country's most prominent masters of swordsmanship, magic and martial arts to train the fledgling heroes.

Furthermore everyone has been given there own private rooms with an attendant to wait on for hand and foot. Even 'special' services were granted when so desired.

There is however one exception to the life of luxury the heroes are living.

Hikaru Takahashi

While Jin's impassioned speech moved the heart of some, it was not enough to alter the hands of fate. For whatever reason since that skill inspection 7 days ago. He's been ostracized from the rest of the group. His already been given a nickname

The 'Talentless hero'

Once his status were made public, and the initial sympathy he was quickly abandoned.

His cockroach like mentality once more annoys Jin.

[Wouldn't anyone who's been kicked on while down think he can't do it?] Jin thinks, while watching Hikaru from the Tower above, push himself to his limits

[Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Is idiocy]

"Jin!" Shouts a female voice.

Turning around he she's Asuka running towards him, over the past week they have spoken much more than they had there entire schooling lives. Asuka find this more approachable and Kin version of Jin much better than his previous arrogant tone. While she does not know the reason for this sudden change, she is glad it occured.

The two together really fit the image of Heroes in arms. Dashing. Charming. Charismatic. Valiant.

Jin in his golden dragon embroidered light armor and Asuka in the silver dragon embroidered light armor. The look like a set. It is myth that the original hero and his loved one donned the exact same armor all these millenia ago when the last hero summoning occured.

"Oh hey Asuka, what's up" Jin says with a friendly face

"The Captain, told me to call you. We are getting ready for the first dungeon run and told me to call you" Asuka answers as she makes her way over to where his standing.

"Oh thanks." Jin pretends his contemplating before he proceeds to ask, "Think they will allow Hikaru to come with if I ask?"

Asuka's face darkens, "Jin . I know you just trying to help...but when you asked if he can join the training. It was already pushing it"

Jin looks down at Hikaru swinging and just nods his head despondently.

Asuka bites her lip and steels herself before asking a question that's been nagging on her head for a while, "Jin why are you so nice to Hikaru all of a sudden?"

Jin smiles and stares deep into her eyes. Reaching out with his hand, he cups her face into her hand and feels her soft as silk skin. Lightly brushing it before he answers her, "For the same reason I was mean to him. You"

Asuka shivers trying to understand how she could be the cause of Hikaru's suffering when she's suddenly dragged and spun into a back hug. Jin resting his chin on his shoulder. Causing his hot breath in this morning to tickle her skin.

"I was jealous Asuka. You never paid any attention to anyone else. I thought I could get you to look my way for once if I messed with him. It just got out of hand. That's why"

Jin takes a deep breath, "I'm trying to make it up. Even if he doesn't forgive me. Yet.. "

Asuka, frozen in place is a deep shade of red after she finally heard the full story and understood Jin's feelings , "Jin"

"I know.. You like Hikaru!"

Her eyes bulges and she nervously tries to figure out how, he knew here deepest darkest secret. She has loved Hikaru since they were kids.

"Don't think I wouldn't know who my crush likes" Jin teases.

Finally he releases Asuka from the prolonged hug and has her face him.

"You really are beautiful you know. Inside and out"

Jin continues, "But as payment for me officially giving up, let me do just one thing i've always wanted to do"

Asuka still unaware of what's happening just remains motionless. like a doll as jin slowly approaches her. His getting closer and closer. She wants to pull away. It's her first kiss after all. She's saving it for Hikaru. She hastily clenches her jaw and closes her eyes. When

She feels a soft warm, and wet sensation on her cheeks.

Feeling where he just kissed she blushes even harder

Jin laughs at this cute reaction, "Consider that me waving goodbye to my feelings Asuka. You don't have to worry anymore"

Asuka nods, and quickly excuses herself as she runs down the stairs.

Unbeknown to her this entire meeting has been orchestrated. And was played out this way all according to Jin's plan as a little show for the protagonist on the ground floor to watch.

Looking towards the courtyard Jin sees a furious Hikaru staring straight at him. Jin flashes his pearly whites and gives him an annoying wink.

Hikaru grabs on to his iron sword fiercely, piercing his skin causing blood to flow.

The look in his eyes reflects his current mindset 'Jin ! I swear I will kill you'

Jin turns around and flips him the bird

'Bring it on!'
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