Killer Instinct Chapter 30

27 Rehabilitation: Memory Extraction Ai

After about an hour or so, they finally arrived at Katz's research center, the Mental and Physical Anomaly Research Center. As Katz neared the entrance, a tall slender woman with curly black hair in a white lab coat was there, accompanied by two men in black suits.

"Is that the boy with the double personality?" the woman asked when she saw Karma lying down in the back seat.

"Yes. His condition is very unstable," Katz replied. Is Laboratory A ready for experimention, Shirley?"

"Yes. The other doctor are just double checking a few things," the woman called Shirley replied.

"Alright," Katz replied. "Guards, please carry this boy to Resting Area A."

"Yes, Sir!" the two men in black suits replied. They carefully carried Karma out of the car and headed inside the lab building.

"You seem to be very excited about this test," Shirley said when she noticed a small smile on Katz's face.

"Oh, how can I not be?" Katz replied. "His condition provides a chance for new information to be revealed. It is truly marvelous."

The two headed into the lab, where they were greeted by two men in the same lab coats as the one Shirley was wearing.

"Was that the boy whom we will be working with?" one of the men asked.

"Yes," Katz replied. "Dr. Shirley here told me that there was a need to double check the equipment and procedures to make sure everything would go smoothly. How is that coming along?

"We're almost ready," the other man replied. "We just need to run a confirmation test and we should be able to proceed with the experiment."

"Perfect," Katz said. "Let's do that then."

The four then proceeded to head to Laboratory A.


Karma was walking alongside his mom. They were having the time of their lives, going to the mall, eating at restaurants, and just having an overall great mother and son moment.

And then, to make a better day for the both of them, Karma's dad, who was always busy with work greeted them when they were on their way to the supermarket and they spent a lot of quality time together.

*I wish this moment would last forever* Karma thought happily.

But it didn't.

Karma suddenly seemed to be pulled away from his parents. In fact, he seemed to be pulled from the world he was in by an invisible force.

"What?!" Karma exclaimed in surprise. "Mom! Dad! Help!"

But his parents smiled at him and turned away. Karma tried to cry out again, but no sound came out. Then there was screaming. Shirlls. Laughther.

"No! I didn't do it! I swear!" Karma screamed.

"Mr. Karma!" a voice shouted. A light appeared in front of Karma and he awoke.

"Wha-?" Karma started, but his head immediately started to hurt. He held his head in agony.

"Here, take these," the voice from before said. Karma turned to the voice to find a lady in a nurse outfit. She had short black hair. In her hands laid two small blue pills and a cup of water.

"Who are you? Where am I?" Karma asked in a panic.

"Calm down," the lady replied. "You are here in Dr. Katz's Research Center. You suddenly passed out in his car and the guards carried you here per Dr. Katz's request."

"I-I see," Karma said as he tried to control his breathing. "What are those pills?"

"They will help your mind stabilize, so the pain would be eased," the lady replied.

Karma took the pill and the effects worked like a miracle. His head no longer ached. In fact, he felt in tip top condition.

"I feel great!" Karma exclaimed. Thank you... Uh...?"

"You cn call me Amy," the lady replied, smiling.

Then, Katz came in.

"Oh!" Katz said upon seeing Karma. "You're awake! How are you feeling?"

"After taking the pills that Ms. Amy gave me, I feel much better," Karma replied.

"That is good," Katz said, smiling. "Are you ready for your rehabilitation to control your other side?"

"Y-Yes!" Karma replied excitedly.

"Well then, follow me," Katz said.

The two exited the resting area and headed to Laboratory A.

When they entered Laboratory A, Karma was in awe. There were a lot of high end technology that Karma did not even know existed. Big monitors with complex controls. Robots moving from place to place, doing their assigned tasks. It was a sight for sure.

"This is amazing!" Karma exclaimed.

"We have some of the latest technologies to aid in our research," Katz said, smiling. "All of this has been prepared for your rehabilitation."

"All this...for me?" Karma asked.

"Yes," Katz replied. "Should we get started?"

Katz led Karma to a big operating bed. Many other doctors were sitting at computers near the bed.

"I would like you to lie here for me, Karma," Katz said. "We need to run some tests before we can really help stabilize your condition."

"A-Alright," Karma said, getting onto the bed.

Karma felt a little nervous laying on the bed. He has seen a lot of films where mad scientists did horrible experiments to subjects to achieve their desires. It was quite unsettling to find himself as a subject of a similar situation. But, he trusted Katz and was determined to do anything to control his other side.

"What will happen in these tests?" Karma asked.

"We will just be analyzing your brain for the parts that trigger the onset of your other side," Katz replied. "Don't worry, it won't hurt."

"O-Okay," Karma said.

"I am going to inject some special anesthetics. We can only access the other side when your current self is in a unconscious state," Katz said.

One of the scientists rolled over a table that had the sterilizing wipes and the needle. Katz sterilized the area of injection, the arm. Then, came the needle.

"This might sting a little, but this will be the first and last experience of pain for this test," Katz said.

Karma nodded and closed his eyes, not wanting to see the needle impale his skin. Katz injected the needle into Karma's arm. The drug entered Karma's body and within minutes, Karma was feeling tired.

"I feel sleepy..." Karma said slowly, his consciousness slowly drifting away.

"Relax. Let the feeling take over. You'll be alright," Katz said with a gentle voice. With that comfoting voice, Karma dozed off.

"Bring me the Technical Analytical Helmet," Katz said to one of the other scientists.

The scientist nodded and walked to a large machine that held many types of other smaller machines. He pressed a button near a certain container and the container opened, revealing an item. He grabbed the helmet and handed it to Katz. Katz slowly put it on Kama and attached the many pads attached to the helmet to Karma's spine, near the his eyes, on his chest and on his arms and legs.

"Check his current status," Katz said to the scietists at the various computers in the laboratory.

"Brain activity is stable. Ready to proceed with the test," one of the scientists said.

"Good. Go ahead and input the stimulation into his brain," Katz said. "After that, make a copy of the processes in his mind and upload that to our Memory Extraction AI, MEA."

The scientists complied and soon, an AI in the form of a young girl appeared on the big monitior in the center of the room. She had long silky black hair and wore a simple yet stylish red dress, accompanied by a pair of black shoes. She slowly opened her eyes.

"Katz! I missed you!," she exclaimed happliy. "Why haven't you talked to me in such a long time?"

"I was busy, Mea," Katz replied. "But enough about that. Mea, can you unlock the contents of this young's man brain to access his hidden memories?"

"The one time you actually talk to me in a long while is because you need my help in your little experiment!" Mea said angirily.

"Mea, calm down," Katz said gently. "I'm sorry for leaving you alone for so long, but I promise to make it up to you. After you help me with this, you can request anything you want, alright?"

"You promise?" Mea asked softly.

"Yes," Katz replied. "I promise."

"Alright then," Mea said.

She proceeded to scan Karma's brain processes. After a long while. the scanning was complete.

"Alright, I got your data," Mea said. "I will upload them to this monitior."

Mea's eyes then glowed and then she disappeared in a flash of light. Then, a series of text appeared on the screen. It was the moments after Karma's experience with his other side.

A dark secret was about to unfold.

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