Killer Love Chapter 7

7 Depression

Akira completed her 12th and was applying for higher studies. The format of applying for a seat in colleges has been changed. All the students who wanted to apply for a seat in colleges were all confused with the new rules and regulations. Many of them didn't get a seat for the course they wanted. Akira wanted to study Nutritionist course but she didn't get a seat for that particular course. There were 4 phases in which students can apply for the college and course. Akira applied in every phase but she didn't get a seat for that particular course. All the phases were completed, but she didn't get a seat. Many of the students also didn't get a seat like her. Her father was disappointed by her that she didn't get a seat and wasted her one year. Wherever she goes all her friends and relatives would ask her about her studies. She would not answer anything to them but smile at them and ignore them.

As time passed, her situation was getting worse. She got to listen all the taunts from her family. She felt depressed. She felt like she was in a prison. She would stay all day at home, if she goes out to spend some time with her friends in evening her father wouldn't allow her to leave home at evening. Whenever her father didn't allow her to go out in evening, she would cry all the night till she fell asleep. She was just going to gym in the morning and after coming from gym, she would sleep or watch TV or flip through social media in her phone. All her friends were in college, so she couldn't go anywhere in the morning. So she accepted her fate and continued to plead her father to let her go out in the evening.

She got more interested in gym because of loneliness at home, so she would stay a little longer even after their workout session has completed.

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Time passed quickly and it was already two months since they joined gym. As for their structure, it was changing slightly. Randev's odd behaviour towards Akira also changed totally to a friendly one.
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