Killer Love Chapter 8

8 Love Story

In the gym, while Aaradhya would look for Romi to talk, Randev would stay with Akira and talk to her till Aaradhya comes. Randev and Akira became good friends at that time.

One day, they as usually went to gym and completed their workout session. After their workout session finished, they noticed that it was raining outside. Randev approached them and said "It is raining outside now, so you guys can wait in the office room till the rain stops."

Romi didn't came to gym on that day, so Aaradhya was a little absent minded. She was chatting with Romi in the phone. She didn't say anything to Randev about staying or leaving. At that time, Akira said "Okay" and dragged Aaradhya to the office room. Both sat in their respective seats. Akira was seeing outside the window and was mesmerised by the beauty of the nature. There were all trees surrounding the gym. So the view from the window was beautiful.

After some time, Randev came into the office room where they were sitting. As he entered, Akira turned from her seat to take a look at him and gave him a warm smile. Randev returned her smile and went straight to his seat in front of them. He sat there elegantly. He saw Aaradhya who was busy chatting in her phone, so he turned to look at Akira. He started a small talk with her. After talking for some time they stuck on the topic "love".

Akira asked Randev "Do you have a girlfriend?"

Randev was taken aback for few seconds, then he said in a sad tone "I once had a girlfriend but now she is no more "

Akira didn't quite understand what he meant but she saw his eyes were wet. Tears started forming in his eyes. He was suppressing his tears not letting them to come out. Akira wanted to say something but nothing came out when she opened her mouth. She just started at him without blinking. Her mind was thinking about what he just said meant that his girlfriend has died? or she is alive but wasn't in a relationship with him. She thought that they might have broke up. She thought all the possibilities for which a couple would break their relationship with each other. After thinking of how, she started thinking about who broke up with whom? She wanted to ask Randev to say about his story but seeing that he was still staring at something and was absent minded, she didn't bothered him and was thinking all the possibilities that could happen.

She was staring at Randev without blinking, and was in a deep thought, when Randev came back to his senses he broke the silence and started saying his "love story".
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