Killer Love Chapter 9

9 Past Hurts

Randev was in deep thought, he was thinking how to say about his past and from where to start. After some time with his eyes looking down he said "One year ago, I saw her. She was a Muslim girl. She would stay at the same lane where I stay. At that time, I was carefree. I was not serious about anything in my life. On that time, she proposed me and no boy can reject a girl's proposal, so I've accepted it. At first I wasn't serious about the relationship, but as time passed, I became serious with her and I wanted to make life better for us, so I started working hard."

He paused for a moment, then took a deep breath and said again "One day her parents got to know about our relationship, so they started forcing her to get married with another guy from their caste. She came to look for me. She asked me to marry her, but I didn't took it seriously. She kept on saying that she doesn't want to marry anyone, but I said her to wait for some days till I get settled in my life."

At this time he paused again, his eyes were full of tears, but he was controlling his tears not letting them come out. He closed his eyes and started saying again "I was the one who killed her, she loved me and said that she wanted to marry but I didn't listen to her, If I listened to her and married her, she would have been with me now. But after I said to wait for some days, she agreed and went home, her parents fixed her marriage with another guy the next day, her parents didn't let her go outside the home after that, so with no option left, she committed suicide."

After saying that, Randev couldn't say any more. He stared blankly outside the window deep in thought. If he hadn't rejected her for marriage, she would be alive and would be with him. He was filled with a feeling of disappointment. He murmured to himself "I've killed her, by not marrying her." Akira was listening to him. She was in loss of words. She opened her mouth to say some comforting words to him but nothing came out. She doesn't know how to console some one. She just stared at him, thinking what to say to him. At last she made her words clear in mind then said in a determined tone "You didn't kill her, you doesn't know her situation at home. Right? You shouldn't blame yourself for this."
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