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Killer Of Mc’s summary:

The time has come to stop screwing around, as we have Alexander Anderson (not the character from Hellsing ultimate) who was summoned to the underworld by the devil himself, to do one thing only, and that is to kill.Once Alex is summoned by the devil, he is given two options: Kill the MC's of all the multi-verse, from anime, manga, light novels, movies, and so one.If Alex doesn't want to, then he will be imprisoned in hell for all of eternity on an endless lifetime of torture.What will Alex do? Will he become the multiverses greatest killer? Or be tortured for the rest of his life.*There is absolutely NO HAREM and NO *** SCENES. I want to make an actual fanfic where the story and plot actually progresses.Author's note:There will be a romance, but not until like chapter 50+ (I still haven't written that far yet)I do not own anything on this fanfic, except the new abilities, OG characters, and some other stuff that is not worth mentioning. All rights go to their respective owners.

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