Killer Of Mc’s Book 1 Chapter 101

Volume 1 Chapter 101 Alexander Anderson End

"Now this is a victory party." A drunk Garou appeared and started laughing hysterically.

It's been almost an hour since they left the Dragon Ball world. In that short amount of time Alex did whatever he could to make sure everyone was having a good time.

Garou, Mihawk and Madara were having a drinking contest.

Surprisingly, Mihawk won. Madara's face was flush red and his face was lying on the table.

Mihawk looked as cool as a cuc.u.mber.

"What is in that stuff?" Asked Madara.

"It's something only a warlord can get." Mihawk kept drinking as much as he wanted.

"I am not losing. Another one!" Madara yelled at the girl serving them drinks.

"I'm coming!" It was Perona who took the liberty of serving them drinks. Or more specifically it was her devil fruit powers that she used to serve them drinks.

Perona had been taking care of Mihawk's palace for 3 years. She was bored and thinking of Mihawk. When suddenly, a portal opened that scared the hell out of her, then the rest of the Commandments started showing up. And after that she was forced by Mihawk to serve them drinks.

He usually didn't boss her around. But after he found out that she found and drank all of his wine, he got angry and ordered her to buy more and serve them for the rest of the day.

"I guess this is goodbye to my peaceful life." She did cry a little knowing that her gentle life was now gone for good.

But as much as she complained, she was happy that Mihawk was finally home.

"Ghost girl, over here! A few more sodas, please." Eggy yelled out to Perona. She was sitting by Broly as he munched down on a mountain of burgers.

Truth to his word, Alex kept his promise and gave Broly a lifetime of burgers. Since Alex nor Broly weren't keeping track of how many enemies Broly had knocked off, he decided to give him a lifetime supply for burgers.

Now how can he possibly supply an immortal with a lifetime supply of burgers? It was simple. Alex went back to the Dragon Ball universe, used the time stone to revive shenlong, and made a wish.

HIs wish is to be able to produce infinite, delicious burgers at will.

Shenlong made Alex a simple ring that was made of gold. Whoever wears that ring will be able to produce the most delicious burgers out of air whenever he wants to, at the cost of his own energy.

Alex gifted the ring to Broly, told him how it works, and no sooner did Broly start munching on the mountain of burgers he created.

Eggy was with him. She sat there watching him eat.

Broly noticed that Eggy was there doing nothing. He thought that maybe she was hungry.

"Want some?" He offered nicely.

"No thank you."

"Also thanks." Broly softly said.

"For what?"

"You saved me twice. So I am thanking you."

Eggy was confused and remembered what he was talking about. The first time was when in the tournament Broly almost fell off the stage, until Eggy and Garou saved him at the last second.

The second time was when Broly was affected by Alex's powerful energy, and Eggy caught him and dragged him back to safety.

Eggy smiled.

"I should also be thanking you. Apart from Linlin, Lili, and Alex, you are the only one here who hasn't called me useless or weak."

Eggy is hurt when the others call her useless, but she herself had to admit that compared to the rest, she isn't that great. She started to wonder if Alex only made her a Commandment because of her pretty face and not because of her Asura powers. And also, out of all the others, she was the only one who was knocked off the stage during the tournament.

"You are not useless. I am grateful that you were there when I needed help the most. And you were the only one who came to my rescue." Broly was still a bit awkward at holding conversations with others, but that still did not stop him.

Eggy's eyes twinkled. It's the first time anybody said that from. She believed Broly because he is just too pure to even tell a lie.

"Thanks. That means a lot to me."

"Here you go." Perona came and delivered a tray fill with drinks, mostly just Pepsi. Alex created these drinks to celebrate their victory and other stuff.

Alex used the reality stone to Mihawk's gloomy atmosphere into a more relaxing environment.

"Anything else?" Perona asked.

"No thanks. We're good." Eggy said with a smile while still looking at Broly.

"Perona, more coconuts please."

Lilin waved her hand and called out to Perona.

"Okay I need a day off."

"You had 3 years to yourself." Mihawk was passing by and heard what she said.

"..." Perona didn't say anything and went to get a coconut for Lilin.

Lilin sat beside somebody else, Boa Hanc.o.c.k. After all these years, Hanc.o.c.k and Lilin were still good friends.

Of course it came as a shock to Hanc.o.c.k to hear that Linlin and Lili were merged into one. In a world filled with devil fruit powers and stuff, Linlin and Lili merging looked almost normal.

"So tell me how did it feel." Hanc.o.c.k was like a little girl who wanted to know more about her best friend.

Lilin was blushing. She told Boa all of their adventures, until she accidentally told him that her and Alex did the deed.

"It was painful at first. But as time went on, it started to feel pleasurable."

"So wait. Did Alex do it with you, or with Linlin and Lili?"

"We are both one now. But simply put, he did it with Linlin and Lili and not Lilin..."

"Lucky I have yet to find a man to love. There just aren't any good men in this world."

Boa Hanc.o.c.k had completely forgotten about Luffy because Alex erased their memories of Luffy. It was as if he had never existed.

Hanc.o.c.k did find a wanted poster of Luffy. She was confused as to why there was a poster of a man she never met, so she threw it away without thinking too much about it.

But over time, she couldn't help but feel that her heart ached for some reason. Time passed and her heart pain was less than before.

All of the Kuja pirates were weirded out when Hanc.o.c.k started to develop interest in the opposite s.e.x, something which came out of nowhere.

Of course Hanc.o.c.k could never find any men like Luffy no matter how hard she tried.

"You know, we have some single men in our group."

"Hard pass." Hanc.o.c.k replied quickly. Lilin was trying to set her up with either Madara, Mihawk, Broly or Garou, but they weren't her type.

"Alright. So tell me, how have these past 3 years been for you?"

"Well after you and Madara destroyed the entire Marine HQ and killed all of the Celestial Dragons, pirates have taken over the world, but the weird thing is that it's not as bad as it sounds. It has been rather peaceful here. Especially after I took over the world."

"You took over the world?"

"I mean why not? All the Yonko's are dead, the Revolution army is gone, Marines are gone, and the Celestial Dragons are gone, and since the other Warlords are as strong or even weaker than me, there simply wasn't much competition."

There were some troubles that came on her way. Like Enel popped out of nowhere and did pose a threat to her, but like any men he fell to her charm and he was turned to stone. There was also Bartholomew Kuma, but he did not perceive Hanc.o.c.k as a foe, so he let her be.

And there was also Buggy. Also not much of a threat, but he is just like a main character with a lot of plot armor.

"Wow, I did not expect you to pull off such a feat. World domination. I don't think we even have done such a thing."

"It took 2 years, and by then it was easy. Of course it was possible thanks to you."

"It wasn't just me. Madara, and Alex they also got rid of many foes."

"I know. That reminds me, I never got to thank your husband for getting rid of my slave symbol. You all just left in a hurry."

"Well, we aren't gonna be leaving any time soon."

They both drank coconut water and toasted each other with it as if they were using glass drinks.

Although it looked lively, there are two people who were feeling kind of left out.

Meruem and Steven were playing cards. Steven used his demonic energy to control the cards in front of him, like using telepathy.

Meruem wanted to do nothing but play gungi, but Steven was worse than Alex. And the rest of the group, except Linlin and Lili, enjoyed playing gungi. And also Steven did not like playing gungi with Meruem, mostly because he gets frustrated because he loses every time they play.

"Have you got any sevens?" Asked Meruem.



"Well, what are you guys playing?"

Alex appeared out of nowhere.

"I think this game is called black jack. I've never played it but it seems sort of fun."

"I see" Alex had been observing their game, and not once did he think that they were playing blackjack. It was more like goldfish.

"Where did you go?" Meruem asked.

"Well, Meruem, I wanted to reward you because you led the Commandments in the toughest fight of your lives and defeated the enemies without my aid. To be honest, I thought that all of you would have been Yamcha'd in the first thirty seconds."

"I don't know what this 'Yamcha' is, but it sounds disappointing."

"Well said." Alex smiled. "And as for your reward, here she is." Alex turned Meruem around.

What Meruem saw was none other than Komugi. The one reason why he joined this group, and why he became an immortal, is because of her.

"Hello, Meruem-sama! *sniff*"

Komugi acted very nervous and bowed before Meruem out of respect. She still wore the same clothing as before, and her nose was still very stuffy. The only difference was her eyes. Alex cured her blindness because it was a deal he made with Meruem.


Meruem was indeed happy to see Komugi again. He had spent literally over 1000 years in Purgatory with Alex, and every single day, he thought of her. He thought of the moment when he would finally defeat her in a game of Gungi.

"It's nice to *sniff* see you again."


Alex produced a complete gungi board game and a comfortable chair and table for those two to play.

They both sat down, and began playing like old times.

Komugi had been waiting for almost 5 years to meet Meruem once more. She wasn't alone, she had been accompanied by a giant eyeball monster for all those years.

Komugi was also immortal. Alex gave her the fountain of youth because it was the only way to get Meruem to join his group at the time.

"Let's go, Steven. We can try out Broly's burgers."

"Neigh." Steven followed Alex to Broly's spot.

"You know, Steven. I know this sounds weird, but at one point, I honestly thought that you were going to transform into either a hot milf, or an overpowered loli."

"Neigh?!" Steven has heard a lot of things, but never something like this.

"Why did I think about that? It's simple, because whenever the main character has an animal pet, they somehow transform into girls and then fans ship them huh, maybe it's a good thing you didn't transform into a girl. That would have been awkward."

"..." Steven.

"This is getting weird, let's go" Alex was about to enjoy some delicious burgers, but out of the corner of his eyes, he saw someone very familiar.

It was none other than Satan. He made a hand gesture to Alex to follow him.

It's the first time Alex has seen Satan again.

"Actually, you go with Broly. I've got something else to handle."

Steven trotted happily towards Broly. Steven is also an eater and lazy, like Beerus. The reason he decided to play cards with Meruem instead of eating, is because he could communicate with Meruem easily, and also he didnt want to see Meruem alone when everybody else was having fun. But now that Komugi was there with him, he didn't have to feel bad about Meruem anymore.

Alex followed Satan on the other side of the island. When he arrived at the island, he saw another figure, it was a beautiful girl wearing a blue, thin robe, and also had long, black hair. Her beauty was on Eggy's level, but not on the same level as the twins.

"So, you actually did it. You defeated the Angels. And you have reached a power I honestly didn't think was possible." Satan said.

"To be fair, my group handled the Angels pretty well."

Satan chuckled.

"It's good to see you again, Alex."

"Same, Satan."

Both beings shook hands firmly. They were buddies that haven't seen each other in years.

"And this is Sou, my wife, and also the one who has guided you this whole time."

"Blue Screen this is the first time we've met in person. You look very beautiful."

"Aw, thanks. Be careful what you say, Satan gets very jealous." Sou/Blue Screen also shook hands firmly with Alex.

"I am kind of depressed that I wasn't invited to your wedding." Satan said.

"I did not know I was getting married until I arrived at the building where my Mother-in-law lives."

"I know, I'm just messing with you. It was also a boring wedding. Not a lot of food or drinks were there."

"It was rushed. And also Linlin and Lili had just killed an army of cultivators. But I know that we are not here to talk about my wedding. What do you need to talk about?"

"Alright, no bullshitting around. I we came to you, because we want to tell you about some-"

"If this is about Rex, I already know about him." Alex interrupted Satan.

"I know, but this is something else Alex, as you know about Rex, he is going to escape from his prison someday. He is someone who's powers can make even Zeno's seem like Krillin."

"I know he's powerful, but-"

"Let me finish." Satan interrupted him.

"Listen, Alex. Rex's goal is simple, he wants to destroy the human race for good. He will stop at nothing, and I mean nothing, to see the human race disappear."

"Okay, that's news to me. May I ask why he wants to destroy the human race?"

"The human race is much more than it seems. It isn't just a world filled with ordinary people, with greens, oceans and such. It is so much more than that. The human race are the most powerful beings in the multiverse, but they just don't know it yet."

"... you're kidding, right? I know I am also from Earth, but before I was reincarnated into this life, I lived a simple but cruel life."

"Maybe, but, do you know how the multiverse is created?"

"I can guess that humans have something to do with it?"

"Yes. I'll say this as simple as I can. Everybody knows about Naruto. It's a world filled with ninjas, jutsus, comedy, everyone loves Naruto. But, before anybody knew the name of Naruto, it didn't exist until it became popular."

"That doesn't sound right. Shouldn't the Naruto universe existed before everybody knew about it?"

"No. That is wrong." Satan shook his head and added, "Before Mashashi Kishimoto, creator of Naruto, was even born, there was no Naruto universe. But, that changed until he created the Naruto manga, and it created an entire multiverse. And it doesn't just go for him, it does for every author, film writer, storyteller to have ever lived.

"I find that hard to believe, Satan."

"Okay, hear me out. Do you know the anime called 'the long lost thing' by Andrew Max?"

"I have never heard of it before."

"Exactly! Because how can you know something exists if you don't know what it is? What if the long lost thing is an anime about spider-robot monsters, or evil aliens taking over the world? How can one be so sure it exists, if you don't know what it even is? And also, what if Naruto was never a thing? Would people know that it existed if they had never even heard of it? The answer is no."

"The point here, Alex," Sou suddenly said, "Is that all of those universes are created by the minds of humans. Even as we speak, universes are being created. Like this One Piece world you're standing in. It is one of literally millions of other One Piece worlds. A universe isn't just born because one reads a book or sees a movie. They come from the minds of people. Like, if you have a relative who died and you wished that they were alive, then you have already created another universe where that relative is still alive. Or if you wish to be as popular or as talented as an idol, then you have already created another universe."

"I think I get it now. But that still doesn't explain my question, why does Rex want to destroy humanity? And what does it have to do with me?"

"Well, when humanity dies, all of these universes that were created by them, will be gone along with them. As long as one human is alive, these universes will live forever. He wants humanity to die so the multiverse will also die." Sou said.

"It's like that Mexican belief, where if a dead person is forgotten, they will be gone forever. It's similar in this case. If everyone forgets about Naruto, then the Naruto world will cease to exist."

"But as long as I'm alive, these worlds will never be forgotten, right?"

"No. You are now a system user, you are no longer a human being anymore. Only a human can create universes and keep it alive."

"I see"

"Anyways, we brought you here because Satan wants to make another deal with you."

"What deal?" Asked a confused Alex.

"Rex, will not come out of his prison for another 2 decades. Until then, I want you to stay on Earth, the same place before you reincarnated into this life. I want you to bring the knowledge that you possess about these worlds to Earth and spread them. I want you to spread anime, comics, movies and books to the whole world. After that, you won't serve me anymore."

"I am not taking this deal." Alex said.

"May I ask why not?"

"Apart from the fact that I have bad memories of that world, literally the best things to happen to me were when I watched anime, and died. And I can literally watch anime on another world based on Earth, like Dragon King's son in law, or something else. I am not leaving this life, so I can spend the rest of my years in a place like my original world."

"It's only for 19 years, Alex. Time will go by in a blink of an eye."

"That's exactly what I mean. In 19 years, this Rex character will come for our lives, and I don't think you two are sure that we will live after that."

Satan and Sou looked at each other. It is true, they don't know if they will live after Rex escapes from his prison.

"I do not want to spend the rest of my years on a planet like that. I want to spend them with my wives, and the family that I never had."

"Okay, let's say that you don't take the deal. And IF Rex is defeated, how will you live your life? You will literally be spending the rest of your life killing for me. Imagine that. You can live for a million years, and all those years will be used to serve me, Alex. And it's not hard to imagine that your wives, and possibly children, will follow you in an endless killing spree."

Alex never thought of that.

"And what if I don't want to keep killing for you?"

"Then I will take away your powers, and then your soul."

Alex looked at the Devil closely. He wasn't lying he was serious,

"You planned this from the beginning, didn't you?" Alex realized something.

"I did. I am better not because I am the devil, but because I am older than you. Compared to me, 2000 years is basically like a s.p.e.r.m."

"Oddly specific."

"Yup. It's like what they say back on Earth, never make a deal with the Devil because you will never win."

"It's not like I had much choice. The first time you tortured me for 500 years in Hell, and threatened to go for another 50,000 years if I didn't agree."

"Well, funny you should mention that, because you see, here's the thing I tricked you."

"What do you mean?"

"You didn't break the Commandment of honoring your parents. Killing a sinful parent under those circ.u.mstances, God would have forgiven you, and you would be in heaven by now."

There was a moment of silence. One could only hear the sound of waves crashing on the island.

Alex didn't say much about it.

"I always found it a little weird that the Devil himself would hand out a punishment to a no-name like me. Then again, if you hadn't done that, I wouldn't be here."

"So you're not mad?"

"I am. All this time, I thought that even after death, my dad was still somehow screwing with my life. When I thought I put that bullet on his head, I felt freedom. But when I died and got punished for killing him, I thought how I was still chained to him."

"Then, would you like to be free of those chains?"

Before Alex could answer, the devil summoned a red portal under him that led to Hell. Various souls were reaching out in hopes to escape.

"I haven't seen Hell in years. Has it changed?"

"You haven't missed much. And here are two souls who have been dying to meet you."

Out of the portal, a man and a woman came out, as they were chained from the ankles, neck, and wrists. There were also holes on their arms, legs, necks, and stomach. Those holes are the size of an a.d.u.l.t fist. Their hair was singed, smoke came out of them, and they were in a lot of pain.

Alex's eyes were wide opened. He immediately recognized the two people in front of him. They were the same ones who made his childhood a living hell.

"B-b-boy?" The man said.

"Father no, you don't deserve to be a Father or even a human."

"S-s-son?" The woman said weakly. They both sounded like they hadn't been able to drink water in weeks. Their bruises and wounds were closing at an abnormal rate. This is one of Hell's tortures, no matter how much damage one takes in hell, they will always heal extremely fast so they could still suffer.

"Do not call me that! Not once did you ever call me son! You two never even gave me a goddamn name!" Alex said angrily.

"Wait, really?" Sou asked.

"I was never given a name. It was always 'hey' 'you' 'spaz' and other names. After I killed my fath- him, I decided to name myself Alexander Anderson. I chose this name after watching an anime called Hellsing. I always believed that someday God would save me and smite these two, I was a believer and I believed it until the day I killed this man. That's the day I realized if you want something done, you have to do it yourself."

"I'm sorry. I did not know that." Sou said.

"I don't like to talk about it. And weren't you ever curious as to why my name is from an anime character?"

"Not really. I thought it was a common name."

"It is actually common you know what, forget about it. So these two were in Hell this whole time and you never told me?"

"You never asked. And I was sure that you knew because everyone knows that sinners go to hell."

"So-son Alexander, please spare us. We're so, so sorry." Alex's father got on his knees and got into a begging position.

"Please forgive us. We meant no harm to you?"

"Haha, that's funny 'meant no harm' you're not clowns, you're the entire circus! You know, my biggest regret in life was that I never had a chance to put a bullet in your head!" Alex pointed at his mother's head.

"Alex, these two have been in the lowest levels of Hell. It is a place where the worst of human sc.u.m are sent. At this point, a bullet in the head is nothing compared to what they are feeling right now" Sou said.

"Don't you think you should forgive them? Until you've forgiven them, these poor souls will never be able to leave hell. Don't you think that you should spare them from their suffering?" Satan kicked his parents from behind for no reason.

Alex looked at his parents. It was obvious that they were powerless and begging for mercy, they showed no hint of dignity. It will be so easy to kill them right here right now.

"You're right, Satan..."

"Father, Mother."


"Even though you have scarred me for life, tortured me, abused me, even injected drugs in my body when I was just a kid I am willing to forgive you from the bottom of my heart."

"Really?" Their eyes shined. It meant that they could finally be set free from Hell. They could finally reincarnate and go back to living a normal life on Earth.

"Of course." Alex smiled at them.

Then out of the blue, he grabbed their throats, this is possible due to his abilities.

"Don't get me wrong. I am going to end your suffering right here right now, by destroying your souls."

Alex activated his demonic energy, and destroyed his parents' souls. Their voices screeched out loud and faded as it echoed.

In the Dragon Ball Super world, Beerus was able to destroy a spirit by using his Destruction ki. Since Alex merged his Destruction ki with his demonic energy, it naturally managed to do the same thing.

"Oh man, killing them was 100 times more satisfying than killing the High Priest." Alex had never felt more alive than he did right. He can rest now that he has destroyed his parents' souls.

"For a moment there, I honestly thought that you were going to actually spare them." Satan said with a grin on his face.

"I might be a married man, but this dark side of me will never change. And in a way I did forgive them by showing them mercy."

"How is destroying their souls a type of mercy?" Sou asked.

"Because destroying their souls is a mercy compared to the torture I would have put them through."

"Fair enough.:

"Satan, about this deal, can I ask how showing people anime movies and stuff would benefit us?"

"You see, Rex is imprisoned in another universe. The more universes the humans create, the longer it will take for him to find the real Earth. The multiverse is vast, so vast that not even I or God can keep track of 1/10 of what is happening."

"That's pretty smart another thing, why am I doing this? Did everyone on Earth suddenly forget about anime and such?"

"This is what happened." Satan handed Alex an advanced ipad and showed him a clip.

Alex is amazed. To think that something like this would happen to Earth.

"So, Earth has changed a lot recently." Alex said.

"Crazy, right?"

"To think that the human race was almost destroyed. How did they survive from that thing?"

"Another system named Ava, took care of the thing. It was also a good chance to diminish the human population. Earth was getting too crowded."

"Isn't that a good thing? Didn't you say that humans can create universes from their imagination, so wouldn't it be better to have more people around?"

"Yes and no. It is good to have people, I agree. But when you have too many humans, they start to get out of control. And before you know it, they've invented several nuclear bombs that could end the human race. So you see, we killed a bunch of them before they could eradicate themselves from existence. Sometime's man's greatest enemy is themselves."

"I actually believe that. And why can't you do it yourself? Surely you're not too busy to be saving the multiverse, right?"

"I rarely ever get involved in human affairs, because if people knew about our existence, then it would create many problems. Which is why I would rather send you to Earth because you're perfect for the job.."

"Ah" Alex understood but not really. Couldn't they just disguise themselves or something?

"Not only do you have knowledge about several universes, but you can use the infinity stones, which is perfect to create mangas, comics, books, animes and movies at a fast pace. And also, out of all the system users out there, you are the strongest one. You being there on Earth will give the humans another layer of protection, like an onion."

"Or an Ogre?" Asked Alex.

"Oh hahaha, very funny." Satan said sarcastically.

"So, Alex, how about it? Will you accept the deal?" Asked Sou as she grabbed Satan's hand.

"I I need to think about this."

"No problem. I will give you a year to settle."

"Isn't a year too much? You did say I had less than 2 decades before Rex escapes from wherever he is."

"Yeah, but a year in this universe is only like a week on Earth. That reminds me, if you do accept this deal, do not use the time stone on a large scale when you're on Earth."


"Just don't use the time stone because it could bring Rex out of his prison much faster than we expect. The laws of time are twisted and tricky, even I get several headaches just from thinking about it."

"I see. Very well."

"See you in a year. Which is only a day in Hell."

"..." Alex finally understood why Satan never understood time, because in every universe, time goes by differently. He could stay one day in the One Piece world and 1000 years would have gone by in another universe. It's not like he hasn't experienced the twisted laws of time himself.

Sou and Satan left Alex to his own devices.

Alex made his way back to his group. Nobody noticed that he was gone as Alex had only been gone for a few minutes.

"Hey, Alex, come drink with us." Mihawk said.

Now this came as a surprise for Alex. Mihawk asking him to drink with him? That has never happened before.

"I'm not much of a drinker."

"Ha! I told you he's scared he couldn't beat you." Drunk Garou said loudly.

"Oh it's on now!" Alex changed his mind very quickly and across from Mihawk.

"This is very strong wine. You probably won't even last after taking 1 sip." Mihawk said as he served Alex a small glass filled with wine.

"That's where you're wrong, Mihawk." Alex took the glass of wine and drank from it.

2 sips later Alex fell down on his back with his face all flushed.

"I stand corrected, Alex. You lasted two sips." Mihawk grabbed the wine from Alex's hand before he dropped it. It was really rare wine that should not be wasted.

"I thought he was kidding when he said he wasn't much of a drinker." Garou said.

"Strongest man in the universe and he can't even hold down his liquor."

The trio returned to drinking to their heart's content. Alex has only drank wine like 2 twice in his whole life. He couldn't compete with someone like Mihawk.

Lilin carried him to Mihawk's palace and tucked him in bed as if he were a kid.

"Oh, Alex." Lilin chuckled when she saw Alex's sleeping figure. After checking that he was comfortable, she gave him a kiss and left him.

The next day Alex woke up and he had fun with the rest of the group.

Broly was still eating burgers. He could eat burgers his whole life and never get tired of it. Alex then noticed that Eggy started to get a little attached to Broly.

Alex thought that it was weird if Eggy were to have feelings for Broly considering that he looks the youngest in the group. That is until he realized that Broly is actually 48 years old. He looks much younger than Garou who is 18 years old.

Due to Broly's Saiyan genes it's no wonder that he looked very young.

Alex started to secretly root for Eggy. Eggy noticed that Alex noticed that she liked Broly, and blushed. She did not say anything at all.

After defeating Broly in a eating contest, he was visited by Hanc.o.c.k.

Hanc.o.c.k gifted him several foods, mostly coconuts. She had heard from Lili that coconuts are his favourite food and so she wanted to give Alex a mountain full of coconuts to thank him for removing her slave crest.

Earlier in the morning, Alex used the reality stone to bring back Linlin and Lili as per Lilin's request.

He looked at Lili with a blank expression on his face.

Lili pretended not to notice that he was looking at her, and just whistled.

Coconuts are not his favourite food, it was Lili's favourite. Lili thought that it was a good opportunity to get a bunch of coconuts, so she fed Hanc.o.c.k false information. And that is why Hanc.o.c.k gifted Alex so many coconuts.

Alex did not mind. In fact, he had forgotten that he even helped Hanc.o.c.k remove her slave crest. After accepting the coconuts, Hanc.o.c.k went back to hanging out with the twins.

The next day Alex started playing gungi against the greatest master of all time, Komugi.

Without using any of his abilities except his mind and imagination, he was defeated badly by Komugi every time.

Now he knew how Meruem felt when playing against Komugi. She has never lost a game of gungi in her life, and it didn't seem like she would be beat any time soon.

After a week of fun and relaxing, the mood started to die down. The Commandments started to leave one by one.

It came as a surprise to Alex when Eggy asked if she could return to her home.

"Alex, I want to go back to my world." Eggy said in a nervous tone.

"I did promise you that after this is over you could return to your home. But why are you acting so nervous?" It's the first time he has seen Eggy nervous at all.

"I also want to ask if I if I could bring Broly back with me?!" She said that with a flushed face. The Asura spirit who is arrogant, was just another girl in love.

Alex smiled and said, "I cannot make that choice for Broly. Whether he wants to stay with you or not is his choice. Bring him here and ask him."

All of a sudden, Eggy's eyes shined brightly.

"I already asked him. And he said yes."

"Very well. System, open a portal to Martial God Asura."

A portal appeared beside Alex.

"Thanks, Alexander, for everything!" Eggy bowed to Alex out of gratitude. She is sure that if Alex hadn't turned her into a Commandment, her life would have been terrible she's not wrong.

"We'll meet again someday, Eggy."

Eggy gave him a light hug, to which he responded as well. They had been together for years, and even though they never saw each other as close, they were still friends.

After saying goodbye to the rest of the Commandments, Eggy left with Broly.

Broly grew up without knowing what love is. Eggy has been the first encounter with that emotion. Broly did not know what he felt for Eggy, was it love, or was he grateful that Eggy had saved him?

Nobody knows what the future is in store for those 2, but only time will tell.

Of course, Alex told everybody about Rex. And that they should be ready for him at all times. Some of the Commandments knew about Rex, but hearing that he is a system God at least gave them some insight into what they were dealing with.

Two weeks later, Meruem went back with Komugi to Hunter x Hunter. Meruem completed his part of the deal, so he and Komugi will be playing gungi forever. And that was the last time they saw Meruem.

Garou was the next to leave. He did not ask to teleport back to his world, he wanted to be in a world where there were also heroes and villains, but were also strong. Garou had spent the least amount of time with the Commandments, so he wanted to keep fighting.

It didn't take Alex long to figure out the perfect place for Garou. He teleported Garou to My Hero Academia world. Alex immediately killed Izuku Midoriya aka Deku aka the MC, collected his soul, which was thrash because they were in the beginning of the series.

After that, only Mihawk, Madara, Steven, Linlin and Lili decided to stay for the time being.

They all still had their Commandments with them. They will always be Commandments no matter where they are.

Madara did enjoy having so much power. But, when he looked at how dissatisfied Alex was, maybe having all the power in the universe wasn't as great as it sounded. Alex was so strong that he could not fight opponents at full strength, which never satisfied him.

Mihawk also realized this, and enjoyed his peaceful life. There was nobody that could mess with him in this universe. And he will live forever. At least he has a friend, and a rival to accompany him.

They all lived a peaceful life in the One Piece world.

Alex spent many great nights with his wives on the bed. It wasn't hard to guess why. In the later days, Alex told Linlin and Lili about going back to his original world to complete Satan's deal. He did not want to go back, but if he didn't, he would be a slave to the devil forever.

Linlin and Lili immediately agreed to follow him wherever he went. No matter where he goes, they will be there for him all the way. Steven overhead them and decided to tackle along.

Alex counted himself extremely lucky and grateful to have such wonderful wives those thoughts were quickly tossed out the window after a month.

Alex started to notice that his two wives were acting strange. Their b.r.e.a.s.ts were swollen, they were way more sensitive and at the same time not really.

They also went to the bathroom a lot and also ate a lot, with some weird cravings like banana with pizza, or even coconut with live or dead fish.

Alex was in the room with him taking care of them when he noticed why they had those symptoms.

"Oh my god." Alex realized something important.

"What? Is it my hair? My lips?"

"Am I getting fatter? Bald? Are you leaving us for someone else?!" They started becoming hysterical for no reason.

"No, you two are pregnant."

"Pregnant?! HOW?!"


"..." Alex realized that maybe fighting the High Priest was going to be a walk to the park compared to what he is about to experience with his two wives.

Everyone heard the news, Madara and Mihawk were the first ones to congratulate him. But after seeing how his wives acted, they started to feel pitiful for Alex.

Hanc.o.c.k heard as well, and she also went to take care of them. She brought her most experienced Kuja pirate medics who were ready to deliver the baby.

The problem with that, is that they are a tribe filled with only women. There are no men there. Meaning that literally all of her Kuja medics were clueless on how to actually deliver a baby.

Despite this, the Kuja pirates did a good job on taking care of Linlin and Lili by making them feel comfortable. Alex and Hanc.o.c.k were also there as much as they could.

5 months into their pregnancy, and things got weirder and tougher for everyone.

Linlin would use her light powers to cause several explosions around Mihawk's palace. It would be like a bomb were to set off and destroy everything.

Lili was no different. She would use her strings to somehow cut Mihawk's palace into pieces. One time, she teleported the entire island, and everybody on it, to the moon. Yes, to the moon. Now the fearless tribe of women were scared of two pregnant girls, because they always caused mayhem and destruction. It was a miracle that no one died, well, not that Alex had resurrected them a couple dozen times and also had short term memory loss.

No one knew exactly why Linlin and Lili acted like that. They were not in pain. Only that they both abused their powers for no reason. It would wake all of them up in the night.

Alex had lost count on how many times he had to use the infinity stones to repair the island.

But even then, Hanc.o.c.k and Alex never gave up on them. Also because they were afraid that they might somehow injure their unborn chiilds.

Hanc.o.c.k and Alex are currently outside the island taking a small break from all the destruction.

"Alex, I mean this in the nicest way possible, but do you think that maybe there are little demons inside your wife's stomach?" Said Hanc.o.c.k.

"I was thinking the same thing"

Alex had left some shadow clones with them, the same thing he bought from the system in hopes to use it against the High Priest. He didn't need it at the time, but it came in handy for this situation. The only problem was that Linlin and Lili would kill all of his shadow clones. He had to keep making more and more, but they always die.

After 8 months Madara had had enough. He asked Alex to take him back to the Naruto world. He couldn't take it anymore. To make Madara annoyed to the point where he wants to move back to his homeworld must be unimaginable.

And why couldn't Madara just go to another island far away? That's because everyone in the One Piece world was suffering as well. Linlin and Lili would cause tremors, tsunamis, earthquakes, unnatural disasters. It was unreal but expected because they both had such high power levels. Alex had also fixed this planet several times already.

Alex understood Madara and teleported him back to his homeworld. It's not like Madara has done anything to help Linlin and Lili. That might be because they kept crushing Madara's hand whenever he tried to help.

Mihawk didn't say anything and literally just waltzed through the portal with Madara. His fate was worse than everyone else's. Nobody knew what had happened to him because Mihawk never talked about it. But one thing's for sure is that it hurt his pride whenever he thought about it.

Perona also followed Mihawk. She could not handle Linlin and Lili anymore. And she also did not like babies.

"Remember, Alex, it's only for one more month." Boa Hanc.o.c.k looked tired and even aged a little bit.

Alex had his eyes open wide due to not being able to sleep. The Kuja pirates after being scarred for life went back to their home. Hanc.o.c.k understood and she sent them back. And that was in the first seven months.

Alex and Hanc.o.c.k were the only ones taking care of Linlin and Lili.

Alex could not just simply have someone else take care of his wives for long periods of time. He is afraid that they might somehow injure themselves or in worst case scenarios, his unborn children might get injured. He's the only one here who could help them and not get killed by them.

"Hanc.o.c.k, thanks for helping out these past few months. I will reward you after the children are born." Alex had to admit it, but Hanc.o.c.k's help did him a great favour. He was grateful to her.

"You don't have to-"

"I'll give you eternal life."

"If you insist."

Hanc.o.c.k was a little jealous that 9/10 of the Commandments had immortality, even a weak girl had immortality, which meant that they would live forever and look the same forever. Now that she is on the peak of her beauty, Hanc.o.c.k wanted to keep it that way. She never asked for immortal life because she was afraid it would somehow ruin her relationship with Linlin and Lili.

"Don't you have anybody that could take care of them for a little bit?" Alex asked.

"No. Everybody is staying off this island for another 3 months due to fear. What about you, don't you have anybody that could take care of them, even if it's for a day?"

"Eggy is busy with her Asura stuff. Sou is also busy with Satan. And no one else I know is capable of dealing with two wait a minute." An epiphany had struck him.

"System, take me back to Dragon King's son in law world."

A portal opened and Alex leaped in it.

Hanc.o.c.k was visibly confused. Not long after did Alex finally return with somebody else. It was a tall, beautiful elegant woman.

This woman is Queen Mother of the West, the foster mother of Linlin and Lili.

"Where are my daughters?"

"In there." Alex pointed at Mihawk's palace.

Queen of the west rushed to Linlin and Lili, like a brave soldier dashing towards danger without any fear.

"Who is she?" Asked Hanc.o.c.k.

"My mother-in-law."

"Oh, she's pretty. Wait, did you tell her about them?"

"I think when I arrived at her doorstep, the only words I said were 'baby, incoming, help, wives, please.' she connected the dots together pretty quickly and dragged my hand to the portal."

"She sounds like a caring mom."

"I just hope she can last for a day. Right now, I just want some sleep." Alex dropped to the ground, and not long after did he start to snore.

Hanc.o.c.k sat down while leaning on a tree, and slept like a log.

It was the best sleep they ever had.

When they both woke up, it was already night.

"What time is it?" Hanc.o.c.k stretched her arms up very cutely.

"It's Linlin! Lili!" the first thing that popped into his mind was his wives.

Using his quick speed, he arrived at their room. He was ready for the worst. But, both his wives, who gave him hell, were soundly asleep?

The Queen of the West put her finger on her lips to tell Alex to be quiet. She was singing a beautiful lullaby to them, which calmed them both and then they slept. Alex was also drawn in by her voice.

The Lullaby she sang went something like this,

"Lay down your head, and I'll sing you a lullaby. Back to the years of Loo-li lai-lay.

And I'll sing you to sleep. And I'll sing you tomorrow. Bless you with love for the road that you go.

May you sail far to the far fields of fortune. With diamonds and pearls at your head and your feet"

{This song is called 'Sleepsong' by 'Secret Garden' all rights belong to them}

The Queen of the West used to sing this lullaby to her daughters every day before they slept. When Linlin and Lili heard it, it reminded them when they were just kids. And they fell asleep.

In a way, The Queen of the West wasn't just singing to her daughters, but her grandchildren as well.

After she finished singing, she slowly dragged Alex out the room without waking Linlin or Lili up.

"You've been asleep for 18 hours. How do you feel?"

"Thanks so much" Alex bowed to her out of joy. Had he known, he would have brought her a long time ago.

"Anything for my daughters and grandchildren. I see that they've been causing you trouble."

"No, not really." Alex lied.

"Don't lie. I've seen this before. Usually when powerful women get pregnant, they tend to lose control of their power. But this is a rare case, because not only are my daughters powerful, but you are also very powerful. Right now, all that energy in your blood and genes are inside their stomach. If they don't release the energy inside them, it will only do more harm than good."

"I also read that in my Library of Hell's path which is why I didn't want to do anything about it. But I did not know that a song from you could sooth them. How did you do it?"

"I don't know what this 'library' is, but what I know is that you have to also calm down the children inside Chenxin and Chenyi. I have seen many people use music to calm down not only the wives, but for the babies as well. It usually goes well with soothing sounds like classical and such."

Chenxin and Chenyi are Linlin and Lili's names before they changed it.

"It's that simple" Alex felt like dying. Music could have calmed them down all this time.

"Music isn't the answer to everything. I can tell from experience that you have done a wonderful job taking care of them. In the meantime, I'll stay here until the children are born."

The Queen of the West sat down on a wooden chair and stretched her limbs. She might be a very busy and powerful deity in her world, but nothing was more important than taking care of her daughters.

"You have no idea how happy I am to hear that." It meant that he could get more sleep. Without sleep, he gets to get easily angry and annoyed, and he's afraid he might lash out on his wives.

"Alex! Are they okay?" Hanc.o.c.k hurriedly asked.

"They're fine. They're soundly asleep."

"Oh thank God" Hanc.o.c.k noticed The Queen of the West. It was an awkward silence.

"Queen of the West, this is my friend Boa Hanc.o.c.k. She has been helping me take care of Linlin and Lili all this time."

"Nice to meet you, Boa Hanc.o.c.k." The Queen of the West got up and did an elegant bow.

Hanc.o.c.k was impressed by how elegant she is. This is the first time she has met such a classy lady.

"Um, likewise."

After that, Hanc.o.c.k and the Queen of the West got well with each other.

Now with the Queen of the West's help, Hanc.o.c.k and Alex had a much easier time with Linlin and Lili. And it also dramatically affected Linlin and Lili for the better. The world of One Piece was never more peaceful.

9 months in the pregnancy, and the moment everyone was waiting for had finally arrived.

"Son of a-" Alex was in great pain. He grabbed one of each of his wives hands to be there for them, but they only crushed his hands with great force.

"Chenxin, Chenyin! Keep pushing!" The Queen of the West said. She was an expert in delivering babies, well compared to Alex and Hanc.o.c.k.

The Queen of the West had NOT ONCE ever delivered a child much less two. But she had seen many of her peers give birth before, and she had taken notes. She wasn't there when Linlin and Lili were born, as they were already a few years old.

"AAAAAAHHHH!!!" Linlin and Lili cried in pain. It was as if all of their bones were being crushed.

"Sis, I love you so much!" Linlin said loudly.


"This is nice but CAN YOU PLEASE PUSH OUT THE BABY ALREADY!!!" Alex kept getting his hand crushed. The only reason he is doing this is because it actually helps Linlin and Lili get through the pain a little easier.

Hanc.o.c.k was also there and contributed as well. She was in charge of keeping the place clean. A newborn baby has a weak immune system, so it is very important to keep their hands and everything else clean.

She also brought towels, water, soap, and some cribs her Kuja pirates made. The cribs had amazons and snakes carved on the side. It was rather big for at least 9 babies to fit in.

"Alex, you can't rush these procedures. It's only been 10 minutes." Queen of the West said seriously.

"How long does this usually take?" Asked Alex in pain.

"Hmm...in rare cases, about 10 minutes."

"Oh thank god." Alex felt happiness.

"But it usually takes 8 hours or so."

"Oh God" His world shattered into pieces. 8 hours of pain. He found it easier slaying Gods than this.

"But in other rare cases, it can go up to 18 hours."

"You're doing this on purpoSEE OW!!!:

"But since you are not entirely human, and my daughters aren't human either, it's probably going to take longer than that."

"Please tell me you're joking! OW!!!"

"YOU DID THIS TO US!!! SO SHUT UP AND SUCK IT UP LIKE A MAN!!!" Linlin suddenly got mad at Alex.

"DON'T TALK TO THE LOVE OF OUR LIVES LIKE THAT!!!" Lili defended Alex from her sister.

"I'm sorry, sweety. Please forgive me. I love you." Linlin's mood changed drastically.

"FEEL OUR PAIN!!!" Lili suddenly got angry and used all her strength to crush Alex's hand.


"Linlin, Lili, focus on me, not on him." Hanc.o.c.k said.

"Now let's do our breathing exercises." Hanc.o.c.k started to breathe in and out. Linlin and Lili followed Hanc.o.c.k's rhythmic breathing.

"That's good girls, that's good. Alex, you're doing a great job as well." The Queen of the West said.

The breathing exercises managed to calm them down. But when the pain suddenly starts, Alex also suffers. But as long as it helps his wives dealing with the pain, it's all worth it.

20 hours later.

"Wuaaahh! Wuaaaah!"

A baby started to cry,

When Alex heard that, it was as if all the pain that was in his hands was gone. As if nothing else mattered.

"Congratulations, it's a beautiful girl." The Queen of the West wrapped the child around with a blanket, which made him look like a burrito.

Alex let go of his wife's hands and headed straight towards the baby.

He had never seen something so beautiful, and so innocent. There was this powerful feeling inside of him, like he would do anything for her, even at the cost of his soul.

"May may I." He couldn't get the words out of his mouth.

"Of course you can hold her, she's your daughter." The Queen of the West gently handed the baby to Alex.

Alex held the baby on his arms as gently as he could.

Once the baby saw Alex, she stopped crying.

"Hi, there. I'm your father."

"Hehehe." The baby started laughing.

And 2 seconds later, the baby breathed fire out from her mouth like a dragon, and burned Alex's entire face. He did not feel anything because he is immune to fire damage.

"Yup. She is definitely my daughter." Alex laughed it off.

"Linlin, isn't she beautiful?" Alex kneeled before Linlin and showed her their daughter.

"Oh my gosh. I love her so much." Linlin gently caressed her daughter's face. If she wasn't so mentally exhausted she would have held her.

"Alex, I do not want to ruin this moment, but DID YOU FORGET ABOUT LILI?!" The Queen of the West needed help with Lili.

Linlin already gave birth, but there was a second baby incoming.

"Oh, right. Hanc.o.c.k, here. Take care of her. And be careful." Alex quickly and gently handed his daughter to Hanc.o.c.k.

"Don't worry. She's in good hands."

"No, I meant for you to be careful. She breathes fire for some reason. She probably inherited my Sunshine power."

Hanc.o.c.k left the room to dry her and assess her. She wasn't alone as her sisters were waiting in another room.

"My baby..." Linlin was too weak to move. She also wanted to hold her baby. Not long after did she fall asleep.

"Lili, you can do it! PUSH!" The Queen of the West said.

"I'm trying. He just doesn't want to come out!" Lili said while in great pain.

"Lili," Alex grabbed both her hands and said, "I'm here with you. I am not leaving until this baby is born."

"I know. You have always been there for us. AAAAAHHH!!!" Lili felt a great pain and could not help but let out a loud scream.

Alex felt his hands being crushed again, but after his daughter was born, nothing else mattered to him but the safety of his children.

"You can do it, honey! Push one last time!" Alex said.


"Wuaaahh! Wuaaahh!"

Once again, the sound of a baby crying echoed across the room.

"Congratulations, it's a healthy boy." Queen of the West said while wrapping him up like a burrito.

Once again, Alex walked towards his baby. He held him up gently into his bosom and could not help staring at him,

"My god what did I do to deserve you?" Said Alex. He carried him over to Lili's side.

"Can you believe how innocent he is?" Said Alex.

"I know. We did good." Lili held her child's small hands.

"Awww his hands are so tiny." Lili said.

Alex smiled. He was only ever this happy when he married the twins, and when they confirmed their relationship.

"You two need to rest. I'll carry my grandchild over to Hanc.o.c.k." The Queen of the West extended her arms. She also wanted to carry her grandchildren.

"Okay." Alex had a hard time letting go, but did. He knew that they were going to be in good hands.

"But, I want to hold him." Lili weakly said.

"Right now you're too weak to even talk. Sleep first, and when you wake up you'll be able to hold him properly."

"Lili, if it makes you feel any better I'll keep a close eye on them."

"Okay." Lili closed her eyes lids, and she fell asleep.

"Please be careful with him." Alex said. For some reason he thought that his son would also breathe fire or do something unnatural, but nothing happened. So he assumed that he shouldn't worry. On the other hand, he is worried that his daughter might burn down the building.

"I will." The Queen of the West left her daughters in Alex's care.

Alex used the reality stone and changed the entire room. He changed the sheets in which the twins were sleeping on. He also cleaned up anything and also changed their clothes into more comfortable ones.

After he finished doing that, he kissed his wives on their foreheads. He left them alone to rest.

He made his way to the room where his children are. He saw how Hanc.o.c.k, her sisters, and his mother in law were taking care of the children, handling them with perfect care.

The Queen of the West carried her grandson. While Hanc.o.c.k carried Alex's daughter. Hanc.o.c.k has never handled a baby, but she did it with extreme caution.

The Queen of the West has some experience handling children. She was an expert compared to them.

Finally, it felt like he could rest his soul. He sat down near the door and watched this scene play out.

The rest of the girls noticed Alex sitting by the door. After carefully examining the babies and saw nothing wrong, they laid them on their cribs. They were fully clothed and clean.

They were all tired and wanted to go to sleep. And also it is a good thing to let a baby rest in their beds.

"Alex," Hanc.o.c.k held his shoulder, "they're going to be alright. There is no need to worry about them."

"I know, Hanc.o.c.k. It's just that I cannot believe I'm actually a father."

Hanc.o.c.k smiled. She could see just how much he loved his children and wives.

"I don't know much about children or parents. But I know that you are going to be a great father to them. I can see it in your eyes that you will protect them from any kind of harm."

"I know I will. I only met them and I feel like I would sacrifice my life for them."

"That's good." The Queen of the West said. "I know that you three are going to be great parents. I can tell from experience."

"Come on, Alex. I'll take you to your room." Hanc.o.c.k said but Alex didn't move.

"I would like to stay here for a little while longer."

Hanc.o.c.k looked at the Queen of the West.

"Okay. But don't wake them up. Babies need lots of sleep."

They left Alex alone with his kids.

Shortly after they left, Alex slowly walked up beside his children. Even now, he could not believe that he is a father.

He remembered long ago how his children showed up in his vision, they were all grown up. But now they were just infants.

"Goodnight. I love you both Alexis and Lillian." Those are the names that he heard in his vision, Alexis and Lillian.

After leaving the room, Alexis suddenly sprouted beautiful fairy wings from his back. He floated around only to gently fall into his crib again.


The next day, everyone woke up to the sounds of crying.

Alex was the first one to come to their aid.

"What is it? Are they hungry? Do they need to change diapers?"

"I already prepared for this." The Queen of the West handed Alex a small bottle filled with warm milk, and there was a type of sucker on it.

"Hold them like this, gently, and give them milk. Babies need to eat every 2-3 hours." She started feeding her grandson.

Alex grabbed his daughter and fed her milk. She stopped crying and began drinking happily.

"Where did you get this milk?"

"It's Chenyi and Chenxin's b.r.e.a.s.t milk."

"I don't even ask how you managed to pull that off."


And then the bottle in Alex's hands was burned by his daughter.

Hehehehe! His daughter started laughing.

"I'm getting worried she might turn into an arsonist." Alex used the tims stone to restore the bottle of milk.

"You can't expect your children to be normal. You and my daughters are basically Gods. So it's normal for your children to show some unnatural behaviour."

"I know that wait, where's the baby?" Alex asked in a panic.

"What are you" She saw in horror how the baby in her hands was gone.

"Hehehehe!" A small laugh sounded above them.

They saw the baby floating around the room with wings on his back.

"Fairy wings" Alex recognized those wings. It's the wings that come from the Seven Deadly sins world.

Lili is also half fairy, whereas Alex is part fairy. Their genes must have given the baby fairy wings.

"Hey, Linlin and Lili wanted to know if they oof!" Hanc.o.c.k entered the room, and seconds later she saw a flying baby in front of her.

"Like I said, they are not normal."

"I know. I'll take them to Linlin and Lili. They must be dying to hold their children." Alex grabbed his floating baby with one arm, and carried the other one in his other arm.

Hanc.o.c.k and the Queen of the West were left in the room.

"So flying babies. Is that usually a normal thing?"

"Not at all, Hanc.o.c.k."


Alex brought his children to his wives. Linlin and Lili held their children with so much love and care. They could carry them for hours and never get tired.

They were still sitting on the bed. Alex also stood there with them.

"You know, we never even discussed their names." Linlin realized.

"Of course we did. Remember when we got married to Alex, a few days later he explained to us that vision that he had about our children?"

"Oh yeah! I believe that her name is Lillian." Linlin gently cuddled with her daughter as she said that.

"And his name is Alexis." Lili started playing with his little hands. Both babies seemed to enjoy it.

And after that, the family spent time with each other and took care of their children.

3 months had gone by in a blink of an eye. Hanc.o.c.k and the Queen of the West had to go back to their lives. They would still come and visit Alex and the others whenever they had a chance.

To show his thanks, he gave Hanc.o.c.k as her sisters immortal life. They were all pretty happy to receive such a magnificent gift.

The Queen of the West went back to her homeworld. She did not want to accept any gifts from Alex, because she felt that she already received the greatest gift of all, the chance of seeing her daughters really happy with a man who will take care of them, and love them.

Steven came back from wherever he was. Not once did he help in any way with the pregnancy. Out of anger, Alex kicked him several times.

The babies did not change much in appearance. But they were flying less and burning less as well. It was an improvement but not really. Alex feared that they might show some more powers in the future.

But they were ready for anything. They all got used to their routines on taking care of their children.

But they all packed their stuff and got ready to leave this world.

It had already been an entire year since they had arrived on the One Piece world. Alex was given 1 year to make a decision on a deal that the devil offered.

He decided to take the deal. He did not want to live his entire life under the devil's rule. He wanted to live with his wives and his children.

Yesterday Alex contacted the Devil and accepted his deal. For 19 years, he needs to live on Earth and spread as much knowledge about the universes he knew, like One Piece, Naruto, MCU, and such. And in return, he will be free.

And now after saying goodbye to Hanc.o.c.k, they were ready to leave.

"Shame this is where our children were born. And we have to leave." Alex was never a sentimental guy, but this is a special place to them now.

"It's not your fault, Alex. You didn't have much of a choice." Linlin grabbed his arm and leaned on his shoulder. She was also going to miss this place.

"I know. After this is over, we will be free to roam wherever we want to go."

"And besides, Earth doesn't look that bad. It looks very interesting." Lili added.

"It actually does. A lot has changed since I was there."

"Let's go." Alex grabbed his children, who were playing by the beach doing baby stuff.


Linlin and Lili held their children firmly.

"We want to go to Earth."

{Very well}

{And good luck Alexander, Linlin, Lili and Steven. We depend on you}

A portal opened before them. They took a deep breath and walked inside the portal.

Although, Alex could not help but feel that he forgot something important

Back in the Naruto world.

Perona, Mihawk and Madara were still stuck in the Naruto world. After Alex had killed every single ninja in the world, there wasn't much to go around.

The wine wasn't as good, people were too peaceful and weak. And it wasn't as vast as the One Piece world.

"We've waited for 2 years, and there's still no signs of Anderson." Madara said. Maybe they should have asked him to bring them back after Linlin and Lili gave birth.

They could not even communicate with him, because telepathy doesn't work when they're in two separate universes. And they also have no way to go back home.

"..." Mihawk waited patiently. All they could do was wait.

And that is how those 3 got stuck in another universe.

Back with Alexander

Many years later

Alex, Linlin, Lili and their children have gotten used to new Earth. It was vastly different in many ways.

Alex still looks the same as before. He is currently buying groceries in a store. The store looked futuristic. And there were a lot of meat and products on sale that did not exist in the 21st century.

He made his way over to the lady on the counter, who seemed oddly familiar. She was cute but he could not remember where he saw her.

"Mr. Anderson!" The lady was blushing as she held a futuristic iphone in her hand.

"Yes?" Alex asked.

"Can I please take a picture with you? I am a huge fan of yours!"

Alex smiled.

"Of course."

"Yey!" The lady ran around the counter, got very close to him and took a photo with him.

"Thanks so much!"

"No problem. Say, did you just start working here?"

"Ah, yes. I started two days ago. As you can see, I am just a trainee." She pointed to her nametag, but all it said was 'Eva' and 'trainee'

"Huh, you look so familiar. Have we met before?"

"I don't think so. I would have recognized my idol. Say, do you want to" She noticed two rings on his ring finger. She immediately felt dejected.

"Something wrong?"


Alex handed her a clear, crystal card. Eva took it and scanned it over a machine.

"When is your next movie coming out?" Asked Eva.

"It's a movie called 'Pirates of the Carribean' it's probably going to be my best one yet. It's coming out soon maybe by the end of this month."

"I find that hard to believe. Your best movie is by far 'the empire strikes back' my all time favourite movie."

"That's a very good movie as well." Alex laughed a bit. She reminded him when he was young and in love with fantasy. Only what she doesn't know is that those places do exists.

"Okay, here you go. Please come back." Eva handed Alex his card back after subtracting money from his card.

"Thanks." Alex took his bag of groceries and was about to exit the building, until he saw someone blocking his way.

"Everybody on the ground or I will blow off your heads! And give me all your valuables and cash!" He held a futuristic gun and pointed it at Alex.

The only people in the store were Alex and Eva. If the robber was smart, he would have picked a better spot to rob people.

Alex's eyes widened. He recognized this asshole. The same one from chapter 1. The reason he died and reincarnation into this life.

"Hey, did you not hear me? I said on the ground now!" he threatened Alex.

"No!" Eva got in front of Alex and did a T-pose to guard Alex from any projectiles.

"Don't kill him! This world cannot live without his creations!" She said.

"..." Now he really knew that she is a hardcore fan. Risking her so Alex can still create his famous works.

"Seriously? You again? Did you already pay your time in hell?" Alex shook his head. Some people never change.

"What? Just give me your f.u.c.k.i.n.g money now!"

"Jesus you'd think that after 300 years you would change. But thank you."

"Thanks? What? Who is this weirdo?"

"He's not a weirdo. He's a genius!" Eva said.

"I just want to say thank you for two reasons. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have this life. And secondly, you just proved that if I had let my parents go, they would have never changed. So thank you"

Alex disappeared before their eyes. Next, the robber found his face planted on the ground. All his teeth shattered into pieces and blood spilled everywhere.

Eva looked scared to see a man in that state.

"He's not dead. He will pay for his crimes in jail. Call the Armed Force. He'll be unconscious for a while."

"Anderson I had no idea you were a magic user." Eva said in shock.

"You learn something new everyday. And also, thanks for trying to help me."

"Of course. Letting you die would be a crime against humanity."

"I don't think that's even possible Anyways, see you later, Eva. Maybe we'll see each other in another lifetime." Alex left the store with his grocery bags.

Eva saw how her idol became even more amazing before her very eyes.

Alex walked through a busy street. Hovering cars were passing by him. Flying machines and beasts were flying everywhere. There are buildings as high as skyscr.a.p.ers or as short as a 2 story house.

People stopped to ask to take pictures of Alex. All of them were fans of his.

Alex would be lying if he said he didn't enjoy being popular. It's a different feeling from massacring millions of people and all of them fearing him.

After a while, he decided to soar to the skys and fly right to his home.

His home was near a beach, surrounded by acres of forests. His house is a mansion, almost identical to Mihawk's place.

He saw 5 figures playing outside the fields.

They were his beautiful wives, Linlin, Lili, and his two children, Lillian and Alexis. The last one is Steven.

They were all grown up. It has been 6 years since they moved to Earth.

"Daddy!" Lillian saw her dad coming from the skies. Tears of joy formed on her eyes as she launched herself at her dad's stomach.

She is a cute girl with short, white hair. She inherited her mother's face and her father's eyes and hair colour.

"Lillian, what's wrong?"

"I thought you weren't coming back."

"Why would you possibly think that?"

"Because you said you went to get milk."


It's a common story to say that a father goes out to buy milk, only to never come back again.

"Alexis!" Alex yelled.

Alexis was laughing while hiding behind a tree. He was then pulled out from his ear by Lili.

"What do you have to say to your dad?" Lili placed her hands on her h.i.p.s.

"Sorry dad for telling you to get milk so I could trick my sister into thinking you left us." Alexis said with no hint of emotion.

Alex took out the milk from the grocery bag.

"I even brought chocolate milk, your favourite."

"Oooohhh!" Alexis's eyes shined brightly.

"Steven, you can have this!" Alex tossed the whole carton of chocolate milk to Steven, and he ate the whole thing.

"NOOOOO!!! WHY!!! THE HORROR!!!" Alexis started to punch the ground in agony.

"Relax, your father bought another one." Linlin said.

"He did?"

Alex took out another chocolate milk carton from his grocery bag.

"I don't know. Only good kids deserve chocolate milk."

"I'm a good kid!" Alexis said.

"Did you apologize to your sister already?"

"Yes, I did!"

Alex looked at Linlin, and she nodded.

"What do you say, Lillian? Do you think your brother deserves chocolate milk?"

"Yup." Lillian cutely said. All her tears were gone.

"Okay. You two share." Alex gave Lillian the chocolate milk carton.

"Alright. Imma gonna go get a sippy cup."

"Wait for me, brother!"

Both kids ran inside the mansion. They were still kids, so they both like two things, sweets and more sweets.

"Did you really not know that your own son was tricking you?"

"As if! Why do you think I bought two milk cartons and gave one to Steven? He's still 2000 years too early to be able to trick me. I also went to the grocery store and bought some coconuts flavoured candy, since we somehow ran out of all the coconuts that Hanc.o.c.k gave us." They both looked at Lili, who was just whistling. She's the one who finished eating all the coconuts.

"Welcome home." Linlin kissed him on the lips.

"You don't have to say that every time I arrive."

"What kind of wife would I be if I didn't?"

Lili also did the same thing. They both always welcomed their husband with a kiss.

"So, what's for dinner?"

"We don't have much. We should go to the grocery store."

"But I just came back from-"


A giant roar that shook the ground came from behind Alex and the rest.

This monster is the size of a small titan, just barely over 3 a three story house. It's an animal with a face of a pig, a body of a chicken, and limbs of a warthog. It looked like it came out of an experimental lab.

"Alright, looks like we'll be eating good tonight." Alex said.

"Looks to be like a 9-star monster. And it's meat is delicious too, considering that it's made out of chicken, pig and warthog." Lili examined it.

"Just 9-stars? Aww, I wanted a 10-star monster. Oh well."

Alex jumped up high, grabbed his head and twisted it. The giant mutated monster fell to the ground.

"It's soul isn't even that good." Alex took the monster's soul and ate it before his children came back.

"Leave this to us." Linlin said.

"I know. I kill, you cook."

Linlin used her speed to cut the meat perfectly and took out all the bones at a fast rate. Lili used her spells to freeze most of it, and stored it so it doesn't go bad. She carried the rest of the meat using an anti-gravity spell so they won't cook the meat on the ground.

She used another spell to cook the meat to well done.

"Lillian!" Linlin yelled.

"Yes, mommy?" Lillian came out, and her mouth was covered in chocolate milf.

"Oh" Linlin chuckled. She wiped the chocolate milk off her daughters face using a part of her shirt.

"Aw, mom."

"You should wipe your face after drinking milk."

"But I didn't have time to do it because you called for me."

"I know. Go inside and get mommy some bbq sauce, and other spices."

"Even ketchup?!" Her eyes twinkled.

"Sure, even ketchup."

"Be right back."

Linlin shook her head but still smiled.

"I think we spoil our kids too much." Alex said.

"You spoil them. I tried to teach them how to behave properly."

"They're only 3 years old."

"No, they're six."

"Same difference. But they're kids, they don't want to learn about manners and stuff, they want to have fun."

"I know. But this is how my sister and I were raised. And we have to pass on this knowledge to our kids."

"I am not saying that I'm against it. All I'm saying is give them a chance to be kids. And when the time is right, we'll teach them about manners and stuff."

"I know. It's just that I am worried that she will not be able to find a husband if she acts like this when she grows up."

"Hahaha! I didn't know you like jokes, Linlin. Husband, now that is hilarious."

"It will happen. We've discussed this."

"Nope. The moment I see a man make any moves on my daughter, he'll find himself in ashes, and not because I am gonna snap him out of existence, but because I am gonna burn him to the point that he becomes a pile of ashes."

"You can't protect them from love. If our mother was as overprotective as you, then we would have never gotten married." Linlin left Alex alone and went to go help Lillian find some spices to put in the meat.

"She's right. Like you once said, 'daughters aren't museum artifacts just to be looked and admired by people.' and I completely agree with you." Lili said.

"I said that?"

"Yes, just yesterday."

"Was I drunk?"


"Was I high?"


"Was I sleep dreaming?"


"Huh, that's weird."

After an hour of preparing, the whole family feasted on delicious food,

The sun went down, it created the perfect mood to eat.

Alex conjured some lights using his powers, which looked like floating fairies.

After eating, they played together as a family. Alex made a baseball using the reality stone and they all began playing catch while on the air.

Alexis had actually learned to fly at a young age, mostly because he was born with wings. Linlin, Lili, Alex and Steven could fly easily. The only one who couldn't is Lillian.

Lillian is still a child and has yet to be taught magic by her parents. Not because Alex doesn't want to teach her, but because she will injure herself if she learned to control the energy inside her.

So to keep up with her family, Lillian rode on Steven's back and they flew to the skies and played catch while in the air.

Not long after did the children fall asleep. Alex and Linlin carried them back home and tucked them in bed.

It was already night. Alex, Linlin and Lili shared a giant bed. Alex was thinking about what anime he should release next. Linlin was writing notes to teach her daughter and son about mannerism. Lili munched on the coconut flavoured candy.

"Let's see, I've already released Naruto, One Piece, Seven Deadly Sins, Avatar the last airbender, Hunter X Hunter, One Punch man, Dragon King's son in law, Martial God Asura, Dragon Ball, and a bunch of books and movies. Which anime should I release next?"

"Hmm maybe Bleach?" Linlin said.

"Of course! Stupid! Why haven't I done that already?"

*yawns* all three yawned at the same time.

"Goodnight." Linlin and Lili eached turned off the lights and went to sleep.

Alex was still awake. After a while he still couldn't sleep. He got up and flew outside his house.

He decided to fly up high to the clouds. Alex looked at the stars. Somewhere out there, there was someone who was possibly going to kill all of the human race. He has no attachment for mankind, but if that involves his family, then he is going to do whatever it takes to stop Rex at all costs.

"I know you can't hear me, Rex. I don't know where you are or how you like. But know this, we will meet one day, and I will kill you. I am the Killer of Mc's. There is not enough plot armor that will protect you from me."

As if he was waiting for someone to respond, he sat still for a few minutes. He then decided to go back to his mansion. He sat in front of a desk, and started creating the next Bleach series. He used his reality stone to create the manga. He also used the mind stone and time stone to completely memorize the contents of each chapter before using the reality stone.

"Daddy? What are you doing?" Lillian was rubbing her eyes. She was confused as to why her dad was working so late.

"I'm just working. What are you still doing up so late?"

"I came for a glass of water."

"Okay." Alex got up and gave his daughter a glass of water.

"Ahhh. Much better." Lillian seemed happy.

"Want to see what I'm drawing?"

"Okay. Up, up."

She reached her arms up high and Alex carried her and sat her on his lap.

"This is called Bleach. It's a world filled with these awesome ebings called Shinigami. And there also lurked these terrifying beasts called Hollows"

And like that, years and years went by. Many things were left unanswered about this new Earth and Rex. These will be answered, but now is not the time. But does not mean that this is the end of this journey, but a beginning of a new one

Alexander Anderson will return.

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