King Of Gods Chapter 1268

Chapter 1268 Another Visit To The Life Origin Sect

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Chapter 1268 – Another Visit to the Life Origin Sect

After being struck by a spacetime eye-bloodline technique, Ancient God Night Dragon was in a world of slow motion. Even his thoughts moved at an extremely slow pace.

And this was an eye-bloodline technique that was locked onto his body, so no matter where he ran, the effects of the eye-bloodline technique would remain.

But Ancient God Night Dragon was still a Rank Seven Ancient God. He was also skilled in Space Intent and had built up some resistance. Moreover, Zhao Feng had barely grasped this eye-bloodline technique, so it was difficult for him to maintain its effects for a very long time.

“Five Elements Tribulation Lightning Palm!” Zhao Feng immediately used his Five Elements Tribulation Lightning Divine Power, fusing it with his physical strength into several massive palms of lightning.

 Damn! This kid obtained the Spacetime Robe, comprehended Spacetime Intent, and even learned some spacetime eye-bloodline techniques….  Ancient God Night Dragon watched as Zhao Feng’s attacks descended, but he couldn’t dodge. He didn’t even have time to use any defensive techniques. He could do nothing except use his damaged divine artifact to try to block the attacks.

 Boom! Bang!

Ancient God Night Dragon’s body was sent flying several li. The massive mountain of rock was almost instantly flattened.

 I’ve recovered quite a bit.  Ancient God Night Dragon sensed that the Spacetime Intent afflicting him was rapidly weakening. However, his injuries were also incredibly severe, so he needed to leave as quickly as possible.


With a wave of Zhao Feng’s left hand, a man covered in pitch-black scales appeared.

“Kill him!” Zhao Feng coldly said.

“Heh, a heavily injured Ancient God?” The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon licked its lips and gave a bloodthirsty smile.

It had spent most of this recent period in the Spacetime Robe Dimension and had now recovered all of its former strength. It had been many years since it had last seen blood.

The Destruction Dragon Race bloodline had always been fond of killing and destruction. This period of secluded cultivation was rather arduous for the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon.


The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s body seethed with demonic flames that exuded a dreadful energy that could incinerate all living beings. Wherever it went, he left an aura of destruction and calamity.

At this moment, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon had returned to its Rank Six True God cultivation!

“Destruction Dragon Race…!” Ancient God Night Dragon blurted out in shock.

Even his Violet Night Race bloodline faintly trembled and was suppressed by the thin bloodline of the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon. In the blink of an eye, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon and Zhao Feng reached him.

“Destruction Dragon Blast!” The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon formed a massive claw of black and red flames and fired it.

“Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame!” Zhao Feng’s ability to deal physical damage was perhaps not on par with the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, so he chose to attack Ancient God Night Dragon’s soul.

 Boom! Bang!

A burst of lightning and flame engulfed Ancient God Night Dragon.

At this moment, the Spacetime Seal on Ancient God Night Dragon’s body had completely dissipated, but his injuries were so severe that he was now teetering on the edge of death.

“Hmph, die!” The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon saw that Ancient God Night Dragon was still trying to resist and immediately pushed its bloodline to the limit to suppress him. At the same time, it also launched a Destructive attack.

Zhao Feng also continued to barrage Ancient God Night Dragon’s soul.

“Ah…!” Ancient God Night Dragon shrilly screamed as his mauled body was engulfed in lightning and flames.

“Die!” The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon slashed down with a claw seething with Destructive draconic flames.


Ancient God Night Dragon’s body and soul were finally destroyed, transforming into dust that was blown away with the wind.

“I finally killed you….” Zhao Feng’s eyes glimmered with vicious light.

Twenty-five years ago, while he was fleeing from two Ancient Gods, he had resolved himself to one day purge himself of that humiliation. Today, one of those Ancient Gods had finally died at his hand.

“Someone strong is approaching!” Zhao Feng and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon suddenly sensed a powerful aura rapidly approaching.

“It’s him!” Zhao Feng’s eyes went cold.


The newcomers were none other than Ancient God Black Heaven and the two True Gods from Violet Night Hall.

“That’s…” Ancient God Black Heaven’s face immediately turned gloomy.

Near Zhao Feng, the dust of Ancient God Night Dragon’s body was slowly scattering in the air.

“Senior Night Dragon!” the two True Gods of Violet Night Hall cried out in shock.

How could they have expected for Ancient God Night Dragon to die at the hands of their target? Wasn’t Zhao Feng just a Rank Six True God? How could he now be a Rank Seven Ancient God with the ability to kill someone of the same level?

“You’ve been chasing me because you want this, right?” A triangular piece of metal appeared in Zhao Feng’s hand as he stared at Ancient God Black Heaven.

In order to evade Ancient God Black Heaven, Zhao Feng had used the God Sealing Stone to completely suppress this metal triangle. But now, he revealed this item to Ancient God Black Heaven.

Ancient God Black Heaven’s entire body trembled at the sight of this object. His eyes were entirely focused on the metal triangle as if Zhao Feng didn’t exist.

“Just what sort of secret is inside this thing?” Zhao Feng and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon couldn’t help but examine this piece of metal.

It was capable of forcing an Ancient God to doggedly pursue someone for several decades. This metal triangle definitely wasn’t as simple as it seemed on the surface.

“Zhao Feng, if you give that to me, Ancient Soul Hall won’t make any trouble for you in the future!” Ancient God Black Heaven took in a deep breath to calm himself and then turned his gaze to Zhao Feng.

In the past, he would have not wasted time exchanging words with Zhao Feng and would have just attacked him. However, just a moment ago, Ancient God Night Dragon had fallen at Zhao Feng’s hand, forcing him to take another look at Zhao Feng.

In battles against those of the same level, it was very difficult for one to kill the other. Despite that, Zhao Feng had only just become an Ancient God and yet was already capable of killing an Ancient God of the Violet Night Race.

Moreover, Zhao Feng also had a black serpent dragon with the bloodline of the Destruction Dragon Race. Although Ancient God Black Heaven had two Rank Five True Gods of Violet Night Hall at his side, they were completely useless. If their two sides were to fight, Ancient God Black Heaven would undoubtedly be the disadvantaged one.

“Did I say anything about letting you off?” Zhao Feng couldn’t help but sneer.

Zhao Feng couldn’t control whether Ancient Soul Hall would leave him be, but Zhao Feng did know that he would not let Ancient God Black Heaven off.

“You…!” Ancient God Black Heaven wanted to threaten him.

However, Zhao Feng was now a core disciple of the Spiritual Race, a genius who had directly become a Rank Six True God and then reached the Ancient God level in a short year. The Spiritual Race definitely wouldn’t sit back if Ancient Soul Hall wanted to deal with Zhao Feng.

“You will regret this!” Black Heaven coldly spat out and then turned to leave.

“Senior Black Heaven…!” The two True Gods of Violet Night Hall saw that Ancient God Black Heaven was preparing to leave and immediately called out.

If not even Ancient God Night Dragon could kill Zhao Feng, the two of them were certainly no match. Thus, they hoped that Ancient God Black Heaven would take them with him at least.

“Seeking death!” Ancient God Black Heaven’s face savagely contorted as he angrily bellowed.

In his foul mood, these two True Gods dared to bother him?


A black and violet light exploded from Ancient God Black Heaven’s claws, tearing apart the bodies and souls of these two True Gods of Violet Night Hall.

After killing these two, Ancient God Black Heaven left.

“Heheh!” The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon smugly laughed.

It had returned to its prime and even killed an Ancient God. All this was simply far too refreshing.

“I’ll leave him alive for now.” Zhao Feng harrumphed.

In comparison to Ancient God Night Dragon, he would’ve preferred to kill Ancient God Black Heaven. However, Ancient God Black Heaven was far stronger than Ancient God Night Dragon. Moreover, he had just gone through a major battle that taxed his strength. Even if he worked together with the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, he didn’t have the confidence to kill Ancient God Black Heaven.

Unless… he used the strength of the Blood Flame Qilin Race! But this was no guarantee. After all, the Blood Flame Qilin Race had only promised to serve Zhao Feng without harming him. If they emerged and escaped Zhao Feng’s control, they were completely capable of divulging Zhao Feng’s secret and getting others to kill him.

“Leave him alive?” The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was stunned. It knew that Zhao Feng had obtained the aid of the Blood Flame Qilin Race, so killing Ancient God Black Heaven was not a difficult task at all.

 His future is inestimable!  The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon internally sighed.

In the past, Zhao Feng wasn’t even an ant in its eyes, but now, even at its peak, it was no match for Zhao Feng.

After putting away the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon and the Spacetime Robe, Zhao Feng continued on his journey.

This time, he used Instant Movement to travel at full speed. After a little more than two months, he finally arrived at the Life Origin Sect.

Zhao Feng, wearing the white-veiled hat, entered the Life Origin Sect.

“Who is visiting?” Several guards immediately went to stop him.


Zhao Feng took out the token showing that he was a core disciple of the Spiritual Race.

“This one had eyes but could not see, not knowing that Good Sir was a core disciple of the Spiritual Race. Please forgive this offense!” All the guards in front of Zhao Feng got down on their knees.

The Life Origin Sect was a peak four-star faction, but it was under the administration of the Spiritual Race. Even the core disciples of the Life Origin Sect would have to treat the core disciples of the Spiritual Race with great respect, let alone these guards.

“What matter brings Good Sir to the Life Origin Sect?” a guard asked.

“I’ve come to find Yu Bingcheng!” Zhao Feng coldly said.

Zhao Feng followed a guard into the Life Origin Sect. It didn’t take long before the guard had led Zhao Feng to Elder Yu Bingcheng’s residence.

“Good Sir, this is Elder Yu’s residence. I will go and inform him of your visit.” The guard gave a fawning smile.

“There’s no need. You’re dismissed,” Zhao Feng flatly replied.

Once the guard was gone, Zhao Feng went right up to the door.


Zhao Feng threw open the gates to the hall.

“Who is it that dares to intrude on an Elder’s residence!?” a furious roar came from the depths of the palace.

In a flash of light, Yu Bingcheng appeared in front of Zhao Feng.

“It’s you!?” Yu Bingcheng was flabbergasted, and then his eyes turned as a powerful energy rose from his body.

“Whoever you are, intruding on an Elder’s residence is a major crime. I will personally carry out the punishment!” Yu Bingcheng righteously declared.

He had never expected for Zhao Feng to return. It seemed like he had failed in his pursuit of Zhao Yufei and returned to the Life Origin Sect to seek Yu Bingcheng’s aid.

But Yu Bingcheng could not allow Zhao Feng to ruin his plan. Thus, he pretended to not recognize Zhao Feng and kill him.

“Elder Yu truly has a good memory. You so quickly forgot about this Zhao!”

Zhao Feng didn’t move, but the Divine Stages in his body slowly began to exude their energy.

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