King Of Gods Chapter 1543

Chapter 1543 Infiltrate And Plunder

Chapter 1543 – Infiltrate and Plunder

The Heaven Defying Faction members remained within the Heaven’s Legacy defensive array around the entrance to the Heaven Defying Faction’s Divine Kingdom. The defensive array was further supported by the power from the Divine Kingdom, making it abnormally sturdy. Even when the Life Sacred Land joined with its many allies in assaulting it, they failed to break it.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

The Life Sacred Land continued to ceaselessly barrage the array. Even if they couldn’t break through the defensive barrier, they could at least hold the enemy down. The Heaven Defying Faction could not enter the Divine Kingdom all at once. Once their numbers dropped to a certain level, the defensive array would not have sufficient power and would be instantly blown apart.

Zhao Feng did not follow the rest in attacking the Heaven Defying Faction Divine Kingdom. At this time, he was planning to use Thought Teleportation to infiltrate the Heaven Defying Faction Divine Kingdom. This was the best way to destroy the critical structures or even the core of the Divine Kingdom, making the Heaven Defying Faction’s plans to defend and leave this place go up in smoke.

But he could not announce this plan or even tell God King Radiant Peak. If there was some spy of the Heaven Defying Faction in the Life Sacred Land that leaked this information, Zhao Feng would be like a lamb entering a tiger cave.

Zhao Feng placed his clones, the Black Destruction Dragon, the many ancient beasts, and the little thieving cat into his own Divine Kingdom. This operation was rather dangerous, so Zhao Feng planned to rely on his own faction for it. He didn’t even tell Twilight Valley, the Giant God Race, or Xin Wuheng.

Amid the chaotic crowd, Zhao Feng silently left. Once he withdrew into the rear, he entered his Divine Kingdom.

Within his Divine Kingdom, Zhao Feng used Thought Teleportation and vanished.

The Life Sacred Land, which was completely focused on attacking the Heaven Defying Faction, did not notice his departure. Perhaps someone would notice that he was gone after some time had passed.

But there was one person who noticed Zhao Feng vanishing: the Death God, observing everything from his distant position.

“Where did that kid go?” The Death God’s eyes flashed.

Why did Zhao Feng suddenly vanish by himself at a time like this?

However, the Death God was alone at present, so he could do nothing until his allies arrived. Although the Heaven Lord was a threat to all the God Eyes, Divine Punishment’s group was enough to deal with him. Perhaps both sides would come away heavily damaged so that he and his allies could swoop in and obtain the final victory.

Within the Heaven Defying Faction Divine Kingdom:


Dreamy images suddenly appeared within a closed hidden chamber. A silver-clothed and silver-haired man slowly emerged within.

“I’ve arrived!” Zhao Feng opened his eyes and observed his surroundings.

This was the place where he was first imprisoned within the Heaven Defying Faction Divine Kingdom. This secret chamber was a jail cell, and the arrays and domains around it completely sealed it off. Zhao Feng naturally had the ability to force his way through, but that was certain to draw the attention of the Heaven Defying Faction.

“I can’t alarm them.”

Zhao Feng used his left eye to see through the spatial barrier so that he could observe the scene outside the sealed dimension.

Closing his eyes again, he used Thought Teleportation. Not much later, Zhao Feng disappeared from the secret chamber and appeared outside the domain. In this way, Zhao Feng easily left that sealed dimension.

Even so, he did not act carelessly. This Divine Kingdom was bound to be covered in mechanisms, and one who did not understand that and moved around carelessly was bound to trigger them.

This was the time for the little thieving cat to show is abilities. This was also why Zhao Feng had brought it along. Meooow!

Zhao Feng took out the little thieving cat and had it lead the way.

The mechanisms along the way were either silently disarmed or simply avoided.

A little while later, Zhao Feng emerged from a giant building.

He hid himself in space and began to observe. Within the Heaven Defying Faction, many members were flying back and forth between the three mountains, apparently very busy.

“They probably aren’t that vigilant inside the Divine Kingdom. They never would’ve expected that someone would be able to silently infiltrate it.” Zhao Feng chuckled to himself as he began to stealthily move.

Those of weaker cultivation could not sense his existence while he avoided those of higher cultivation.

“After taking such a big risk, I would be losing too much if I don’t take something good!” Zhao Feng glanced at the Heaven’s Legacy Race island to his left. If he remembered correctly, the majority of the areas on that island were devoted to raising precious plants, many of them being extremely rare specimens from the Ancient Era.

Zhao Feng was anxious to increase his strength at this time. Even a small harvest from this place would be welcome. After making his plan, Zhao Feng began to move toward the left island.

There were comparatively few people on this island, so Zhao Feng arrived with little incident. Guided by the little thieving cat, Zhao Feng went in through the entrance.

After a short while, the man and cat arrived in a spacious area. Ahead of them was an extremely wide metal path, and on both sides of the path were independent dimensions that mimicked different environments where various precious and rare plants were grown.

Perhaps because of the war, other than the guards at the entrance, there were only a few people here responsible for managing the plants. All of them had rather low cultivations.

Zhao Feng silently approached and plunged them all into dreams.

He began to wander around this vast building. The plants grown in the first few growing regions were rather low-level and not worth his attention.

After traveling several hundred steps, Zhao Feng suddenly stopped.

“Jade Snow Essence Fruit, Black Ice Heaven Spirit Grass….” Zhao Feng was taken aback as he looked through the transparent spatial barrier at the plants within.

The plants within this dimension all belonged to the Ice and Snow Dao. The two plants he mentioned were all excellent supplements for Ice Dao cultivators. They could nourish and repair God Altars, condense Divine Power, and stabilize one’s foundations. These were extremely high-level ingredients appropriate for the First Heaven to the Second Heaven.

The dimension on his right contained plants of the Fire Dao.

Zhao Feng resisted the temptation and continued until he was almost at the end.

“Time and Space plants!” Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed.

The number of plants for these two Dao was smaller, but their value and rarity were far above the others.

In order to be safe, Zhao Feng still used Thought Teleportation to enter these dimensions.


Zhao Feng vanished with a ball of dreamy mist and reemerged in one of the dimensions.

“Great! Flowing Light Moon Spirit Fruit, White Moon Flower…” Zhao Feng delightedly looked at the plants grown in this dimension, even though many of them had yet to ripen.


The little thieving cat also jumped around in excitement.

The combined efforts of man and cat proceeded to plunder everything in this dimension, leaving not even a blade of grass.

Zhao Feng proceeded to the other side, where the Space Dao plants were being grown.

This was a starry sky in which many rocks floated. The plants were being grown on these rocks.

On a small island in the center of this starry expanse, Zhao Feng spotted a dark silver and slender tree. The space around it was creased and wrinkled.

“I didn’t think that there would be a Space Spirit Tree too!” Zhao Feng eagerly approached the tree.

The Space Spirit Tree was probably one of the most valuable plants in this dimension. The trunk itself was a priceless treasure that could be used to repair space-type supreme-quality divine artifacts and also serve as a material for various kinds of divine weapons. The sparkling Heaven Void Silver Leaves growing on the tree were also incredible treasures for cultivating the Space Laws.

Zhao Feng immediately moved the tree away.

The man and cat continued to plunder the dimension, but just as the two were engrossed in their thievery, movement came from outside.

“Oh no!” Zhao Feng grimaced and immediately concealed himself along with the little thieving cat.

Five figures emerged from the passage.

“Curses! We’re going to be discovered!” Zhao Feng’s face turned grave. He hadn’t expected someone to come over while he was in the middle of stealing.

Two of the five were wearing silver armor and were First Heaven God Lords. The other three were dressed in gray robes and were beneath the God Lord level.

“Hurry and check things over!”

“Once we’ve confirmed that there are no problems, we’ll leave!”

The two silver-armored men urged.

But the five men didn’t advance far before being struck dumb.

“Oh no! Hurry and see if the plants have been stolen or not!” one of the five men grimaced and ordered.

In this situation, they did not suspect outside invaders. Rather, they believed that this was the work of an insider.

The three staff members went up to an instrument panel in front of one of the dimensions. By activating this panel, one could see the situation inside the growing area.

“Oh no! All the Time-type plants have gone missing!” one of the workers yelled.

“How bold! Someone is actually using the chaos to steal?” one of the silver-armored men, who had pitch-black skin, severely spoke.

“Hurry and inform the elder!” the other silver-armored man said.

“Hurry and see if the precious treasures in the Level Two Secret Chamber are okay!” one of the staff members anxiously said.

If the treasures in the Level Two Chamber were lost, even if it wasn’t their responsibility, they would be punished all the same.

The two silver-armored men were struck dumb by these words.

Within the Space-type plant growing area, Zhao Feng’s eyes widened. “There’s still more inside?”

And it seemed like what was inside was even more valuable.

The three staff members and two silver-armored men went to the end of the path. The three staff members executed a Heaven’s Legacy secret art. A silver crack appeared on the wall and gradually outlined a square door that slowly began to open.

The structure within was essentially the same as the one outside, but the space was even more stable.

The five entered and examined the contents of one of the nearby dimensions through the instrument panel.

“Whew! They’re all still here. Take a look!” One of the older staff members breathed a sigh of relief.

The two silver-armored men took out message tokens and prepared to send a report.

At this time, a figure emerged behind the five, though none of them noticed.

Dream Dao energy emerged in Zhao Feng’s left eye, silently seeping into the souls of the five. Their bodies swayed and their eyes lost focus as they were drawn into his Dream Dimension.

“Thank you for guiding the way!” Zhao Feng smiled. He hadn’t expected this place to have plants of even greater value.



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