King Of Gods Chapter 1544

Chapter 1544 Dangerous Operation

Chapter 1544 – Dangerous Operation

After taking care of the five staff members, Zhao Feng began to observe this higher-level plant cultivation region. Each planting area was an independent dimension. These were much smaller than the ones outside, but there were many more of them.

“These plants are of an even higher level, but there are even more of them?” Zhao Feng felt this to be impossible.

He stepped forward to look at the image displayed on the instrument panel. The insides of the dimension were dark, gloomy, and shrouded in black mist. The ground was littered with white bones, and on top of one of the piles of white bones was a strange black and white flower.

“Deathsoul Bone-Eating Flower!” Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed. He had seen this kind of plant mentioned while reading books in the Heaven’s Legacy Race library. This was a plant that had been developed by the Heaven’s Legacy Race.

This plant could only grow on corpses that were thick with Death energy, but when experts died, their bodies would vanish, leaving nothing behind, so this environment had to be artificially created. It could be considered one of the Heaven Defying Faction’s more successful products.

Zhao Feng clearly had no need for this plant, so he went to the next dimension.

At this time, Zhao Feng understood why the high-level growing area had more dimensions. This was because each dimension was only growing a single plant, but each one was of incredible quality. For example, that Deathsoul Bone- Eating Flower could raise an incredible Death God Eye descendant.

“This is… Nine Lightning Heaven Bamboo!” Zhao Feng’s left eye pierced through the spatial barrier and saw the treasure growing within the second dimension.

The ground within was pocked with craters and charred black. Dark clouds seethed overhead, and Divine Punishment energy was constantly thundering down. At the center of this dimension were several translucent white pieces of bamboo that were surrounded by arcs of lightning. This was the Nine Lightning Heaven Bamboo.

It was said that where Nine Lightning Heaven Bamboo grew was bound to be a forbidden zone of Heavenly Lightning, and ordinary people could not even hope to approach it. But for Lightning Dao cultivators, areas where this bamboo grew were superb areas to cultivate. This plant grew in lightning and gathered up Lightning essence. Not only could one use it to cultivate the Lightning Laws, it could also increase a cultivator’s ability to comprehend the Lightning Laws.

Moreover, the stalks of Nine Lightning Heaven Bamboo the Heaven Defying Faction was raising were grown under Divine Punishment energy, making them extremely high quality.

Zhao Feng immediately used his Thought Teleportation to enter.

A small portion of the Divine Punishment energy in the sky instantly crashed down at Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng released his own powerful Lightning energy to circle around him and block the attacks.

He had experienced the Divine Punishment energy of the Divine Punishment God himself. Why would he be afraid of this trifling power?

As he got closer and closer, the Divine Punishment energy assaulting him intensified. There was no doubting the power of this Divine Punishment energy, and even when Zhao Feng was focusing entirely on defense, he still felt rather hard-pressed.

“Collect!” Zhao Feng got close to the Nine Lightning Heaven Bamboo and took it into his Divine Kingdom.


All the Divine Punishment energy in the sky hurtled toward Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng immediately fled to the edge of the dimension, allowing him to escape the assault of most of the Divine Punishment energy. Finally, he used Thought Teleportation and left.

“This Nine Lightning Heaven Bamboo is of very high quality. It will definitely give a big boost to my Lightning Law!”

Zhao Feng was very satisfied.

However, he needed to pick up the pace. His actions in this place would be discovered sooner or later. If his enemies seized the initiative, he would be in trouble.

Thus, Zhao Feng decided to take only a few more plants and then leave. After all, he still had another mission in infiltrating the Heaven Defying Faction’s Divine Kingdom.

Upon inspection, Zhao Feng realized that the first eight areas corresponded to the traits of the Eight Great God Eyes.

This made sense. After all, the Heaven Defying Faction didn’t pull its God Eye descendants out of thin air. It had paid an enormous price in raising these plants to create these experts.

Zhao Feng went to the area for the Spacetime plant. This was a peaceful space in which many stones of various sizes floated. They gleamed with a white jade-like luster, and in the center of these jade-like stones was an abnormally dazzling round piece of jade that seemed to radiate moonlight.

“Void Profound Spirit Jade!” Zhao Feng was stunned. He hadn’t expected to see such an incredibly rare treasure here.

Ever since the shattering of the Desolate Continent, Void Profound Spirit Jade could only form in spatial fissures and forbidden torrents of chaotic energy, and this was only after countless years.

This precious resource was why so many Space cultivators liked to drift through space. They hoped to come upon this treasure by chance.

Zhao Feng immediately used his Thought Teleportation to go inside. Spacetime energy immediately engulfed him, slowing down Zhao Feng’s thoughts and movements.

Zhao Feng immediately released his own Spacetime Law energy to oppose it. Otherwise, he would be crawling through this dimension as slowly as a snail.

In truth, Zhao Feng could just destroy the dimension and save himself the trouble, but if he did this, he would expose himself.

“Given the situation, I’ll have to leave after taking this treasure,” Zhao Feng mentally calculated.

Meanwhile, outside the Heaven Defying Faction Divine Kingdom, the battle of Gods was still continuing and only getting more and more terrifying. Space was in absolute tatters, and if there was no Heaven Mending Race expert, the damage would need hundreds of millions of years to repair.

The Spacetime, Divine Punishment, and Life Gods all had rather unsightly looks. The three of them were working together, and any other God would find their life in peril. But while the Heaven Lord was injured, he was not severely so.

“Spacetime Fissure!” The Spacetime God’s eyes flashed with silver light.


A terrifying spacetime fissure appeared in the distance, the Spacetime energy infused within it able to obliterate all in its path. This spacetime fissure rapidly pursued the Heaven Lord.

“Hammer of Divine Punishment!” The Divine Punishment God activated his own eyes, his Eye Intent taking control of the boundless Divine Punishment energy in the sky and molding it into a hammer.

Meanwhile, the Life God took control of countless thorny vines that locked down all the paths the Heaven Lord could use to retreat.

The three Gods had surrounded the Heaven Lord with their attacks.

“Break!” The Heaven Lord activated his Heavenly Dao God Eye, unleashing an energy that destroyed all laws and rules, obliterating everything around him.

“It’s that energy again!” The Life God’s heart sank, a look of alarm on her face.

After battling with the Heaven Lord for so long, they had developed some understanding of his abilities. The most problematic was the power the Heaven Lord used just now; it could instantly destroy all nearby laws and rules. This also meant that when he was releasing this energy, the Heaven Lord was essentially impervious.

Of course, such a powerful move took a lot of energy and had a rather large interval between uses.

“Whew!” The Heaven Lord gasped for air as he coldly stared at the three Gods.

Fighting these three Gods, if he had only the Heavenly Dao God Eye and not his God-Devil Body, he probably would have been defeated long ago.

“If you want someone to hate, hate yourself! This is all the result of your sins!” the Divine Punishment God coldly said. The Heaven Lord glanced at the Heaven Defying Faction Divine Kingdom.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

The Life Sacred Land was continuing to incessantly attack the Heaven Defying Faction’s defensive array. At this time, more and more experts were joining the Life Sacred Land, and their assault was so powerful that the Heaven Defying Faction members were finding it very hard to smoothly escape into the Divine Kingdom.

If the stalemate continued, the Heaven Defying Faction was bound to lose.

“Let’s fight again later….” The Heaven Lord glanced at the three Gods before retreating back to the Heaven Defying Faction Divine Kingdom.

“Want to leave!?” the Spacetime God roared as he rushed forward to stop him.

“Ancient Divine Fist!” The Heaven Lord immediately activated his Ancient God-Devil Body and unleashed a tyrannical punch. The Spacetime God was forced to fall back.

The shift in the battle of Gods drew the attention of both sides of the battle. God King Radiant Peak saw the Heaven Lord flying over and felt his legs shake.

“Get back!” God King Radiant Peak hastily ordered.

The Heaven Lord could survive while being attacked by three Gods. He had already proved his strength. The Heaven Lord needed to fear no one except the Gods.

At this time, the Heaven Lord punched down at the Life Sacred Land members.

“Retreat!” The members of the Life Sacred Land were scared out of their wits and fled with all their might, but the Heaven Lord’s attack was simply too fast and was instantly upon them.

“Spacetime Shift!” In the end, the Spacetime God intervened, creating a spatial black hole that moved the Heaven Lord’s attack away.

The Heaven Lord used this chance to open the passage to the Divine Kingdom. In a flash, all the members of the Heaven’s Legacy Race started surging inside.

“Don’t even think about it!” The Divine Punishment God hurtled down, surrounded by dazzling lightning.

Boom! Bang!

The Heaven Lord punched with both arms, directly taking the attack and protecting the members of the Heaven Defying Faction. In the end, all the remaining members entered the Divine Kingdom.

“Wait until I cut his Divine Kingdom open!” The Spacetime God snorted.


The three Gods descended and unleashed their strongest attacks.

If the Heaven Lord was allowed to leave, the three of them would lose all their dignity while also allowing a major threat to escape.

“Reversal!” The Heaven Lord instantly reversed the heavens and earth and began to flee with his immense Divine Kingdom.

At this time, he needed to stand guard outside the Divine Kingdom. There were truly very few things in the world that could stand against the attacks of three Gods. The Spacetime God, in particular, could easily inflict severe damage to the Divine Kingdom.

However, the Heaven Lord was facing three Gods alone, and in the end, he was somewhat unable to hold.

“Activate the Heaven Defying Divine Kingdom defensive array!” the Heaven Lord sent a message into the Divine Kingdom.

In the Divine Kingdom, in an underground palace in the central island, an ancient elder gripping a gray-white wooden staff, his white beard reaching to the floor, ordered, “Activate the Divine Kingdom’s defensive array!”

“Yes, Right Protector!”

Massive instruments stood in this palace, surrounded by many operators.

“Activate the Divine Kingdom defensive array!”

The order spread out with machine-like efficiency.

At the same time, in the plant growing area on the left island:

“I got it!” Zhao Feng smiled as he gripped the round piece of jade – the Void Profound Spirit Jade.

After taking it, Zhao Feng began to make plans to leave, ceasing to indulge in his greed.

Upon reaching the passage, Zhao Feng was able to detect countless people returning to the Divine Kingdom with his left eye.

“So many people!” Zhao Feng paled.

The members of the Heaven Defying Faction had all returned to the Divine Kingdom. If he was exposed, he would be surrounded by the full force of this army.

But upon careful observation, Zhao Feng realized that he hadn’t been discovered yet. These members returning to the Divine Kingdom had gathered on the distant horizon and were apparently laying down some sort of array.

“It seems like the battle isn’t over yet,” Zhao Feng said to himself.

He used the Heavenly Closure Seal to seal his energy, including his God Eye energy, then he changed his appearance, concealed himself, and began to move.

Zhao Feng had not forgotten that his goal in infiltrating the Heaven Defying Faction Divine Kingdom was to destroy critical structures of the Divine Kingdom, perhaps even the core. This would severely damage the Heaven Defying Faction Divine Kingdom’s defensive abilities, allowing the Life Sacred Land to smoothly break in.

Zhao Feng began to approach the central Heaven’s Legacy island.

Zhao Feng noticed that the Heaven Defying Faction members simply weren’t looking out for outside invaders. Perhaps this was because they believed it was impossible for an outsider to get in without anyone noticing.

While the experience was harrowing, Zhao Feng was actually in little danger.

“The core of the Divine Kingdom is probably over there.” Zhao Feng cast his eyes toward the forbidden ground. He had become sure of this conclusion during his period of captivity.



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