King Of Gods Chapter 1546

Chapter 1546 Inside Job

Chapter 1546 Inside Job

In the Divine Kingdom core, Zhao Feng and that crystalline white robe were separated by a single array.

Kid, just you!? the robe roared.

Firstly, it took offense to Zhao Fengs tone. The first question left it speechless and the second was asking for a Pseudo Ancestral Artifact to go with Zhao Feng! Secondly, it did not believe that Zhao Feng was able to leave this place.

You also want to leave this place, right? If you miss out on this chance, youll be stuck here forever. Zhao Feng lightly chuckled, apparently taking the robes anger in stride.

The fourth and innermost array contained many different kinds of Ancestral Artifact fragments that had been organized into some complicated Heavens Legacy array. When the crystalline robe sensed Zhao Feng coming, it used its power to isolate these Ancestral Artifact fragments, preventing them from seeing or sensing anything. This caused Zhao Feng to initially believe that there were only three arrays.

The robe had done this because it had some hope in this intruder. It wanted to leave and did not want Zhao Fengs identity to be exposed.

Kid, youre just a mere peak Second Heaven. I dont know how you managed to get in, but leaving will be as difficult as ascending to the heavens in a single step, the crystalline robe solemnly said.

Although it had escaped the control of the Heavens Legacy Race, it would not act recklessly. If it chose to follow Zhao Feng but Zhao Feng failed to escape, the Heavens Legacy Race would capture it again, leading to disastrous consequences. And even if they successfully escaped, it would be far too easy for the Heaven Defying Faction to deal with a mere Second Heaven like Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng fell quiet for a few moments. Until the crystalline robe agreed to join him, he could not divulge to it the secret of Thought Teleportation. After all, if the Pseudo Ancestral Artifact found out who he really was, it might tell the Heaven Defying Faction.

At this moment, the Heaven Defying Faction is at war with three God Eye Deities. The members of the Heaven Defying Faction are too busy to worry about anything else, so leaving wont be difficult. In addition, Im a member of the God Eye camp, Zhao Feng flatly replied.

Three God Eyes? The robe was rather astonished.

It had sensed the battle going on, but it didnt know that the opposing side was three God Eyes. However, it had some understanding of the Heaven Defying Factions power, so it was only astonished for a few moments.

It initially believed that Zhao Feng was a member of the Heaven Defying Faction who was using the chaos of the battle to steal some treasure and flew in here. It hadnt expected for Zhao Feng to actually be an outsider. A peak Second Heaven that could infiltrate the Heavens Legacy Races Divine Kingdom and enter the core could not be simple.

Then let me tell you something else. As soon as I leave this array, the Heaven Defying Faction will notice. Do you think you have a chance of taking me away now? The crystalline robes voice was gloomy.

This was the crucial point. Otherwise, it would have used its own strength to easily break through the three arrays.

I do, Zhao Feng calmly replied, his expression extremely serious.

This answer left the robe dumbfounded. Of course, it was still suspicious.

Think it over carefully. I dont have much time here. Ill probably be discovered soon. After saying this, Zhao Feng entered his Dream Divine Kingdom.

The core of the Dream Divine Kingdom had a time cultivation effect where the passing of four hundred days inside was equivalent to just one day in the outside world. Zhao Feng used this time to solidify his foundation and then make plans for breaking into the Third Heaven.

On the central island, in the underground base, the Right Protector was observing the situation outside through a giant screen in front of him.

The three God Eyes are ceaseless in their pursuit. In this situation, even if the Heaven Lord takes out some of his trump cards, it wont be of much use. The Right Protectors white brows locked together.

At this moment, he received a message. Protector, the plant growing area has been robbed, even the Level Two Secret Chamber

The Right Protectors eyes went wide. Someone had somehow managed to plunder the Heaven Defying Factions plant cultivation area without any of them noticing?

The core! The Right Protector suddenly remembered something.

Earlier, the defensive array around the core had suddenly shattered. Although the incident was rather sudden, there was nothing suspicious about it. However, the knowledge that the plant cultivation area had been plundered changed everything.

A sheet of frost emerged on his face and his body went rigid.

Im leaving for a bit! the Right Protector called out and then vanished.

Just who is it? The Right Protector rapidly made his way toward the forbidden zone.

Right Protector! The guards instantly bowed.

No one expected the Right Protector to come personally. Had he come to interrogate them about their mistake from earlier? They were all fearful of what might happen next.

But the Protector said nothing, instead forming a spell as if preparing to open the array.

Back in the core, within the second array, a spatial ripple alarmed Zhao Feng within his Divine Kingdom.

Kid, I agree! The anxious voice of the robe rang out.

Zhao Feng immediately rushed out and soon realized what had the Pseudo Ancestral Artifact so anxious.

Okay! Since you plan to follow me, first destroy the Divine Kingdoms core! Zhao Feng immediately ordered.

Three God Eyes were attacking the Divine Kingdom at this time. The moment its defenses were weakened, the three Gods were certain to easily break in.

Kid, you arent just using me, right?! the crystalline robe bellowed.

It was alarmed by Zhao Fengs request because it sensed the arrival of a God King expert. It seemed like the Heaven Defying Faction had discovered that there was an intruder.

It wanted to see how Zhao Feng would escape with it in this situation what sort of tricks he had up his sleeve but Zhao Feng didnt seem panicked, even asking it to destroy the Divine Kingdoms core first.

Fine! Kid, Ill trust you just once. The crystalline robe had no other choice but to comply. Zhao Feng had been here for some time and it had never informed the Heaven Defying Faction, which meant that it had failed to report an intruder.


The robe flew up to the fourth array and began to use spatial energy to disrupt the formation. The Divine Kingdoms defensive system instantly fell into disarray, the defensive array beginning to flicker.

I can only disrupt it! the robe cried out, and then it used a powerful Space Law energy to charge at the third array in a streak of ethereal light.

This array was not a defensive isolation array, so the robe was able to easily pass through.

At this moment, the furious voice of the Right Protector came from outside the array; You dare to betray the Heaven Defying Faction!?

By you, the Right Protector was referring to Zhao Feng and the Pseudo Ancestral Artifact. On the surface, Zhao Feng was a guard of the Heaven Defying Faction. Moreover, the Right Protector did not believe that an outsider would be able to infiltrate the Heaven Defying Faction undetected and plunder the resources they had been growing.

Kid, whats your plan? The crystalline robe was clearly afraid.

No hurry. Zhao Feng was unpanicked.

If the Pseudo Ancestral Artifact had agreed earlier, he could have just used Thought Teleportation to leave, but there was no time now.

However, Zhao Feng had gotten much stronger. He was no longer like he was in the past, when he couldnt even fight back against God King Charflame while working together with others.

He had already killed the strongest Divine Emissary. What more was a God King? And if he had the help of a Pseudo Ancestral Artifact, it would be like giving a tiger wings.


In a flash of light, his disguise vanished, revealing his true appearance.

Zhao Feng, its you!? The Right Protector stared at Zhao Fengs face in disbelief.

The Ninth God Eye that they pursued had inexplicably infiltrated the Heaven Defying Faction Divine Kingdom, stolen many of their plants and resources, and was even attempting to damage the Divine Kingdoms core. The Right Protector felt an excruciating pain in his heart.

The crystalline robe was also rather surprised. This kid was apparently rather famous.

However, when it asked Zhao Feng if he had a plan, Zhao Feng just replied No hurry. This made the robe want to curse. This was a mere peak Second Heaven, his opponent was a God King, and he was within the Heaven Defying Faction Divine Kingdom, and yet he was saying No hurry!?

Boom! Bang!

Zhao Feng unsealed the Ninth God Eye and released his Divine Power and Law energies. Vast torrents of Primal Chaos energy began to wreak havoc within the forbidden zone.

Zhao Feng, stop! the Right Protector called. His eyes activated, unleashing dark clouds of mist.

The Pseudo Ancestral Artifact had already greatly disrupted the cores operation. The defenses of the Divine Kingdom were weak at this time, and if a major battle took place here, it would undoubtedly affect the core.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

The entire Heaven Defying Faction Divine Kingdom began to shake and sway.

The three God Eyes naturally seized the excellent chance Zhao Feng had provided them. Suddenly, a gap appeared in the Heaven Defying Faction Divine Kingdom.

The breaking of the Divine Kingdom affected the array. All the members within the array vomited blood.

At the same time, in the Divine Kingdoms core, the fourth array shattered, unleashing a destructive storm of energy.

Lets get out of here first! Zhao Feng immediately barked.

The Pseudo Ancestral Artifact had no other option except to sweep up Zhao Feng and leave. No! How could this be?! Extreme hatred appeared on the Right Protectors face.


The Right Protector immediately pursued the Pseudo Ancestral Artifact and Zhao Feng.

At the same time, outside the Divine Kingdom:

Whats going on? The Heaven Lords face turned dour.

What happened in the Divine Kingdom? Why did the defensive array suddenly weaken, allowing the Spacetime God to punch open a hole in it?

He could no longer keep traveling with the Divine Kingdom. God-level energy was simply too powerful. If it got in through the gap, it would unleash a calamity on the insides of the Divine Kingdom.


With a slap of his palm, the Heaven Lord sent the Divine Kingdom flying several million li away.

Inside the Divine Kingdom, the heavens and earth reversed.

Zhao Feng and the Right Protector had just charged out of the forbidden zone.

Zhao Feng, Ill kill you! The Right Protector had a vicious gaze. His left eye exuded vast clouds of mist, and many black silhouettes emerged from it. All of them were Samsara Immortal Bodies. Their leader was a God King, and beside it were two Third Heavens and many more Second Heaven and First Heaven God Lords.

Youre the one who revived Divine Emissary Chang! When Zhao Feng saw the Right Protectors Eye of Samsara, he made a guess.

The Right Protector was not skilled in battle. His duty was to manage the Heaven Defying Faction Divine Kingdom and revive some of its members.


At this moment, the Life Sacred Land army charged in through the gap. The Heaven Defying Faction members had to face this external foe.

See? We can escape now, right? Zhao Feng smiled.

In this situation, even though they were exposed, they would not be surrounded by the entire Heaven Defying Faction.

Are you blind? Youre facing a God King! the robe grumbled.

Even so, the situation was much better than it had imagined it would be. But this was far too risky. If the three God Eyes had not made a hole in the Heaven Defying Faction Divine Kingdom on time, they would have been finished.

A God King? So what? Zhao Feng laughed.

He wanted nothing more than to deal with this Right Protector at this moment.




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