King Of Heroes Chapter 3

3 Class Fusion

"Unlike the system, the adventurer's profile has only six options and not eight" Ryan furrowed his eyebrows and his thoughts continued, "But one of those six options is not even in my system's eight options. These six options are , , , , and ."

" option, like in my system, shows equipped items, learnt skills and the number of attribute points in each of the six attributes. And it seems that attribute points an adventurer gains by levelling up, are not assigned manually but automatically instead. Which is not the case with my system, as I did get the message that I had unspent attribute points," Ryan thought.

"Since the points are assigned automatically, adventurers don't really have a freedom of choice when selecting their classes. They must go with the class that would benefit from their automatic attribute point gains the most and even if they did choose the best class for them, they wouldn't necessarily be equal to other people with the same class of the same level. This is because the number of attribute points each person gains per level is determined by their talent," Ryan thought.

"The previous Ryan, before choosing the class was tested by the adventurer guild and he had the best attribute point distribution a mage could have with 80% of his level up attributes going into Intellect and 10% going to Vitality and Spirit, but his talent was of the lowest grade," Ryan thought.

"Levelling up for other adventurers and me is slightly different as well. They have to increase their experience and level up by absorbing the crystals they get from monsters by using the skill as killing monsters don't grant them any experience. While I can level up by killing monsters and I should also be able to get experience by absorbing the crystals," Ryan thought.

"Adventurers can learn skills by reaching certain levels or by getting taught by someone or by creating the skill themselves or by getting a skill book from a shop or finding it in some dungeon. So I can also learn skills by reaching a certain level, getting taught by someone or getting a skill book" Ryan thought.

"Next is , reaching , adventurers have to choose a specialisation for their class. After selecting the specialisation they receive a talent point which they can allocate in the window. They receive one talent point every level past . They can also gain talent points by absorbing the crystals of BOSS type monsters," Ryan thought.

"Choosing the option will open a window that shows all the quests an adventurer has taken. The reward from completing a quest could vary from crystals to weapons to skill books to armour to medicine and to other rewards. Maybe, I would get experience as well, since I have an RPG system and all," Ryan thought.

Choosing the option, will open the world map and like I saw before, it can't be used in a dungeon," Ryan thought.

"Choosing the option will open the inventory in which I can store anything I want, with the exception of living beings," Ryan thought.

"The last option and the only option that my system doesn't have, . It lets adventurers add each other and by doing so, see each other whereabouts and contact each other at any given moment from any distance. This is very useful. It's a shame that this option is not in the RPG systembut since Ryan could use adventurer's profile, I can still use it, even if it's not in the system. Let's see, to access adventurer's profile. I have to extend my arm and say 'adventurer profile open'." Ryan thought; then opened his eyes, extended his arm and said, "Adventurer profile open." A few system messages flashed.

Ryan raised the corners of his lips, forming a smile on his face, "That's good, but to make sure it's really here," he thought and the RPG system's main menu opened; he moved his eyes down the menu.

"Good, it's here. Now to allocate my attribute points," Ryan thought and tapped the button; a window opened.

"My weapon's damage increased. Is it because the weapon's grade is ancient? And what's with all these talent skills? Can't that magic be learned if one doesn't have a talent for it?" Ryan thought; then shook his head, dismissing his thoughts. He focused on the attributes and thought, "Now then how do I allocate my 30 attribute points It has been more than 35 years since I played an RPG or any kind of game"
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