King Of Reapers Black Butler Fanfic Book 1 Chapter 20

Volume 1: Readvent Chapter 20 20 The Finale Final

As the night came, Alex, Adeline, Lynda, and Ruby met up at the estate walls. Where Alex, is carrying somewhat appears to be a suitcase, he rests on the walls staring at the moon, and prepared his knife. "Are you guys ready?" He asked with a firm voice.

"Of course dad, we all are!" Adeline replied happily, "aren't we?" She looked at the others. Waiting for their reply, she starts to pout, "Fine! If you aren't ready, so be it!"

"Oh!" Lynda got surprised from her little tantrum, "Yes we are ready." She answered, trying to get Adeline's attention. She seem to move over it and started laughing, "That is right!" Adeline smiled at her.

Alex looked at Ruby, who isn't paying attention to anyone's words, he tapped her shoulder and snaps out of it, "What is it mi'lord?"

"You look like you haven't slept for days, is something wrong?" Alex asked looking at Ruby in the eyes, and waited for her reply. Ruby avoided eye contact and bowed, "Of course mi'lord, I am always fine."

"Is that so?" Alex rose an eyebrow, he went closer to her ear, and whispered,

"Good luck finding a strong body your blade wants."

Ruby's body trembled hearing his words, she looked at her suitcase and noticed it was glowing. She breathed heavily and bowed, "Of course, master." She replied with a firm voice.

The answer made Alex smile, "Very well." He started walking towards the city, where the moonlight glows on the city walls, with less people walking down the road. As the four of them reached the station, they all silently waited for the train, after a few minutes, they started hearing the tracks shaking, and the train's whistle louder. They all knew on themselves, that something huge is coming.

When the train stopped, Alex and the three went in. The train seems awfully quiet, he waved his hand, telling them to come in. "Just be ready, got it?" The three nodded without adding anything else.

As soon as they got in, they saw a glowing figure, sitting in the last row of seats. Alex narrowed his eyes, and smiled at it as if he knew the creature, he rushed towards it and chuckled, "Ah yes, Michael."

Michael stood up smiling as well, "Good to see you Alex." They hugged, "What would an Archangel do in a place like this?" Alex asked.

"Archangel?" The three asked and looked at each other, Alex realized they haven't met Michael yet. He cleared his throat and stood up properly, "Women, he is Michael, the strongest among Angels."

"Your the Archangel?" Adeline happily asked, as she jumps around in excitement. Michael can't help but laugh a little, "Is something about me that made you all that surprised?"

"Of course!" Adeline jumped for the last time, "You! The Archangel! You are the Strongest out there! Who wouldn't be happy about it?!"

Michael seemed pleased hearing this, he smiled closing his eyes, "I see." He opened his eyes again and looked at the blue moonlight shining upon them. "I just wanna see the men you have up close Alexandre."

Alex got a bit surprised from the straightforward statement, ending up in a smirk, "Well, I didn't know you would have such interest on these people."

"It's just," Michael closed his eyes as if he missed something, "their souls are so interesting, it evolves, and changes, they were unpredictable, and pure." His eyes suddenly looked disgusted as he faced towards the woman with black hair. "Except this young soul. Something is really off with her soul, be careful."

"I get that a lot." Alex chuckled looking at Lynda without her knowing, "But I don't think she'll be able to kill anyone without my permission."

"Then I should take your word." Michael made an affirming smile, he knew that he is a man who doesn't lie. "Anyway, please enjoy the ride, this is the only way I can repay you for disturbing your business."

Alex chuckled, "No, not at all." He sat down with Michael, "This is rather my pleasure seeing you here." Michael smiled along with Alex, as they talked to each other comfortably. Being watched by the three ladies, they sat on the other side of the train, not saying a single word. Ruby is just looking down, while Lynda looking outside, staring at the moon, and Adeline, curiously watching the two men talk, more in a manner of eavesdropping rather than watching.

Alex paused and looked at Adeline who was staring at them for so long. He chuckled slightly and asked, "Is something bothering you?" And waited for an answer. Adeline, who heard the question, shrugged, "Oh nothing, just listening to your conversation, your stories are fun to listen." Alex couldn't help but laugh, "You can listen, but must behave, do you understand?"

"Yes!" Adeline replied cheerfully, standing up and sitting beside Alex, she didn't say anything else afterwards. Her silence made Alex pat her head, and his conversation with Michael continues. As their little talks becomes bigger, it halted as the train reached its destination. Michael stood up and smiled, he walks towards the train doors, "I guess this is where we part ways, farewell."

Alex smiled too, "It was nice meeting and talking to you." He talked as if he was talking to no one, Michael just disappeared without a trace. Alex looked at Ruby and Lynda, and ordered them to follow him.



"Tonight is the night where our battle begins, for something to end." Houston laughed while looking at the other vampires, "And it will be the Reaper's reign on this universe!" She stated, looking at Diamond. After a minute of declaration for war, she turned her head and looked at Fhrer with a confident smile, "Remember, our deal."

Fhrer didn't reply, but smiled as he nods, flapping his colorful wings and sat down on one of the beams of the roof. Beside him, is Elise De Manche (Chap. 8), who was looking around the place and watched the vampires get ready.

After a minute of preparation, everyone heard glass shattering, Houston got surprised, and saw one of her kind getting tossed from the outside. As everyone checked, the vampire died quickly after a few seconds. It made Houston panic, and ordered her Vampires to check it out, "Diamond, prepare your ghouls." She ordered.

"Yes mi'lord." Diamond's eyes glowed, and the ghouls from the dungeon started moving up, the earth shaken a little. Hundreds of ghouls started going up, guarded and blocked the entrance.

Houston stood up and flapped her wings, "It seems that they are up to something." She watched the windows broke down as vampires were thrown in, until complete silence enters. Houston is on guard, so as Fhrer and Elise, for a few seconds, the door starts to move, but it won't open as the ghouls blocking it.

Diamond looked at the ceiling with an opening leading her to the hallway, she jumped towards it and went out. To her surprise, she saw Ruby and a little girl in standing in front of the door to the throne room. "Ruby? you are the enemy?"

Ruby looked at Diamond with a serious look, "Oh, Diamond, long time no see." The little girl ruined the moment by hopping and waving at Diamond.

"Good evening whoever you are! My name is Adeline Baltazar!" Adeline smiled at her innocently while holding her oddly large suitcase like it's nothing.

"Baltazar?" Diamond smirked at the family name she haven't heard for years. "My kind with a family name of Baltazar?" She can't hold it in, and started laughing, "That is just plain impossible."

Adeline starts pouting, her eyes glowing, "Oh it is possible." She pressed a button on her suitcase, and for a second, smoke covers Adeline and the suitcase turned into a huge blade. She starts running towards Diamond, and as soon as she got close, the floor cracked with Adeline's sword trying to cut Diamond in half.

"A child capable of breaking the ground?" Diamond smiled, maybe Adeline isn't lying at all, "Interesting." She jumped further away from Adeline and stopped, "Adeline." She calls out her name, trying to pause the fight, and Adeline did stopped running at her, and listened to what Diamond has to say. "What? Say it now before I crush your skull."

"Be my Servant, and I'll make sure you have everything in your hands," Diamond smiled while persuading Adeline to join her, "I'll even teach you how to control Ghouls."

Adeline and Ruby became surprised, control ghouls? Not everyone can do that, even Houston had a hard time controlling ghouls when she was a few hundred years old back then. "Me control ghouls?" She looks a bit tempted from the offer.

With the look Adeline is giving, Diamond thought she could have such a powerful slave, "Yes, I'll even teach you-"

"No thank you."

Diamond got hit back in reality hearing the firm answer from Adeline, "I don't plan on becoming a slave for some vampire I barely know." She shrugged as Diamond grits her teeth, "And I told you, I am the Daughter of Alexandre Baltazar, the King of Reapers." She lifts her sword, pointing at Diamond, "You'd dare bribe the Daughter of Baltazar to become a slave? Your Slave?"


Diamond dashed through the air as if she did not intend to talk, she aimed at Adeline's knees which seems as the huge opening to Adeline. She backed off, knowing only that her attack didn't work, being blocked split second before her hand even reached Adeline.

"Seems that I have underestimated you."

"Little bitch", She muttered to herself not letting anyone hear it.


Clouds of dust went across the room, she just gotten herself beaten up by a little girl, proclaiming herself as the daughter of Death, which doing so means that this will be her last day of living, giving her chills by the thought. She was sitting in the cracked floor where she crashed, feeling slightly dizzy when she's trying to looking around, finding Adeline while thinking of a way to fight. Not long before the clouds disappeared, she saw Adeline's eyes glowing. She grasped her remaining energy and leaped towards her.

She disappeared as soon as Adeline backed off, she reappeared behind her. She kicked Adeline's knees and forced her to kneel with one leg. With Diamond's quick thinking, she hit Adeline's hand where she's holding her weapon, dropping it. She added a strike on her head, weakening Adeline, but not enough to knock her up. While Adeline barely conscious, she starts to headlock her.

~Yes! I managed to survive, I can do this! I can defeat my death!~ Diamond thought to herself.

Adeline tries fighting back, weakly trying to release herself in the headlock, knowing that it was useless. She remembered what her father told her.

-What if you dropped your weapon, and doesn't have time to pick it up?-



Alex smiled, looking at Lynda. They are both standing on a tree located just behind the throne room. Alex is holding a long chain having both ends with a large hook, he called it, Diochetvo, it doesn't seem to be heavy as it looks. Lynda was just there looking simultaneously at Alex and the huge window in front of them, observing them both. After they heard a little commotion happening inside, Alex stood up.

"Well, this is where we enter the main stage, prepare yourself, Lynda."

Alex focused on the window, and gathered his strength, preparing to throw the chains. Lynda stood up after him, getting ready as well.




She was out of herself, she got lost in her mind. She didn't even realize where she was, what she's doing, and she was supposed to do.


She looked around in the darkness of her mind, and glanced at the direction where she was being called. On the reality, she was facing the two huge doors, without her knowing it. She didn't mind Adeline, who was calling out her name.

"Ruby! Help me! I order you!!!" Adeline shouted, trying to get Ruby back to her senses.

Diamond's confident smile turned into a grin, realising what was happening between the two.

"When Ruby opens the door, you are gonna watch her die, slowly being devoured by my ghouls!"

Adeline paid no attention on what Diamond was saying, instead she kept calling out on Ruby.

"Ruby! Ruby! Please! Help me right now!"

As Ruby walked towards the direction she was called, she saw a red glowing orb, and found it alluring. It's releasing ominous energy, enough for ruby to feel. She opened her suitcase and took the knife out, and slashed the door to bits.

Adeline's eyes widened looking and fantasizing what's going to happen next. Hundreds of half rotten ghouls were just behind that door all this time, and Ruby still out of herself. Adeline closed her eyes, and inhaled the air with a slight stench of rotting corpses.




Beyond the ghouls was Houston, sitting in her throne with her legs crossed, holding a glass of wine on her left, and her claws out on her right, viewing the delightful view of Ruby and Adeline slowly crawling to despair. The two fallen angels were just floating above Houston, watching as well.

"Ah yes, Ruby Kanashiro, look at what you have brought upon yourself, seems that you are in a dire state."

Houston waited for her to say something, and it was useless. It made her grit her teeth, as if she is mocking her, so she took a sip and calmed herself down, and began smiling. Ruby's eyes were empty, and she's still holding her knife really hard, as if someone's trying to get it from her, and still out of herself.

"Seems that talking is rather stupid, now that you have my attention, please just die for me."

Houston's smile became a frown now that she's standing up, she glanced at the two Fallen Angels and her brows wrinkled.

"What, aren't you guys gonna help?"

"No, I think you are aware about our deal, that we will only take care of the King, remember?"


Houston looked back at Ruby after hearing the answer that ruined her mood. It is true that they made a deal where the fallen angels are supposed to help when Alex comes. But still, where's the fun in that? Houston threw her glass of wine away, making a sound of glass shattering across the room. The moment she took a step-

She turned her head and looked behind her, realising that the sound didn't came from her glass, but on the huge window behind her throne, which shattered as Alex's knife flew towards Houston, she luckily evaded it because she turned to look. And three strands of her hair slowly falls down along the the glass pieces of the window.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen."

Alex smiled while his eyes glowed along with the moonlight. He jumped gracefully, entering the throne room, and stood straight on the throne. Lynda followed, but landed beside the throne, she didn't say anything the whole time. With the eyes of everyone at the two people who just came in, Houston broke the eerie silence.

"Fhrer, he is here now! Aren't you gonna do something-"

Something suddenly awakened, the air around becomes heavy, they felt pressure in her body, making her want to kneel. She looked back at Ruby and saw both her hands holding the knife embedded aimed at her heart. Her tear drops were blood, and her mouth dripping with blood. Houston looked at the two Fallen Angels, and noticed their facial expressions were twisted, filled with fear from both Ruby and Alex.

The ghouls that surrounds Ruby started trembling, as her body slowly changes, her short hair starts growing, her eyes glowing red, still out of herself.

"Ruby, you used your own body."

"I don't have anything else to give you."

"Don't you know? You'll become stronger, but the Ruby they once know will cease to exist."

"I do... But, small sacrifices must be made, no?"

Ruby glanced at the red orb, and sincerely smiled at it.

"I see, all for you to become strong, I see indeed."

Her long hair waved in the air as she stood up straight, the knife is gone, the soul in it melted away in Ruby's soul, she's lost. She isn't doing anything until a ghoul grabbed her arm, she glanced at the ghoul and its head suddenly got ripped off as she starts to lose control. The killing spree continued, their limbs, their head, their hands, their feet, anything that can be ripped off, she did so mercilessly, until none around her stands. With her unstable breathing she looks around for her next prey.


"Ms. Ruby Kanashiro."

As the words echoed through the silence and ringed to her ears, her pupils suddenly got smaller. The voice sounds familiar, the firm powerful voice that made her conscious. She looked at her gruesome hands and saw all the blood dripping, noticing her surroundings were only filled with limbs, heads, and torn bodies, such a horrid sight. Ruby looked everywhere with her blurry vision, trying to find where the voice came from. Her eyes starts to moisten, it was normal tears that flowed on her face as she saw who brought her back to her senses.


Ruby kneeled on one leg, wiping her own tears away.

"I believe you still have something to do."

"Yes master, I do."

Alex lifts his hand as he approaches Houston, who were trembling the whole time. Thinking about his strength as being able to bring ones senses back with his mere voice. The knife that was embedded on the floor flew towards Alex, catching it on his left hand. Chains produced a sound while being dragged by him.

Houston's fear were covered with anger as she gathered her strength, she clenched her fists and glanced at the fallen angels.

"Aren't you gonna move?"

Fhrer looked at Houston, then laughed hard at her who's looking so desperate to defeat the reapers.

"Are you a fool Houston?! Who will help a little pawn at Lucifer's disposal just to die with it? Did you really think we can defeat a monarch? An unstoppable force created by the Infinite Being?! The person who can kill all living things?! Only an idiot like you can stand up against a person who treats life and death like a game."

Alex smiled hearing the answer that surprisingly came from a man who didn't like him. They do not get along quite well, despite the centuries they have been living.

"I didn't expect you to say that, from someone who refused to go under my wing."

Alex chuckled with the pun he did not intended, the others didn't seem to quite get it. Fhrer flapped his wings and starts flying.

"Oh, I get it. But this isn't really the time to be fooling around, don't you think?"

"Of course this isn't the time, just trying to lighten up the mood. Anyway-"

Alex raised his knife to Houston. While on her wit's end, she trashed around the room, making mess of everything that was in its proper place.

"Wow, what a mood. Let us start shall we? This time, I'm serious."

Alex's glare changed, as if he is totally different from who he was a second ago. His glare to Houston was enough to get her attention. She looked back and leaped towards him, putting her all in this single blow, she raised her left arm while midair. Her attack became useless now that her arm got neatly cut aimed at her elbow. She felt the pain as her face slid through the floor and scr.a.p.ed her knees. An agonizing scream echoed the room, enough for everybody to hear inside the mansion.

"Damn it!!!!!!!"

Her screams turn into tears while tightly holding her cut arm. Why didn't it grow back, or at least returned to her? It kept on bleeding as if she is a human. Watching this made everyone remember fear, the fear they never felt before, making them think even escaping is utter useless.

"What happened? I was about to be serious, what a disappointment."

"Curse you Alex, CURSE YOU!!!"

She started thinking about her escape, yes. An escape for her, she quickly looked around and tried finding any kind of opening, no matter how big and small it may be. She looked at the window and smiled back at him, she pulls out her wings and started flying. It's her only hope of fleeing out on this place.

~Forget Diamond, she's strong enough anyway to survive. All I need is to run away first. Curse that damn reaper-


Just as she reached the huge window, she suddenly got pulled back, preventing her to fly further. Her wing must have been stuck, she hurriedly look on her right wing to free it. Her eyes grew wide seeing the wing not against the wall, but some kind of hook penetrated through in the middle of her wing. Her instincts told her it was impossible to flee now, and instead of cursing Alex, she starts to plea.

"Alex please, let me go- Ughh!!!"

Another hook have been penetrated, this time on her left wing, her tears starts rolling down on her face as she falls down. Still holding on at the spark of her hope, she kneeled down and lowered her head until it touches the floor. She starts trembling as she heard footsteps, probably Alex's.

"Please forgive me, oh king, spare this arrogant soul that tried to trample you."

"Stop with the formalities Houston, it was you who wanted to fight me."

Another scream echoed the room, Alex smiled as he watched Houston's right arm fell down. He picked the arm and waved it at her while chuckling. Houston felt really mocked at what he was doing, but she can't really do anything against it.

"I, I'll do anything!!! Yes! Anything, I'll even kill that fallen angel for you, please!! Just spare me! Please!!!!!"

"Really? Kill that fallen angel in front of me?"

"Yes yes yes! I'll, I'll do it!!"

Alex shrugged at her instant response, it was quite a tempting offer. But looking at his estate, he already has many mouths to feed, anymore and he'll go broke. He laughed a bit thinking about such things at this moment. He looked at Lynda who was just staring at Houston the whole fight, with her head filled with curiosity on what she is thinking.

"Lynda, I believe you have something to take back to her."

Houston got shocked hearing what Alex have to say despite one's efforts, she looked at Lynda bowing down as a response. Her trembling continues as she hears footsteps coming closer. She sat down, and started moving away from Lynda.

"Lynda, no!!! Please!!! Step back! Go away!"

Nothing changed trying to scare her off, not even a change in speed approaching her. Still trying to move away, until she reached her throne keeping her from moving. Her fear finally made her stop from escaping, she soon started to let go on the spark of hope she held on for so long. Knowing her fate now that further attempts to flee are futile. She accepted death that awaits, leaving her smiling weakly while looking at Lynda, whose eyes were filled with depths of hatred towards her.

"Now that you are no longer moving-"

Lynda folded her legs to sit down, now with both their eyes at the same level.

"How does it feel being trampled down like you're nothing?"

"Well, nothing... Just... Acceptance, I guess."

Their expressions didn't change after their little talk, and their eyes stared the same faces without looking around. Until Lynda closed her eyes first in relief.

"Very well, this is farewell now-"

When she opened her eyes, she saw Houston's expression starts fading away, her despair filled eyes became empty.

"I guess she was in contract with Lucifer. That explains her soul leaving her body."

Alex smiled while looking at Houston, he watched Lynda pull her right eye off, and began drinking her blood in her neck. Houston's wings turned into dust, her skin turned grey, and her horns disappeared. Though he smirked recalling Lynda taking Houston's eye.

"Do you have to take her eye off?"

"I believe doing so is the mark you always left to enemies, is it not?"

"I suppose."

Alex turned to look at Ruby who fought Diamond. The victor was obvious from afar. He saw the the woman who looks like Ruby but with blue eyes kneeling on one knee in front of Ruby, looking miserable and exhausted to the point that she can collapse any second. Just staying conscious for her to witness the fate that will be given by the other party.

"What now, sister?"

"Perhaps, that is up to my master, oh and speaking of-"

Ruby turned to face Alex and bowed, she made way afterwards seeing that Alex moved towards Diamond. He waited for Diamond to look at him, however, she didn't even glanced at him for a second. Before things get awkward, he cleared his throat and smiled.

"I believe you know what happens to those who lost after conflicts."

"Oh Death, I do. But before you take my soul, I ask of you, where is my sister, Emerald?"

Alex looked at Lynda, who was just sucking Houston dry, then back at Diamond. It made him chuckle about what he was about to say. He folded his legs, and sat down. Alex pointed Lynda and looked at Diamond in the eyes. He noticed that Diamond is trembling, he knew her eyes are filled with despair even without making any contact. Who would've kept firm looking at Death itself?

"That woman over there, is your sister."

Diamond didn't react at all, she looked on the ground as Alex stood up. She did not expect that at all, the monster who is savouring her queen's blood, is the person she wanted to protect all over the decades.

"Oh Emerald, what have you become-"

Alex stabbed Diamond's right shoulder, resulting into echoing screams. He looked carefully at her, and noticed hatred forming up in her eyes. As the screams faded, Alex decided to twist the knife while still embedded on her shoulder. Diamond gritted her teeth while enduring the pain of her flesh and bones ripping apart, until he stopped twisting it.

"Now you know the answer-"

Alex pulled his knife out with force, blood gushed out the moment the knife leaves the shoulder.

"-your time has come."

"Master, please don't kill her."

Alex glared at Ruby who pleaded at him, the silence in the air became unusually eerie. The frown in his face turned into a smile as he glanced at Diamond who was looking at Ruby with the expression telling her why she did that.


He starts walking away from Diamond, and headed towards the throne, took the Diochetvo and told Lynda to go home. He went back to the hallway and looked at Ruby.

"You take care of her, although I have something in mind. Go home after cleaning things up here."

"Yes master."

"Adeline, let's go... As from what you have been through, you have many things to learn when we get home."

Adeline caught up to Alex who was already outside, she didn't want to talk for awhile, so she remained shut along with Lynda.



"Why did you do that?"

Diamond looked at Ruby with a disappointed look, while Ruby did not mind, she gave a smile in return.

"I don't want to see my sister die in front of me."

Upon hearing the reply, tears rolled down on her face. Diamond cried in relief that she lived, even she already knew her fate. Her hatred towards Alex disappeared and inferiority went in. After minutes of crying, she seemed to calm down and regained her composure.

"Come, let us go."

"Wait, can you please tell me what happened to Emerald?"

Ruby sat down against the walls of the hallway, beside Diamond. She sighed thinking on how she would answer the question, just hoping that her older sister is prepared on what she's about to say.

"Well, we actually fought, and I lost midway..."

Ruby looked at Diamond, her facial expressions somewhat got mixed up between worried and curiosity.

"...when she was about to kill me, Alex went in and ordered me to go home. You probably know what happens next, no?"

"I see."

Ruby got a bit surprised from Diamond, strange how usually she goes mad in the past when Emerald gets hurt, now she just straight out replied a simple word calmly.

"I didn't expect you to be this composed."

"Well, after the fight to Alex... Tch, who am I kidding, that wasn't even a fight."

Diamond looked at the window, where the sun starts rising.

"After he crippled me down, I realized"

Ruby's eyes widened as Diamond looked weakly at her with a smile, the sun's rays hit Diamond's face, reflecting the colour of her eyes and making them shine.

"I have nothing to do once his majesty decided to act upon something, The King of Reapers I mean."

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