King Of Sports Chapter 175

Chapter 175: Aftermath

Tang Yan once again made headlines on major sports websites.

"Tang Yan Fumbles!"

"Magical Reversal to Magical Choke!"

Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"What Really Went Wrong With Tang Yan"

"Hidden Injury? End Of A Legend In The Making!"

The internet was littered with articles, some informative others pure clickbait...


The reports about Tang Yan were overwhelming to say the least. People were anxious and afraid of something happening to Tang Yan. He was their hope of gaining a world-class swimmer.

In Lotus City, propaganda about Tang Yan was being spread out. The council was working hard in order to turn it into a tourist destination and build a tour around him. They had even added Tang Yan to the city's promotional video.

Even the local companies hopped onto the scheme and whilst his loss had slowed down the momentum of his fame, his achievements so far motivated them to push forward. 

It was no exaggeration to say that with the continuous breakthroug

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