King's Desire Chapter 10

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koy's grand commander entered into the castle. it seems he wanted to trade for kira. the bandit leader went to the entrance of the castle to greet him. then the both of them went inside the castle. husk on the other hand had several broken limbs, he couldn't stand properly he was fucking helpless.

he bent his head admitting his defeat. knowing that he could do nothing to save her.

several hours passed his torturers came in and took him from his cell to the torturing room. on their way there husk pretended to be weak and fell, while falling he stretched his hand and took one key out of the bunch of keys from one of the torturer and hid it in his waist. "you lazy fool stand up!" husk after hesitating he stood up sluggishly. when their had gotten to the torture room. the men tied him up and gave him several stroke of the cane then he was taken back to his cell without food or water.

husk rested for a while before he tried using the key he stole. he tried several times but it didn't fit in. he tried again and again but all was to no avail, "hey you stop that !" husk heart froze immediately when he heard this voice. he then raises his head up to the person who was shouting. its was a guard on duty. "were did you get that from". "what" husk replied naively. "the key you idiot". "oh the key," husk said and then moved back into his dark cell. "come get it" husk said fearlessly. "you weak helpless creature, am coming to kick your weak ass" the guard said while he opened his cell. he hit husk with his baton several times. "give me the key" he said with his heart beating faster. "give me the key or i will " he said while pulling out his dagger from his waist.

"here you go" husk stretch his hand forward to give him the key. the guard held the dagger in his right hand and then stretch his left hand to take the key. husk immediately pulled his left arm and then he quickly grabbed his dagger and cut his throat.

After the kill he took his dagger and wore his armor then he locked him in his cell and tossed the key away.

husk walked down to the castle main building. he saw the grand command and the bandit leader laughing and drinking with a naked skinny woman on the grand commander's legs.

she was also holding a cup of drink it seems she was drunk. her naked butt had a red mark. due to the constant slap from the grand commander.

the size of her breast was small, she had a blonde long hair.

husk bent his head like an assassin looking everywhere for kira but couldn't find her. it seems she was kept in another room.

Then one bandit went closed to the bandit leader and whispered something to him.

then the bandit leader pointed at husk signaling him to come to him. he hesitated for a while then he went to him. " hey go with him and get the druid". the bandit leader said in a light tone then he pointed to the other bandit and gave him a key.

husk accompanied him to get kira from her cell.

thousands of thought got into his head on how to escape with kira but none seems possible.

kira seeing two bandit coming to her cell immediately faced the other direction and pouted.

the bandit brought the key from his pocket and opened the cell then he gave the key to husk to unchain her.
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kira got more angry when she saw a bandit coming closer to unchain her. the man used the key to free her legs. but he was creepy caused he was so closed to her.

kira felt serval pinches on her hand but when her hands was completely free she raised her right hand to slap him to her greatest surprise it was husk.

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