Kiss Me Goodnight Mrs. Ceo Chapter 335

Chapter 335 A Heart Piercing Roar

As he held her in his arms, Shi Yuting felt as though he was consumed by the torn feeling in his chest!

Shi Yuting held the person in his arms because he desperately wanted her to live! He had to rush her to the hospital without any further delay!

Xiangyi, who was standing nearby, finally recovered from his shock. However, since his arm was already injured, he could not drive. Therefore, he could only turn around as he said to the man standing beside him, "Start the car and drive now!"

About five minutes later, the car finally arrived at the hospital.

Everyone was shocked when they saw Shi Yuting carrying Zuo Weiyi who was drenched in bright red blood. Her blood had already dyed her pink shirt and jacket red.

"Doctor doctor!"

The cry of his heartache almost shattered the whole building but it was not as painful as the pain that he was feeling in his heart.

A nurse who was not too far away saw the both of them covered in blood. She quickly rushed over to them as she said, "Come here!"

The nurse quickly instructed Shi Yuting to carry the person in his arms into the emergency room!

Gu Yansheng who had followed closely behind him was also very anxious.

Shi Yuting wanted to follow the doctor and nurses when she was pushed into the operating theater but he was immediately stopped by the doctor.

"Mr. Shi, you cannot come in with us."

However, Shi Yuting did not intend to let Zuo Weiyi leave his sight at all. His heart was already torn apart as he stared at her pale and lifeless face.

"Mr. Shi, if you insist on coming in, you will only be distracting us!" the doctor insisted. He could see that Shi Yuting really cared about this woman.

Everyone could tell that he was like a ticking time bomb. If he followed them into the operating theater, he would only end up distracting them.

In the end, Shi Yuting could only wait outside the operating theater.

As soon as the operation lights turned on, Shi Yuting closed his eyes as he endured the piercing pain that he was feeling in his heart.

"Are you satisfied now?"

A cold voice suddenly sounded beside him.

When Shi Yuting opened his eyes, he turned around only to see Gu Yanshengs cold and hostile face next to him. His eyes were filled with rage and anger.

Shi Yuting did not say anything and simply stared at him in silence, as though he did not understand what he meant at all.

As he thought about Zuo Weiyi who was lying in the operating theater, Gu Yansheng felt even more hatred for Shi Yuting.

"You cant even protect your own woman and baby! So, how can you say that you love her?"

"Shut up!"

Gu Yanshengs words undoubtedly hit the weakest and most painful part of Shi Yutings heart. Shi Yuting could not stop himself from grabbing Gu Yanshengs collar as he let out a heart-piercing roar!

Gu Yansheng grabbed his hand before he yelled, "Why are you asking me to shut up? Dont you agree that all the injuries that Zuo Weiyi had ever suffered are all because of you? You are such a powerful man but you cannot protect her at all! Shi Yuting, you claim that you love her but you could never protect her!"

As soon as Gu Yanshengs words fell, Shi Yuting punched him in the face in the next second. A smear of blood spilled out from the corner of Gu Yanshengs mouth.

"It is my business and this has nothing to do with you at all!"

Shi Yuting knew that every single word spoken by Gu Yansheng was a fact, and it deeply hurt his heart. He knew that all the injuries that Zuo Weiyi had suffered were all because of him. Even though he had tremendous power, he could not protect her at all.

But despite this, he could not bear to hear the truth, especially when it was coming from Gu Yansheng!

Gu Yansheng raised his hand to wipe the blood from the corners of his mouth with his finger.

At this moment, he was feeling tremendous hatred for Shi Yuting as he raised his hand to fight back without any hesitation at all.

The two men continued fighting and beating each other up in the corridor. It was only when Xiangyi and Black Dragon had arrived at the scene that the fight was broken apart.

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