Kiss Me Goodnight Mrs. Ceo Chapter 337

Chapter 337 Zuo Yis Phone Call

Of course, Shi Yuting did not say anything and his eyes were simply fixed on the person who was lying in bed.

However, in the next second, he raised his eyes suddenly as though he had suddenly thought of something.


As soon as he heard his name, Xiangyi came over immediately. "Mr. Shi."

"Find out who fired that shot."

He wanted to know who wanted to kill him and whether that gunshot was aimed at her or himself.


Xiangyi nodded immediately. At this time, Shi Nuannuan suddenly realized that Xiangyi was standing next to Zuo Weiyis hospital bed.

When she saw his bandaged arm, her heart clenched hard as she rushed toward Xiangyi and asked, "Xiangyi, are you hurt too?"

Xiangyi pursed her lips tightly together as he faced her dark eyes, which were filled with a touch of eagerness and concern. After that, he greeted her in a calm and respectful manner, "Miss."

The disparity in their identity made him hide his worries and feelings for her.

Shi Nuannuan did not know when it had started but she did not like hearing Xiangyi calling her miss anymore. In fact, she was looking forward to the day where he would finally be able to call her by name.

Xiangyi glanced at Shi Nuannuan before he nodded and headed out of the ward.

When Shi Nuannuan saw him heading out even though he was injured, she could not help but said, "Wait a minute!"

Shi Nuannuan looked at her brother before she asked, "Brother, Xiangyi is already injured. Why are you still sending him out to investigate"


Xiangyi suddenly stopped her before she could finish her sentence.

He knew that his injury was only one ten-thousandth of what Shi Yuting was feeling at the moment.

Xiangyi knew that Shi Nuannuan was worried about him but this injury was actually nothing to him at all.

Shi Yuting raised his eyes and glanced at his sister as though he had noticed the worried look in her eyes.

However, aside from Xiangyi, there was no one else he could trust at all.

Even his grandfathers men were out to kill him. So, who else could he possibly trust at a time like this?

Shi Yuting did not say anything as he glanced at Xiangyi and Shi Nuannuan. Instead, he simply turned his eyes on the hospital bed again.

Xiangyi immediately turned around and left. Even though Shi Nuannuan was still very worried, in the end, she could only walk toward the bedside helplessly as she stared at Zuo Weiyi worriedly.

Time passed by, minute after minute.

In the evening, after Zuo Yi was done with the affairs of the country, he could not help but suddenly think of his granddaughter when it was time for dinner.

He could not help but wonder if she had already found Shi Yuting.

As he thought about it, he suddenly saw the news on television.

As soon as he heard the familiar name, Zuo Yi quickly stared at the television screen. It seemed as though a shooting incident had taken place in the city center earlier today!

[The next presidential candidate, Shi Yuting, was shot in the city center early this morning. At present, one death and two injuries had been reported at the scene of the shootout. According to witnesses, it seems as though Shi Yuting himself has also been shot]

As soon as Zuo Yi saw the news, he could not stop himself from gradually tightening his hand around his cane.

Even though Shi Yuting was the grandson of his rival, he was still the next presidential candidate. This was a big deal!

Moreover, since this news was being broadcasted all over Country C, Zuo Yi could not help but wonder if Zuo Weiyi had seen the news. If she knew about this, she would definitely be worried.

As he thought about it, Zuo Yi raised his head and looked at Uncle Yu before he said, "Give me my cell phone."

Zuo Yi quickly dialed Zuo Weiyis cell phone number. He had gotten her number from Gu Yansheng the last time.

However, no one answered the phone even after it rang for a long time.

Out of desperation, Zuo Yi hung up the phone before he dialed Gu Yanshengs number instead.

In the intensive care unit, Gu Yansheng took out his cell phone when he heard his cell phone ringing.

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