Knight 'n Gale Book 1 Chapter 23

Volume 1 Chapter 23 The Idiotic Crown Prince

"Everyone! We're almost there." Lato, who was leading the group, announced as they reached the edge of the forest where Timbreford could be seen from afar.

Hearing his words, Alexander then opened the window of his carriage and spoke, "Well done. You should come with us as well since we do not know when I'll be needing your assistance."

Lato momentarily paused with a stunned expression before he faintly smiled. "I would really love to accompany your highness, but surely, you know that the people would recognize my eyes. I couldn't even use the form concealing gem. So that-"

"Can't you just cover your eyes?" unexpectedly, the High Priest beside Lato suddenly spoke. "Also, try to hide your awful dark energy even just for a little. Then always stay where I could see you. That way, even though I can't nullify it entirely, I could at least cover it with my own energy."

With such unexpected proposal, Lato stared at Yrhan. Aside from their opposing attributes, the two of them hadn't talked much to each other even when they were leading the convoy together. Thus, it was so out of character for the high priest to offer him some help.

Having felt Lato's intent gaze on him, Yrhan cringed and glared at the necromancer, "What are you staring at? Stupid."

"Oh my... this old man was just touched by your kindness..." Lato playfully wiped his non-existent tears with a smile and patted Yrhan's head.

"The f.u.c.k with you?" Yrhan slapped Lato's hand. A vein was popping on his temple but he still managed not to raise his voice. "Also, I'm half a century older than you so don't act like you're my senior."

"Hahaha! Yes, grandfather."

"Haaah? Who's your grandfather, you bastard?" Yrhan's mouth twitched in irritation. Evidently, he's bad at dealing with someone like Lato.

Watching them, Cedar couldn't help but feel relieved. 'It seems that they get along well.'

It was already past noon when the Prince's convoy arrived at the small town located at the edge of the forest. At last, after everything that had happened, they reached Timbreford.

In accordance with the Emperor's decree, they are to investigate the case of serial-killing in this peaceful-looking town. In addition, the place where Isabella's body went missing, and the necromancer who almost wiped the soldiers responsible for transporting her body was also close to Timbreford. Therefore, they have a lot of investigating to do.

Knowing their arrival in advance, Timbreford's fief lord, Allen Milton, together with his guards, welcomed the prince's convoy at the town's gate.

"My Lord, I am honored that you even came here personally." A plump man with a bald head and mustache, dressed in a blue robe gilded with golden patterns, lowered his head to show his respect. However, deep in his heart, he was sneering at the Crown Prince before him. 'Tch. Why did the King send this incompetent son of his in here? What could he possibly do to solve this case?'

As the Crown Prince's image was that of a spoiled and pleasure-seeking fool, it was no wonder that anyone would see him as a useless person.

"My Prince, I have already prepared your residence. You can now-"

"Ooohh... what a nice town you have! You have so many beautiful girls here." Even before the fief lord could finish his sentence, Alexander flashed a foolish grin on his handsome face, making the girls who were in the crowd that had started to form a while ago, blush.

The fief lord could only smile as the information about the crown prince being a l.u.s.tful idiot was confirmed. 'Well, even though he can't bring justice for me, at least I could use that...' Allen silently contemplated as he proceeded to escort the prince's group towards their temporary residence.


Allen Milton did really prepare a splendid manor for the Crown Prince. Although it wasn't even half as big as the one in the capital, the manor was refurbished into a mini version of it. At the entrance, the posts also had the flying phoenix pattern, gilded in gold. From there, a lot of expensive decorations--vases and sculptures, were used to beautify the mansion's garden and hallways.

Alexander was properly informed that Timbreford is a mining town, but having these kinds of decorations were exceedingly extravagant. However, he didn't show any negative reactions.

"Hmm... nice... this place is indeed a perfect place for me. You've done well, Fief Lord." Alexander complimented, as he looked around the place. He even stops from time to time to admire the fine sculptures and exquisite frail-looking golden vases on display.

"Thank you, your highness. We knew that you like these expensive treasures so we did a little bit of renovation and beautification."

"A little bit, huh? But some of these sculptures have rare gems on them. You don't have to spend this much for me. Hahahah!" The crown prince laughed with happiness, in contrast to his words while tapping Allen's shoulders.

Behind them were Cedar, Yrhan, and Lato. All of them saw how silly the prince is looking right now, but only Yrhan had a weird expression on his face. It was because since his first meeting with Alexander, even though Yrhan had already seen his princely manner turning into his playful self, he had never seen the prince acting like trash.

However, for Lato, who watched the prince grow, and for Cedar who had the memories of the prince's true nature, looking at this kind of Alexander is not that surprising, because they know that the prince is only acting according to his image known by the public.

Watching the frivolous prince enjoy himself, Allen Milton felt that he really did well. He straightened his back a little more and flashed a smile of a good subordinate. "No, my lord. This much is not too much if it's for you. You are, after all, the kingdom's one and only Crown Prince."

"Hahaha! That, I am." Alexander proudly stated before abruptly turning his head to look at Allen. "Oh, right. I'm curious about one thing."

"Wh-what is it my lord?"

"If I remembered it correctly..." Alexander deliberately paused and playfully pouted his lips while his thumb and index finger were lightly rubbing his chin. "The Milton Barony is the lowest taxpayer in the empire, is it not?"

Not expecting that the 'foolish prince' would throw him such a question when they haven't even settled inside the manor, Allen Milton's heart almost leaped out of his throat. His smile went stiff and he felt his cold sweat on his back.

'F.u.c.k. Why is this prince suddenly asking this? When did he gain some brains?' Allen couldn't help but to wonder. However, when he glanced at Alexander, he found that the prince before him was innocently looking at him with clear eyes, waiting for his answer. 'Nah... he couldn't possibly ask that because he's suspicious. He's probably just really curious. Yes, that's right.'

After convincing himself, Allen cleared his throat before explaining, "My lord, it was true that Timbreford's mining productivity has declined over the decades. However, a few years ago, my son had discovered a gold vein inside a small cave hidden in the beast forest. Ah, John, my son..."

When Allen spoke about his son, he went teary-eyed and he suddenly prostrated in front of the prince. "My Lord, please bring justice for my son and his family! They don't deserve to die a horrible death! He was a bright man who helped bring this dying town to life... Please help us!"

Alexander lightly patted the wailing plump man and said, "Do not cry anymore. This prince's main purpose in coming here was to help you find the culprit behind this case."

"Thank you! Thank you, your highness! I will believe you! John did a great thing finding the gold vein and contributed a lot to making this mansion for the royalty. He's a very loyal subject who wanted to...."

As he listens while Allen went on and on about his son's merits, Cedar almost rolled his eyes. It was obvious that this fief lord wanted more than justice for his son. Still, he kept a deadpan face while following the Prince and the fief lord from behind.

After a few more steps, they had arrived at an enormous entrance fit for two large elephants. And when it opened up, they saw two long lines of servants, bowing their heads to welcome them.

And at the middle, a beautiful blonde woman in scarlet woolen dress approached them, elegantly bending her head down. "Your Highness, my name is Rosemary, second daughter of the fief lord, Allen Milton. I am very honored to serve you."

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