Koji Fights The World Chapter 46

46 Celebration

The servants gasped as they watched the two princesses WALKING with their husband. The women immediately understood the significance of Daethix having legs--she successfully consummated the bonding ritual with her husband! One of them spoke up, "Congratulations on your marriage, Princess Daethix. You better treat her well, Royal Consort!" The servants started clapping and cheering while the guards watched.

The guardsmen cried bitterly in their hearts because the preeminent flower of Nephosia has bloomed!

The servants trailed behind the trio and followed them into the banquet hall.

Someone had informed the King and Queen of this development because Queen Herecia was playing a cheerful tune on her zither. King Aphraphus stood near the entrance of the room with his two sons.

When Koji, Zelea, and Daethix entered the banquet hall, everyone started clapping their hands. Some of the younger servants threw rice over their heads.

The king stepped forward to give each newcomer a big hug. His arms lingered on his lovely daughter, Daethix. "I'm so happy for you," the big man said with tears welling in his eyes.

"Dad, you're embarrassing me!" Daethix huffed and glowered.

"So what if I'm embarrassing you!" the father retorted. Aphraphus held her hand and walked with Daethix to the dining table.

One of the servants quickly changed the chair of Daethix from one originally for lamias to a smaller seat with more cushioning to support her human legs.

Before Daethix took her chair, her mother stopped playing her instrument and slithered over to kiss her daughter on the cheek and then hug her.

Queen Herecia said, "I wish you a lifetime of happiness with your husband. And please treat him well." She winked at Koji. The queen noticed that her daughter was going to sit next to Aphraphus. Herecia shook her head and said, "Child, your rightful place is now on the other side of the table." The queen used her telekinesis to lift Daethx' seat and bring it to the other side.

Servants immediately placed Daethix' chair at the left end and pushed Koji's chair one spot over.

The queen nodded her approval and ordered, "Sit!"

The Royal Family quickly took their seats at the table.

The servants soon brought out lunch. The centerpiece entree was an entire roasted pig, which the chef personally cut and served to each patron at the table. The man carved up large portions of the succulent meat. When he finished this task, the cook bowed deeply and left the hall.

Koji ate half his portion because he felt the pig meat was too greasy and fattening. He preferred to eat dumpling, which the chef prepared especially for Koji. The man also made a bowl of bone broth soup.

Once the family finished eating, the king took out a special bottle of wine. Aphraphus walked around the table and served this wine personally. Then the proud father made a toast: "To the lifetime of happiness of Daethix and her husband." He drained his cup in one gulp, while the others took a small sip of the potent alcohol.

The king looked at his guards and said, "I decree three days of celebration in our kingdom! Also, we will have a martial arts demonstration in the Arena open to any who wishes to perform publicly. On the third day, the new couple will show off their talents!"

The guardsmen tapped the flat end of their spears on the ground in salute.

King Aphraphus motioned for Head Servant Hu to approach. He ordered her to make fliers announcing Daethix' marriage and the three days of celebration. Also, he commanded her to set off firecrackers every night for three days starting with tonight.

Queen Herecia smiled as she listened to her husband's commands. But inwardly she winced because she feared to take too much money out of the royal coffer for an extravagant celebration. However, Daethix was her successor, and thus, the Royal Family could not skimp on the celebratory activities without losing face before her people.

When Head Servant Hu departed, Koji raised his hand and asked, "What do you want us to do in the Arena?"

His father-in-law laughed at the question. "Koji, anything you want. The point is to have a good time with the common people and make some good memories with them!"

The young man frowned at the non-answer.

Prince Heretrios stepped in with a suggestion. "How about doing a sword dance?"

Koji nodded in agreement. "I can do that."

The brother turned to his sister Daethix. "What about you?"

She grinned. "It's a secret," the princess answered mysteriously. Daethix made eye contact with Zelea and Herecia, who nodded subtly. The three lamias will discuss this further in the Tea Room.

Heretrios shook his head.

Cyreas approached Koji, cupped his hands and nodded to him. The quiet young man then repeated the gestures with Daethix, and he departed from the banquet hall.

"I should get back to work, too," the first prince said. He patted Koji's shoulder and hugged Daethix before leaving the room.

"I will go to the private courtyard to practice my sword dance for the celebration," Koji said.

The king and queen nodded in unison. "Good luck!" Herecia said.

Koji bowed respectfully and left the room. With Lin Lin in tow, he returned to his bedroom to retrieve his two sabers. Then he walked over to the back courtyard.

Lin Lin stood at the entrance and turned around to stand guard.

"You could rest in my room and fetch me when it's time for dinner," Koji said.

The young girl shook her head. "I'm your attendant, Royal Consort. My proper place is beside you," she answered and curtsied.

Koji sighed at her stubbornness. Wasn't he the boss? Why would the servant refute his command? However, the young man declined to push her away because he didn't wish to bully her.

As a warm-up exercise, he started practicing the eight angles of attack with each hand. Then he performed the five blocks. Next, Koji made figure-eights in the air by waving and twisting his weapons with his wrists. He made the drawings in front of his chest, behind his back, and on each side. Then he slowly turned his body in a circle while continually making figure-eights with both sabers.

Koji's mind went blank as he allowed his body's instinct to take over. The afternoon passed. Suddenly, inspiration struck his mind! Koji saw himself telling a story with his weapons! This exercise was a brand new art--the art of saber-telling! His mind still enthralled by inspiration, Koji moved unconsciously. He was a young bear entering a village looking for food. The arrogant bear chased every villager the animal encountered. He struck with his bear paws and chased them all away! He entered homes and searched for food. But during his search, the bear heard the ferocious roar of a lion, and it quickly ran away! But the lion turned out to be mouse which imitated the lion's roar. Soon, the mouse returned to its den inside a house.

Koji awoke from his stupor and smiled. He will practice his imitation of the bear and the mouse, and use his saber to draw the settings. He spent the rest of the afternoon pretending to be a bear. But he wasn't satisfied with his imitation. He tried to imagine how it walked on two legs and four legs and switched between the two postures. Koji found this task problematic for some reason. He kept practicing until Lin Lin called out, "Royal Consort, it's time for dinner!"

The young man finally stopped and followed his attendant to the banquet hall. To Koji's surprise, only his father-in-law arrived.

"Ah, you're early for once, Koji!" King Aphraphus laughed. He kept an eye on the doorway. Once Koji sat down, the king asked, "Did you find your inspiration for your demonstration?"

"I did, father," Koji answered honestly.

The king pounded on the table. "Excellent!" he said and nodded. "Don't tell me anything!" he warned. "Otherwise, people will nag me about your show."

"I won't," the son-in-law agreed with a polite smile.

The two princes arrived together. Heretrios greeted his father and Koji while Cyreas nodded at the king only. Both men sat down and waited.

The three lamias entered the banquet hall together and took their respective seats at the table.

The servants soon brought food to the table. Tonight's menu was Peking duck, cellophane noodles, pork buns, and a special soup which contained abalone, sea cucumber, dried scallop, Chinese ham, pork, one-hundred-year-old ginseng, and Cordyceps.

The Queen stirred her soup with a spoon to scrutinize the contents. She was amazed at seeing all the expensive ingredients the chef used. This soup was worthy of a royal celebration! She signaled for an attendant and said, "Send the chef my compliment on the soup."

The servant curtsied and departed for the kitchen.

Koji slowly drank the soup. He recognized some of the expensive ingredients and realized the cook made something special for this meal. As he ate, the king said, "Koji, join me in the private courtyard."

"Yes, Sire!" the son-in-law replied.

After dinner, the three lamias departed together. The two princes excused themselves, leaving Koji and Aphraphus behind.

Kojo followed the king into the back courtyard.

With a grin, King Aphraphus took out the four talismans. "Let's resume your body temperament training," he said.

The young man groaned inwardly. However, Koji quickly agreed because he understood this personal tutelage was the king's wedding gift to Koji for his marriage to Daethix. The young man placed his weapons on a flat rock and removed his shirt and tang jacket. Once Koji adopted the horse stance, King Aphraphus tied a bracelet to each of Koji's wrist and ankle.

"Let's begin your 6g training!" the king said enthusiastically and threw a strong punch at Koji's chest.

The young man staggered two steps back.

"Not bad!" his father-in-law praised and laughed. "Here comes the next one!" The king spent the next two hours attacking Koji with his fists. Suddenly, Aphraphus stopped and ordered, "Check your body refinement skill."

Koji called up his menu report and saw the following: "Body Refinement Tier 7 (2/10)". He read the line aloud.

"Congratulations!" the king said and slapped his son-in-law's back. His face then turned serious. "Koji, since you are now the Royal Consort and my successor as King, I want you to keep the special body refinement training talismans. If you wear them at all times, you will continually temper your body. You can think of these bracelets as my wedding gift to you. What do you say?" he asked with a grin.

"Thank you, father-in-law!" Koji answered with a respectful bow.

"Okay, let me show you how to adjust the gravity. Send your Qi into the talisman, and you will see a circular dial. You can turn the knob from 1 to 100. I suggest you keep the dial at 2g for now," King Aphraphus advised.

His pupil sent his Qi into each talisman and made the proper adjustment to the dials.

The king waited until Koji finished adjusting each talisman. "Let's go to the bathhouse and then retire for the night. My wife will yell at me if I make you stay up late."

Koji quickly retrieved his sabers and his clothing. He followed the king out of the courtyard.

Lin Lin saw both men bare-chested and covered her eyes with her hands.

King Aphraphus patted her head and laughed. He walked to the bathhouse with Koji and Lin Lin.

The young girl remained outside the building while the royalty entered.

The lovely Fengbai was Koji's attendant again. When she tried to remove his bracelets, he grabbed her wrist and said, "No."

"My apologies, Royal Consort," she replied with downcast eyes.

Koji smiled at her. "Continue," he ordered in a gentler tone of voice. The consort closed his eyes and enjoyed the physical sensation of being washed by Fengbai. But he declined her offer of a blowjob. "Maybe next time," he said with a wink and a smile.

The lovely servant bowed respectfully.

Koji entered the pool and relaxed. To his surprise, the king took some time to join him in the water. Koji realized that his father-in-law was fooling around with an attendant.

"Ah, this is life!" King Aphraphus said as he sat down next to Koji.

The two men remained silent until a servant said, "Sire, it's time."

The king stood up and said, "Let's leave now."

The attendants helped dress the two men. Fengbai's hands lingered on Koji's body, and she smiled at him seductively.

Koji smiled back politely, but she saw the lust in his eyes.

When they exited the bathhouse, Lin Lin accosted Koji. The two bade King Aphraphus a good evening and returned to Koji's room.
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