Koji Fights The World Chapter 48

48 Calamity Completed

Koji awoke early the next morning. He dressed and cleaned himself, and then sat outside his bedroom door to cultivate.

Soon, Lin Lin arrived and stood before him. "Good morning, Royal Consort," the young girl said in a cheerful voice.

"Good morning, Lin Lin," Koji answered with a smile. He quickly climbed to his feet.

The servant eyed his clothing for a moment. She saw that Koji wore a red tang jacket and matching pants. The color choice was unusual for the consort because Lin Lin rarely saw him wear the royal color. However, the servant agreed this was the appropriate choice because her master will appear before the public in the Arena later today as the Royal Consort. Therefore, he needed to wear the red color of royalty.

Princess Zelea soon exited her room. She, too, wore red--an exquisite red dress with the symbol of an arrow in gold. "Good morning, Koji!" she greeted her husband with a smile and a kiss.

"Good morning, Zelea," he smiled.

His wife looped her arm through his left arm, and the two crossed the intersection to reach Daethix' bedroom.

Lin Lin knocked politely. "It's time for breakfast, Princess Daethix," she said.

The door opened, and Daethix stepped out with an attendant. The third princess wore a form-revealing red dress and red slippers on her feet. Her long, dark brown hair was neatly pinned above her head with a beautiful, light green-colored jade pin. Daethix also wore jade earrings, a jade necklace, and a dark green jade bracelet on each wrist.

"Good morning, Daethix," Koij greeted with a smile and a kiss. He inhaled the scented fragrance of her perfume and smelled apple.

"Good morning, Koji and Zelea," the third princess replied. She hooked her arm through Koji's right arm, and the trio followed Lin Lin into the banquet hall.

Koji was shocked when he saw the extravagant decorations in the room. A long, red cloth covered the entire length of the table. New chairs replaced the old ones; these seats contained red cushion. Red paper covered the walls and calligraphy with the words, "Health," "Wealth," "Joy," "Love," and "Peace" hung over the walls.

The rest of the Royal Family waited for their arrival. Every member wore red as well.

"It's about time you three showed up!" King Aphraphus groused, earning a pinch on his thigh from his wife.

"Good morning, everyone!" Koji greeted and cupped his hands. The trio quickly claimed their seats on the left side of the dining table.

Servants immediately entered the banquet hall with trays of food. Instead of rice porridge, the meal consisted of a special soup and a side dish of steamed dumplings.

Koji stirred his bowl to investigate the soup's contents. He smelled Chinese medicinal herbs but smartly refrained from asking about the ingredients. He steeled his nerves and started drinking the soup. Koji discovered that the soup carried a bitter aftertaste in his mouth, and he quickly gulped his tea to wash it out of his mouth.

Lin Lin, who stood behind him, quickly refilled his cup.

Koji surreptitiously checked the faces around the table. He discovered that everyone, aside from Queen Herecia, had difficulty drinking the sour-tasting soup. Koji relied on his Indomitable Spirit, and somehow, he managed to finish the soup before everyone else.

The queen noticed and asked, "Would you like a second bowl, Koji?"

The son-in-law quickly waved his hands. "I'm full already, mother-in-law," Koji declined politely, earning a smirk from the king.

Koji watched with inward glee as everyone, aside from Herecia, struggled to finish their meals.

Queen Herecia finished her bowl shortly after him. She left the table and started playing her Chinese zither. The music contained Qi, which soothed the listener's nerves and gave courage. With this assistance, the other members of the Royal Family finished their meals. "The soup is called 'Ten-Thousand-Years-Treasure,' and it contains many rare ingredients that help you regenerate Qi and Power faster. The cook spent three days to prepare this soup. Be sure to thank him later," Herecia explained. She nodded at her husband.

King Aphraphus clapped his hands. "It's time to head over to the Arena. We will go there together as one united family," he said. The king walked over to his wife, who wrapped her arm through his. The royal couple slowly walked out of the banquet hall.

Koji and his two wives quickly walked behind them, and the two princes walked behind the trio. The servants, led by Head Servant Hu, followed.

The guardsmen lined the halls and saluted as the Royal Family passed by.

When the royal procession reached the front courtyard, the soldiers who gathered there bent their knees and lowered their heads. "We wish Princess Daethix and her husband a lifetime of happiness together!" Commander Bai Peng said in a loud, clear voice. His men immediately repeated the words.

"Thank you for your warm wishes," Princess Daethix replied. "Now, rise and lead us to the Arena," she ordered.

"Yes, Your Highness!" the men stood up and saluted.

Three horse-drawn carriages awaited in the courtyard. The king and queen took the first carriage; the two princesses and Koji took the second; the two princes claimed the last one.

The guards soon surrounded these carriages of the Royal Family and created a path in the streets of Sailan City.

As the Royal Procession passed through, the citizens got down on their hands and knees, and their heads touched the ground.

Once the carriages arrived at the entrance of the Arena, Commander Bai Peng escorted the Royal Family to their seats at the front center section. The king and queen sat in the middle chairs while Koji and the two princesses sat to the left. The two princes took the right side of the Royal Box. Guards surrounded the Royal Family and kept the citizens a distance away.

At nine o'clock sharp, martial artists began to demonstrate their skills before the public. All of them were men, and some were Bonders.

Koji was surprised to see Zhao Shung Yi on the stage. The middle-aged Asian man arrived together with Koji, and they fought in the deathmatch. Brother Zhao Shung was a practitioner in Wing Chung and fought honorably in Koji's eyes. Therefore, Koji spared his life. The young man smiled as he watched Brother Zhao performed before the public.

Princess Daethix noticed the smile on her Bonder's face. She stared at the man on stage for a moment before she made the connection. "You spared his life in the deathmatch," she remembered.

Koji turned to face her. "What happened after you knocked me out in the Arena?" he asked.

"A lamia named Ashisha Prixelise claimed him," Daethix answered. "She wanted you, but since Zelea claimed you as well, she agreed to take him instead," the Bond Keeper explained.

"I see," Koji nodded.

Queen Herecia interrupted their conversation. "The martial art demonstrations will be over shortly, and soon, it will be your turn," she reminded them.

Koji stood up and prepared to leave the box.

However, Daethix pushed him back down. "You are not walking to the stage, silly! Mother will send you down," she explained.

The queen nodded in confirmation. She stifled her giggle at Koji's faux pas.

"Sorry," Koji apologized with embarrassment.

Daethix looked at Zelea. "Are you ready?" the third princess asked.

The fourth princess puffed her chest. "Of course!" she huffed.

"You're going to perform, too?" Koji asked.

The two sisters rolled their eyes at him. "We're performing together," Zelea said.

Soon, the stage cleaned and an announcer stepped forth before the crowd. "And now, this is what we've all been waiting for: performances by the newlywed couple! Let's give them a big round of applause!"

The people in the stands stood on their feet and chanted, "Daethix-Daethix-Daethix!"

The third princess turned to her husband with a grin. "Looks like I'm going first. Let's go, little Zelea!"

The two sisters used their Yin Qi to fly! They flew high in the air like birds. One began to chase the other as they circled above the Arena. Then, the two princesses circled each other like the Moon around the Earth. Finally, the performers separated and slowly flew above the stands. Each princess tossed out red packets to the crowd, who went wild as the commoners tried to catch souvenirs!

When Zelea and Daethix finally emptied their spatial rings of these red envelopes, the two landed on stage. The exhausted sisters held hands and bowed to the audience, who applauded and cheered.

"Oh, boy. Those rascals raised the bar for you, Koji," King Aphraphus lamented aloud.

The son-in-law looked at him with a confident smile. "That was the warm-up act," Koji replied.

The king laughed and clapped his hands. "Excellent!"

The princesses remained on the platform, but they walked over to the edge. The two raised their fists and shouted, "Koji-Koji-Koji!"

The audience followed their lead and joined the chanting.

"I'll send you down," Queen Herecia said with a smile. She wrapped her Yin Qi around her son-in-law and sent him onto the platform.

Koji surveyed the crowd, which immediately became silent. "Today, I will show you a brand new art: Saber-telling!" He unsheathed his sabers and formed the image of a hungry bear. He strolled along the platform. "The bear is hungry and walks into a village in search of food." He took a swipe with his saber. "The bear intrudes into homes and chases out the scared villagers." Koji ran around and took more swipes at imaginary villagers. "The bear continues to search for and eat the villagers' food." The performer pretended to eat.

"Suddenly, a hidden mouse roars like a lion. ROAR!" Koji pantomimed a tiny mouse and roared.

"The bear was scared out of its wits and raced out of the village!" He got down on all four limbs and ran around the stage.

"With a 'Hmph!' the indignant mouse returns to its home under the cupboard." Koji imitated a mouse sauntering away.

Koji sheathed his sabers and bowed to all four directions.

His two wives applauded and shouted, "Koji-Koji-Koji!"

Their chanting broke the spell of silence over the crowd, and they immediately joined in.

Zelea and Daethix approached their husband and wrapped an arm around his waist. The sisters waved at the crowd who became louder.

Up in the royal box, Prince Cyreas turned toward his mother with a request. "I wish to perform on the stage."

The two parents were stunned by the unexpected request and exchanged glances. But neither saw a reason to decline.

"Okay. I'll send you down," Queen Herecia agreed. She wrapped her Yin Qi around her son, and Cyreas flew in the air until he landed on the stage.

The trio turned around and saw Prince Cyreas, who said, "I want to perform." They immediately stepped to the side.

Prince Cyreas stepped forward and surveyed the crowd. "Today has been memorable. We spent three days celebrating the marriage of Princess Daethix and her husband, Koji. But now, we have another reason to celebrate." His smile turned sinister as blackness bubbled from his skin and quickly engulfed his entire body! The black figure grabbed his chest and pulled out his beating heart! He crushed it in his hand, and a black stone appeared!

"Demon!" someone shouted in fear!

Other demons appeared within the stands. Their arms became swords, and they started rampaging indiscriminately against men, women, and children!

"Today, Nephosia falls!" the former Cyreas declared! The black stone turned into a black portal connecting to the Demon Realm! Black shadows poured out of the dimension and entered the stage.

"Let's go down!" Queen Herecia ordered. She pulled Aphraphus and Heretrios with her and flew down to join Koji and her daughters.

"How could you betray us, Cyreas?" the king shouted angrily.

The former Cyreas chuckled. "Your son hated this kingdom and the lamias which ruled over Nephosia. He offered his soul in trade, and we gladly accepted. Now, we will complete his bargain by destroying Nephosia. Hahahahaha!"

Queen Herecia used her Qi to connect to the minds of the Royal Family. Koji, take my daughters and go to my garden in the palace. Use the World Tree to escape into the forest. You need to visit the Immortal Phoenix and convince the divine beast to grant you the Eternal Flame. That's the only way to destroy this portal to the Demon Realm. Heretrios will be your escort to the castle and then secure it from the demons. Aphraphus will protect me while I use my Qi Barrier to block the portal and prevent more demons from entering Nephosia.

The king turned toward Koji. "Protect my daughters! They are the future of Nephosia!" he pleaded.

Koji bowed and made a solemn vow. "Father and mother, I swear to protect Zelea and Daethix, even if I must fight the world!"

"Let's go!" Heretrios said. He drew his saber and carved a path through the demons trying to surround them!

"Where do you think you're going?" the demonic Cyreas asked and tried to block his brother.

"I'm your opponent!" King Aphraphus replied and threw a punch at the demon's chest. BOOM! The powerful blow knocked his opponent back ten paces. "Go!" the king shouted.

The four children immediately ran for the exit. Once they left the Arena, the group encountered anarchy on the streets as people desperately fought demons.

Heretrios saw a group of guards nearby and shouted, "Guards, to me! Escort us back to the palace!"

Some three dozen guardsmen heeded his call and surrounded the Royal Family. They moved in unison and headed north toward the Nephosian Palace. Along the way, the soldiers attacked and killed every demon they encountered. After a frantic hour of desperate fighting on the streets, the group finally reached the palace.

To everyone's relief, there was no fighting inside the palace because all the demons had been found and killed.

Prince Heretrios escorted Koji, Zelea, and Daethix as they navigated through the interior of the castle.

Suddenly, Lin Lin appeared! The little girl was frightened by the unexpected outbreak of demons and the guards fighting them.

Koji saw her and made a rash decision. "Come with me, Lin Lin!" he ordered.

Zelea opened her mouth to disagree, but Daethix held up her hand and shook her head.

Heretrios accompanied them to Queen Herecia's garden. To his surprise, the prince saw Ashisha Prixelise with a dozen men guarding the place. "Why are you here?" he asked.

The lamia was cultivating in front of the tree. She opened her eyes and looked at him. "I'm here to protect the World Tree in Herecia's stead," Ashisha replied.

"My mother wishes to use the world tree to send my two sisters and their husband out of Nephosia. Do you how to accomplish that?" Heretrios asked.

The lamia smiled. "Of course. I'm from your mother's generation, and I'm privy to the secret of this World Tree," she answered.

The prince turned around and approached Koji. Heretrios handed his brother-in-law a white piece of jade in the shape of a small, thin bookmark. "This is a jade slip infused with my essence. Use it to communicate with me. I will remain here to protect the palace. The future of our kingdom rests in your hands. Good luck!"

Koji nodded. He turned and approached Brother Zhao Shung and offered a respectful palm-over-fist bow. "I wish we meet again under better circumstances."

The man reciprocated. "Likewise, Brother Koji." Zhao Shung had mixed emotions. At first, he cursed the young man for letting him live after the deathmatch because the man lost a huge amount of face. But now, Zhao Shung felt pride in his countryman for Koji's accomplishments. "Let's have a rematch when you return," he proposed with a faint smile.

"Okay," Koji agreed with a nod. He turned toward Ashisha and felt attracted to her womanly charm. The lamia's face wasn't as pretty as his mother-in-law, but she possessed the devilish figure of a succubus!

"Hello, young man," the lamia greeted Koji. She uncoiled her snake body and rose above his head; she did this unconsciously because she felt superior to men. "I'm going to send you away using a secret array. Now, step back," Ashisha ordered. She pressed her hand on the Peking willow tree and sent her Qi and elemental energy into the teleportation array inside the tree. A green portal appeared on its trunk.

The lamia stepped back and said, "Go."

Koji motioned for Lin Lin to approach. He held her hand and pulled the girl into the portal with him.

Zelea and Daethix followed.

Aishisha waited a few seconds and then closed the teleportation array.
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