Konosuba The One Eyed Ghoul Chapter 2

2 Chapter 2 Who Best Girl???

(3rd person P.O.V.)

In the middle of darkness there sat a 17 year old boy. The boy was very handsome with his black hair and red eyes. The boy was wearing a plain black hoodie that complemented him and black pants. This boy is none other than our protagonist Isaac Pheonix.

(AN: I suck at naming)

(Isaac P.O.V.)

"Hello," a voice said... Wait a voice? I thought I was dead. I open my eyes and there sat a gorgeous woman with white hair and purple eyes... although her chest seems fake does she pad it???

"Um miss can you tell me where I am," I said.

The white haired woman said, "I am Eris and you are on purgatory. I am here to give you 3 choices. 1-Start of as a baby with no memories(reincarnation). 2-Go to heaven which I don't reccomend because there is nothing there(hell). 3-Go to a fantasy world with a cheat but and kill the demon king but if you kill the demon king you get 1 wish(basic isekai story). So which will you chose Isaac."

"Wait what happened to the girl that I saved," I ask hoping I didn't die in vain.

"She is fine the murderer you fought turned out to be a serial killer and was imprisoned for life," Eris said while smiling at me.

I was relieved that I saved the girl and didn't die in vain. Now what do I pick the first one is good but I still want to live. The second one is out I don't want to spend my life doing nothing. The third one is tempting though.

"What kind of world am I going to be sent to and is there a limit to my cheat," I ask because I don't like going into thing blindly.

Eris was surprised and said, "You are very cautious aren't you most people who choose the third option just pick a cheat with out thinking about what kind of world is it. The world you will be living in is quite easy to live in unlike a certain world with goblins.(Who knows the reference?) The cheat you can pick anything unless it's something like being omnipotnet."

"I pick the the 3rd option and the cheat I want is Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul's power without needing to eat human flesh to live and also his experience on how to use his power," I say. I picked that cheat because I am a fan of Tokyo Ghoul and asking for a really powerful cheat might anger her.

"If that is what you want," Eris said as as a bright light surrounded me. I felt an immense amount of pain and before I can scream I pass out.

(Timeskip bought to you by chibi Isaac eating chibi Kazuma)

I awoke in a field... Huh why the hell am I in a field. Last thing I remembered was a bright glow and my body hurting like a bitch. I see a note on my lap. The note said that I passed out in pain because my body went from human to ghoul. It also said that I am given 15,000 Eris. The note also said that I am on a field because people might rob me and that Eris put a spell on me so monsters won't go near until I wake up. I pray to Eris as a sign of gratitude.

I start walking to the direction the note told me. As I was walking I see 2 people fighting a giant toad. I walk closer and when I saw one of them being eaten I ran as fast as I can. When I reach the toad I pull out my kagane and I stab it multiple times.

After helping the blue haired girl out of the toad I introduced myself, "Hello my name is Isaac what's yours."

The guy in the tracksuit said, "I'm Kazuma and this useless girl is Aqua."

The blue haired girl now named Aqua got angry at Kazuma and started hitting him while shouting his name. I interrupt and say, "Anyway do you guys know the way to town I'm kinda new here."

"Sure follow us," Kazuma said.

On our way to town we talk about ourself. Me and Kazuma talk about Earth and how we died. I laughed like crazy when I heard how he died. Aqua just talked about how great she is.
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