Konrad’s Adventures In The Multiverse. Book 2 Chapter 69

Volume 2: Avatar Konrad Chapter 69 A Fish Master And His Faithful Student.

"Oh...Sorry...I didn't know this place was inhabited by...someone."Said Konrad completely crestfallen looking at the big Catfish right in front of him.

"...Well, I guess you couldn't have known Nya..." Replied the fish inside his head, and then it started circling Konrad around."But you could have consider that there's such a possibility, but then you look like a small child. Nya. What is interesting though is the fact that you even got here. You must have known about this place and have a way to bypass the protections I placed. Who are you? Nya..."

"I...wait did you just say Nya?! No sorry umm right... Let's start over...Nic to meet you. I'm Konrad and as far as I know I am the curent Avatar." Konrad said trying to keep it cool.

"Oh how polite of you!"Said the fish in his head. It's voice seemed genderless. Konrad couldn't tell it's s.e.x just by it but it's sudden exclamation reminded him of some Anime older sister. freaky..."Then I'll introduce myself as well!" Said the fish swimming higher. Konrad realized that it swam on a wave of water that basically levitated in the air now.

'That fish knows water Bending!' Konrad thought.

"I am the Spirit of this Pond.Nya! My name is Musasabi The Great!" Said the Fish with excitement while doing barrel rolls around Konrad in slow motion.

Konrad quickly decided that if he titles himself with 'The Great', flattery should be the way to go, and he had quite some things to gain from this place.

"Oh! So it's The Great master Musasabi! I'm deeply sorry for entering your territory without announcement. I was attracted by the strong Spiritual energy of your Pond, hoping to gain from meditating here, but had I know about Master's presence here, I would come to you seeking guidance!" Konrad said, inside being really proud of his xianxia style bulshit.

"Ho..Indeed I'm Great, Nya! You said that you're the Avatar, right? For the Avatar to seek guidance from me! Nya!"Exclaimed the Catfish excitedly while jumping in and out of the water, still riding the water wave that defied gravity. Then the fish stopped and turned his head and Konrad could hear something that couldn't be anything other than an attempt at excited whispering while doing telepathy. ...Just wait till I tell this to nagaikokku! She'll be so jealous!" Then Musasabi turned back to Konrad and suddenly closed over to his face, like the face stealer in the original story but He was very excited instead and then he said.

"Alright! I'll be teaching you! but I will not tolerate slacking off! We start now! First... Right what am I supposed to teach you?" Asked the fish suddenly confused.

"Umm..maybe Water Bending?" Said Konrad with mixed emotions. 'This fish is weird...' Came through his mind.

"Water Bending?...Well...of course Water Bending!.." Said the fish excitedly once again.

"Alright then! first you need feel the water with your fins then concentrate as you feel a bubbly sensation and then... umm did you hear what I said, Nya?.."

Konrad looked at Musasabi awkwardly.

"Yeah. I did. It's just. There might be a problem with a few of those instructions since...well first...I have no fins.."

"Ohh, well that might be a problem indeed. Nya...mmm....ahhhh...maybe..no...or..nah...Yeah sorry. I don't know Human Water Bending...but maybe I can teach you the Spirit way, and from it you'll try to figure out the Human way?" Asked Musasabi.

"The Spirit way?" Konrad asked.

The Catfish nodes and suddenly Konrad felt a strong Pulse of water elemental energy mixed with Spiritual energy coming out of Musasabi and the water in the Pond exploded in countless water tentacles. This was quiet the high level of Water Bending, and the one controlling it was clearly the Fish Spirit in front of him that Konrad secretly considered to be just boastful.

Konrad didn't have to fake his amazement when he praised Musasabi, and the complement loving fish continued showing him 'The Spirit Way". What Konrad concluded was, that other than controlling the elements, The Spirits possessed an innate ability to also control their Spirit power aka Soul Energy. Just like humans are not all benders and not benders of only a single element, the same goes for Spirits. And because Most Spirits are completely different from one another, There is no single way of bending designed for the Spirits. They have to learn it by themselves and that's where the Spirit Power comes in. The Soul energy can be used to bend the reality in many different ways, and control over it allows the Spirits to aid their Bending abilities, and reduces the need of using any movement techniques. Konrad came to realize that this energy was a little like Magic but extremely complicated and hard to control yet existing in every living being posesing a soul. What Musasabi taught him actually brought him to realize that the control over his inner energies that he trained over the past years would be the most important aspect! He understood that using the Spirit Power to aid his bending can make the Moveless bending so much easier, and It might be possible for him to use all the elements without lifting a finger if he only has enough control.

But there was still the fact that without learning the normal Bending techniques, He wouldn't be able to exude the entire strength possible. And if he knows Both The Human Way and the Spirit Way in addition with the techniques of the Avatar Spirit, Konrad would probably becom unstoppable. Now he also realized that him keeping his soul separated from the Avatar Spirit was even more important! If he allowed them to merge, Any soul energy Konrad absorbed would be taken by the Spirit, and Konrad wouldn't be able to control it but now It's Konrad who's getting stronger.

He spend the rest of the day at the Pond, Learning the control over his energies, absorbing the rich energy from the surroundings and observing Musasabi's Water Bending, trying to figure out how to properly Water Bend. Suffice to say that at the end of the day, without using Spirit Power, Konrad made an inch high wave...That's a progress. until now whenever he tried it would be only a centimeter high at most. but thanks to observing Musasabi, he practically doubled his almost non-existent Water Bending.

He also tried to infuse it with his Spirit Power but he wasn't very successful. One thing to note though. Once when he tried doing it like Musasabi and concentrated his Spirit power he suddenly saw his reflection in the water. His eyes were glowing white!

"Oh my Gods! Isn't that like...Avatar State?!"

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