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  • Krypton Gold

  • Genres : Fantasy -  Xianxia
  • Status : Ongoing
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Krypton Gold summary:

He sold magic weapons on Taobao and participated in the Double Eleven Feijian promotion, accidentally becoming the sales champion.He has sold vinegared dragon liver, steamed phoenix marrow, and spicy big kun fin in Meituan, and was rated as the top ten must-eat takeaway by sand sculpture netizens.He helped people refit the flying sword and accidentally won the F1 Formula 1 competition. He is Su Mu.A profiteer who has traveled to the world of highly developed cultivation and magic!He not only has a plug-in, but also a cute sister.His slogan is: My sister can’t be so cute…Pooh!It is krypton gold that becomes immortal, one liver to the end!My own krypton is not a big deal, its great to let others cry and beg for krypton together.Little money is really sweet.- Description from MTL

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Krypton Gold Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 620: Trap3 months ago
Chapter 546: Sumu3 months ago
Chapter 523: Knot3 months ago
Chapter 442:3 months ago
Chapter 337: Maka3 months ago
Chapter 285:3 months ago
Chapter 277: Mass3 months ago
Chapter 19: Su Mu3 months ago
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