Krypton Gold Chapter 826

Chapter 826: Underestimated Profiteers

Although Su Mu has left the world of Guixu, the sin fairy and the demon **** behind the mirror have not disappeared.

They stared in the direction where Su Mu disappeared, their eyes full of doubts.

"That mortal, why don't you give us the pill and spiritual food, do you look down on us?"

A demon **** who hadn't gotten the pill or the delicacy, banged his teeth, like iron rubbing, sharp and ear-piercing. The voice is full of anger. If ordinary people hear it, they will definitely be affected, become unconscious and go crazy.

nephew heard this, but the nine heads all chuckled, causing the demon **** to stare at each other and questioning him: "What is the laugh? Am I wrong?"

"It's really wrong."

nephews nine heads opened their mouths in unison. Although they spoke in unison, their intonations were different, which gave the voice a peculiar melody, which was confusing.

"That mortal doesn't look down on you, but he knows that your heart's desire for pills and spiritual food is not as strong as we are."

Another sin fairy in the mirror heard the words and frowned: "What do you mean by this? Can he still see the desire in our hearts?"

As soon as these words came out, the detained sinners and demon gods in the mirror all around laughed together, as if they had heard a very outrageous joke.

They are gods!

Even if the desire in the heart is peeped through, it is impossible for a mortal to do it!

In the face of laughter and ridicule, the nephew was not only lifeless, but also all nine heads showed sarcasm.

"You are so embarrassed to say that you are a god, don't you see the thing that was held by the mortal just now?"

"What is held by a mortal?"

The sin fairy and the demon gods around were taken aback, they really didn't notice this situation.

is the in the mirror next to him, screaming: "Bead...that black bead!"

My nephew glanced at this humiliating inmate, with surprise in his eyes: "I thought you were a stupid man who could only use brute force. I didn't expect that the observation ability was quite strong, at least better than These rusty guys who have been in prison for a long time are strong!"

Although it was ridiculed, the surrounding sinners and demon gods were not angry.

Because they know that it is useless to be angry, but it will excite the nephew and taunt them even more severely.

But the words of reminded them that soon there were many sinners and demon gods, and they remembered the black beads held by Su Mu.

There are also sin immortals and demon gods, and I further recalled that in that black bead, there seemed to be some energy related to desire.

They talked all of a sudden:

"Is that black bead that allows mortals to see the desire in our hearts?"

"What kind of bead is that? How can we even see our desires?"

"Looking back now, in that black bead, there seems to be a divine presence...it should be a divine object!"

"Who left behind a divine object that is so powerful that we can even see the desires in our hearts?"

Hearing these sinners and demon gods' comments, my nephew suddenly interrupted and said: "I heard that in the depths of Guixu Prison, there are several inner demons imprisoned. And just now from the depths of Guixu Prison, there is a strong energy. The fluctuations spread..."

"You mean, that mortal...he killed a heart demon?!"

The sinners and demon gods around were all startled, and they all felt incredible: "This is impossible! Those inner demons can't even be dealt with by us. How could he kill the inner demons like a mortal?!"

nephew sneered: "Then how do you explain the black beads in his hand? What is the energy fluctuation that comes from the depths of Guixu prison?"

spoke again at this moment: "The divinity on that bead is very fresh, it is a divine object that has just been formed!"


The surrounding sinners and demon gods were dumb.

The nine heads of the nephew began to think together, and soon guessed: "That mortal can freely enter and exit Guixu Prison, he is not an ordinary mortal, and he has the courage to do business with us, indicating that he does not hold The power comparable to the gods is that there are powerful gods behind him, supporting him..."

Don't say, the nephew deserves to have nine heads, and the multi-core processor is strong. The shared result is very close to the truth.

For this analysis of the nephew, the surrounding sinners and demon gods all thought it was reasonable. Although they still had doubts about killing a demon, they no longer felt unbelievable.

On the contrary, there are still a lot of sinners and demon gods, secretly rejoicing: "Fortunately, the mortal just didn't enter my cell. If he can really kill the inner demon and kill me, it is not impossible..."

"Are mortals now so scary?"

A demon god's whispered sigh has attracted many sinners and demon gods to agree.

That is, Su Mu has gone, otherwise I can tell them: It is not the mortal that is terrible, but the horror.

After a brief surprise, the guilty fairy and the demon **** began to worry: "That mortal wants to do business with us, isn't it a fraud?"

"We are a group of prisoners waiting to die, what can he lie to us?"

nephew is not worried about this at all.

He sneered and said, "Its nothing more than trying to learn something from us and get some treasures. As long as he can afford to sell these things to him, its okay to sell these things to him. Its better to exchange it for something to eat, drink and play, and enjoy it once or for a while."

Many sinners and demon gods are nodding their heads, feeling that what the nephew said is reasonable.

Baby may still be a little reluctant, but knowledge... I wont forget it even after selling it.

nephew thought so too.

He stopped talking, and turned around to leave the mirror.

The sinners and demon gods around saw him and hurriedly called him, wanting to listen to him for more analysis. After all, he has more heads, and one person's analysis can reach nine of them!

As the saying goes, three heads are worthy of Zhuge Liang, and his nephew has nine heads, which is equivalent to bringing three Zhuge Liang.

"There is no analysis! I haven't eaten anything for too many years, and suddenly I still feel a little uncomfortable after eating. I have to eliminate the food and think about what I should use to trade with that mortal in exchange for medicinal pills and spiritual dishes."

nephew touched his belly and hiccuped.

"Don't say, these medicines and spiritual dishes he gave, although they are only mortals and weak in spiritual power, but the taste is really good. Maybe you can trade with him for better formulas and recipes, so that he can make them. Produce better-quality pills and spiritual dishes for us to enjoy?"

nephew muttered, and the figure quickly disappeared from behind the mirror.

But his words reminded many sinners and demon gods around, and they began to wonder what knowledge they should use to trade with Su Mu.

At the same time, they also discovered that there is some general knowledge that they know, and so will other sinners and demon gods. If you can't seize the opportunity, first use this knowledge to make a deal with Su Mu, and be used by other sinners and demon gods, then you will suffer.

Some sin immortals and demon gods who are not interested in pill medicine and dingshi are wondering whether they should also trade with Su Mu to help satisfy their desires?

After all, they could not send a clone to the human world, and in Guixu Prison, no one had been here for thousands of years.

It's hard to come in now, and I still have the guts to do business with them... If such an opportunity is missed, I don't know how many years to wait.

As for that mortal would take the opportunity to kill them? Sins and demon gods didn't care.

In their view, as a god, they are dealing with mortals. Mortals should be grateful and grateful. How can they kill them? How dare to kill them?

Hehe, that is, Gu Hewei did not hear what they were thinking, otherwise they would definitely laugh at them for being kept in prison for too long and completely ignorant of the profiteers style...

Thanksgiving? Dare to kill you?

What good things do you think? If you don't kill you, even if the profiteer has a conscience!

Qingcheng Mountain Xiuzhen University, Feng Shui Field.

Qing Lao, Xu Yue, Chun Huyue, and Su Ye were all around, looking nervously at Su Mu standing in the circle.

From the start of the power of magic to the present, Su Mu has been like Petrochemical, and has not moved at all.

And the sky has changed from day to night.

Xu Yue couldn't help being a little worried: "Why is Su Mu not moving? Nothing will happen, right?"

The old man is also frowning.

The power of God used by Su Mu was completely different from what he had seen. When other people use magic skills, they listen to and communicate with the voices of gods.

But Su Mu, but it's out of his body, it's a bit of a wandering meaning!

This makes Qing Lao wonder whether Su Mu's current situation is good or bad.

Professional Pure Fox Moon, introduced: "Su Mu's magical power is different from ordinary ones. He allows the spirit to enter the space where the gods are, so he can use the magical power to track and assassinate the omnipotent Lord!

Spiritual Departure~wuxiaworld.online~ The body naturally has no movement.

But the red thread I tied to his ankle is a special magic weapon that can be taken away by his spirit.

Don't look at his body has been moving, but the red line has been moving, but it did not send a danger signal, so I did not notify you, nor did I drag his soul back. "

After listening to this explanation, Xu Yue, Su Ye, and Qing Lao all involuntarily breathed a sigh of relief, and let down a little while hanging their hearts.

But at this moment, a star suddenly appeared in the night sky, but then it disappeared.

This anomalous astrology not only made the teachers and students in the galaxy immediately busy, but also caused Qing Lao and Xu Yue, Chun Hu Yue and Su Ye to worry.

Xu Yue frowned slightly, and said anxiously: "This astrological sign...isn't it related to Su Mu?"

Regarding this abnormal situation, the old man hesitated a little. After considering it for a while, he said, "Why don't you be cautious and bring Su Mu back first?"

"This... OK!" Chun Hu Yue was also uncertain, nodded, and was about to pull the red line in his hand.

Suddenly, a little soul flew out from the door in the center of the circle and entered Su Mus body.

The eyes that had been hazy before, instantly restored their vivid colors.

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