Krypton Gold Chapter 827

Chapter 827: Principal Wen's Reimbursement Form

As soon as Su Mus spirit returned to his body, he heard the urging eagerly: "Where is the spirit wine? Where is the money? Should I give it to me?"

It looked like a drug addict, and he had a big drink.

Wei also urged: "Yes, yes, and my ointment, it's time to check out."

"Give one batch first, and install the rest. The spirit wine and ointment you want are all very material and time-consuming. I can't take out too much at once."

Su Mu took out some spirit wine and ointment from the storage artifact, and sent it to Gu Hewei through the gourd and bones.

What he promised, Su Mu will definitely give, but he will not give it all at once. In order not to endanger and cheer, there is enough spirit wine and ointment in his hand, and he will react negatively to his future orders, and even sit down and raise the price.

The value of spirit wine and ointment can reach the highest level only when the danger is urgently needed.

"Okay, install by installment, as long as it doesn't affect my enjoyment."

Drum didn't think much, but agreed.

We don't want to install the ointment, but Su Mu said that if he doesn't install the installment, he will only have to wait until he has enough ointment to pay.

Danger can't wait that long, so he can only compromise. First, take a batch of ointment to relieve the pain, and exhorts: "You can give me the ointment later, don't let me stop the medicine and suffer again."

Su Mu promised: "Don't worry, I will definitely supply it to you as soon as possible."

DAN This is only barely satisfied.

Su Mu took out another storage artifact and sent it to Jingwei through Fantian pebble.

Inside this storage artifact, it was filled with all kinds of snacks, enough for Jingwei to chase the drama for a long time.


Jingwei is very happy to get the snacks.

Su Mu smiled and said: "The person who should be thanked is me. This time, if it weren't for the presence of the Jingwei Shangshen, we would not be able to walk through the world of Guixu so smoothly, let alone kill the five poisonous hearts."

He knew very well that Jingwei was definitely the first skill to kill the Five Poison Heart Demons this time.

When Su Mu finished rewarding the three ancient gods, Qing Lao and Chun Hu Yue, Xu Yue and Su Ye also greeted them, with a trace of vigilance and defense in their excitement.

The main reason is that the person who returns is not Su Mu, but a powerful existence that doves occupy the magpie's nest.

"Brother?" Su Ye tentatively shouted.

"It's me." Su Mu glanced at the expressions of the four people and immediately understood what they were worried about. He smiled and said, "Don't worry, it's me, and I haven't been taken away."

said, he took out the ugly corpse.

Even if the guilty fairy and the demon **** can take him away, it is impossible for him to hold the ugly corpse in his hand as a weapon.

At the same time, the drum also appeared from the gourd, grinning at the four people: "With us, if this kid is still taken away, wouldn't we lose face?"

When Su Mu was in the secret realm of Yuanjiao, he did not let the drum help. He ran on both sides of the secret realm and Qingcheng Mountain to help pass information and receive supplies, so all four of them had met him.

Qinglao and Su Ye thanked the drum while letting go.

After the drum was loaded, he returned to the gourd contentedly.

When he left, Xu Yue and Pure Fox Yue sighed in relief.

They are not like Su Mu, even the gods dare to deceive and kill. When they faced the drum, they were very nervous.

Don't talk about them, even the old man is uncomfortable and feels a lot of pressure when facing the drum.

Su Ye does not have these pressures, and even feels that the drums are very close and easy to get along with.

She is more concerned about whether the brother is injured.

Chun Huyue saw her worry, and placed a check spell on Su Mu.

Various life data appeared on Su Mutop immediately, and two things similar to the health bar and the blue bar.

After scanning the data, Chun Huyue said: "Don't worry, Su Mu is okay, but the spiritual energy is consumed a little, and the spirit is a little weak. You can recover after a few days of rest and recuperation."

Hearing this, Su Ye was completely relieved.

The old man asked: "How is it, did the operation go smoothly this time? Have you killed the Almighty Lord?"


Su Mu nodded.

"Guess, who is the true identity of this self-proclaimed omnipotent guy?"

"Who can guess this?" Chun Hu Yue gave him a white look, and said angrily: "Don't sell it, hurry up and reveal the answer!"

"It's the heart demon! Five poison heart demon!"

Su Mu Congshangruliu... mainly because he was afraid of revenge by Uncle Pure Fox, he arranged a lot of examination papers for him. Although it was not difficult for him, it was quite time-consuming to do it.


The four of them all took a breath and made a contribution to global warming.

Qing Lao suddenly realized: "It is actually the Five Poison Heart Demon! No wonder the life school can develop so strong, believers all over the world, even many famous people in the cultivation world and magical world have secretly joined the life school...There are five There is a poisonous spirit, it is really not difficult to arouse the desires in these people's hearts!"

"The Five Poison Heart Demons developed not only the life school, but several other cult organizations also have deep ties with him. In addition, even some legitimate orthodox sects have been infiltrated by him..."

These situations are all that Su Mu saw from the memory of the Five Poison Heart Demons.

Although Jingwei, Gu Hewei gave him the memory of the Five Poison Heart Demons, it is complicated and cumbersome, and even some of the content is missing, but Su Mu still saw a lot of important content from it on the way out of Guixu Prison, such as he just now Said these.

Qinglao, Xu Yue, and Chun Huyue's expressions became serious in an instant, and hurriedly asked, "Is there any more detailed information?"

"Yes." Su Mu nodded, "but the information I got is very trivial. It needs to be sorted out. Give me some time and I will get it as soon as possible. In addition, I also got some information about Bu Zhoushan and Gene Lock, and I will also wait for it to be sorted out. Then hand it to the school."

The old green nodded, and said solemnly: "Thanks for your hard work!"

"It should be." Su Mu said, and then the conversation turned around: "It's just..."

Qing old brow raised slightly: "Just what?"

"It's just that I paid a lot to get this information..."

Su Mu looked very embarrassed.

Old Qing laughed blankly: "I thought it was a big deal, it turned out to be this? Simple. You can ask for a price, or list a bill of materials, and the school will reimburse you!"

Su Mu immediately said: "Thank you, old man, thank you for the school!"

Although the avatars of Gu and Wei have returned to their bodies, they are still paying attention to the situation here. Seeing that Su Mu actually went to the school to reimburse the expenses, they were all taken aback.

This principal is really too cunning, it means that he didn't spend a penny, so let us help him kill the five poisons? Also got him information?

Dog profiteers are black!

convex ()!

Su Mu and others did not stay in the Feng Shui Field for a long time, and soon rode a lovebird and a flying carpet to leave.

As soon as they left, the Feng Shui Field followed to release the ban. The teachers and students who were guarding outside were able to line up to enter and use the Feng Shui field to increase luck.

Someone noticed Su Mu and his party flying away, and they were very surprised.

"Isn't that the Ouhuang Xiaoyezi? The Feng Shui field was blocked just now for her? Good guy, what kind of baby are they going to open the box, and do it like this?"

There is no baby out of the box, but one of the gods killed...

Fortunately, these teachers and students dont know about this, otherwise they must be crazy!

I'm still studying and cultivating hard, but the children from the next door can kill gods...

Its really like shopping around, people are more dead than people!

Su Mu said goodbye to Qing Lao, Chun Hu Yue and Xu Yue on the road, and took Su Ye back home.

Then he immediately gave the memory of the Five Poison Heart Demon he had obtained from Jingwei, Gu and Wei to Ami Ya and Xiao Ai, and let the two rune figures start with all their strength, and sort the contents of the memory into categories. come out.

Even with the help of Ami Ya and Xiao Ai, it took three or four days to complete the memory of the Five Poison Inner Demons.

Su Mu obtained the sorted information, and listed the information sheets about Buzhou Mountain and Gene Lock, as well as several cult organizations and other developments of the Five Poison Heart Demon, assembling and infiltrating the righteous Taoist sects and colleges, and issued the information sheet with him. Together, they were handed over to Wen Wubin.

Principal Wen has returned to school.

His preliminary survey of the Yuanjiao Secret Realm has been completed, and the follow-up survey will be carried out by the disciple, and he is no longer required to sit in person.

After getting the information given by Su Mu, Wen Wubin's expression suddenly became serious after looking through it a few times: "You haven't told other people about this information, right?"

"No." Su Mu shook his head.

"That's good." Wen Wubin breathed a sigh of relief, "This information is highly classified, and if it is true, it will definitely have a great impact! Those cults are nothing more than that. I did not expect that there are so many people in the righteous sects and colleges. People who have been deceived by the Five Poison Heart Demon."

Su Mu has seen the power of the Five Poison Heart Demon, so he is not surprised: "The Five Poison Heart Demon can provoke the desires in people's hearts. As long as there is a little flaw, he will take the opportunity to enter and arouse the **** of the prairie fire, which will be used. And control."

Wen Wubin nodded, closed the intelligence, and said, "We will launch a joint investigation team to secretly investigate the people and organizations involved. Once confirmed, we will arrest them! As for the several cult organizations mentioned in the intelligence. Since we even have their lair addresses and personnel lists, we will naturally not let them go. Later, I will contact the military and police and other academies to jointly form an action team to attack these cult organizations! They have been hiding before! In the dark, the whereabouts are mysterious, so that we can't start. This time we finally have a chance to eliminate them all!"

Wen Wubin became more excited as he spoke, and when he saw Su Mu's gaze, he became more and more admired: "This time, you are the best!"

"It's all taught by Headmaster Wen!"

"Nonsense, all the credit you made is your own ability, what does it have to do with me?"

Although said that, the smug smile on Wen Wubin's face couldn't hide.

Immediately after ~wuxiaworld.online~ he picked up the billing list, and after a glance, frowned: "This bill, isn't it right..."

"What's wrong?" Su Mu asked hurriedly.

Is it because I want too much? Do you want to reduce it?

As I was thinking about it, I heard Wen Wubin say: "The information you got this time is very important. You also eliminated the Five Poison Heart Demons. How could it be possible that you only spent so little material? You kid, don't always think about helping the school. To save money, you have to ask for the reimbursement that you want."

actually think I want to be less?

Su Mu was shocked: "Then... I will add 20%?"

"How about 20%, double it!"

Fuck, Principal Wen is awesome!

Su Mu is overjoyed, thank you again and again.

After sending away Su Mu, Wen Wubin couldn't wait to pick up the phone and called some of his old friends.

"Let me tell you that Su Mu has done something again this time... what kind of work? I can't talk about it, anyway, it's great work!

Hahaha, the students I taught by Wenwubin are strong!

what? Is he still my student? That's right, he is still my disciple and grandson, and even my disciple is so good, doesn't it prove that I am more powerful...

Hey hey hey, **** you grandson, you dare to hang up my phone, next time I see you, I must challenge you! "

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