Kuang Shen Mystic God Chapter 20

19 Meeting Riva Again


The Vice Principal called, "Everyone, assemble."

The 100 students who had signed up to aid the frontline quickly lined up in the field. Every one of them wore high-class white armor that the school prepared for us. At the vice principals' command, we formed a cross formation, with the vice principal in the front.

He shouted, "Little brats and little girls of Sky City Academy, soon, all of you will participate in this war, to become the future pillars of our school! Let us eliminate our enemies, and let our blood boil for the sake of defending our homeland!"

His words instantly aroused everyone's fighting spirit, everyone in the team was shouting "Kill the enemies!!!"

The vice principal said: "Very well, let us depart, the Dragon Knight Squadron is waiting for us. To be able to fight alongside them is a great honor, now march!"

Everyone shouted in unison: "Forward!"

They marched in unison, following the vice principal as we traveled through the city, finally reaching the city entrance. Thet then marched a short distance to a field where ten dragon knights were waiting upon their dragons. They were charged with protecting and delivering additional soldiers and the needed supplies to the battlefront. The supplies consisted of all kinds of defensive equipment and arrows, while the soldiers consisted of eleven hundred guards and us students. Since these supplies and reinforcements were much needed at the battlefield, Dragon Knights were assigned to protect them from ambushes and prevent them from getting lost.

For many students, it was their first time seeing a Dragon Knight, so naturally, they were all very excited. Some started to boast loudly about their accomplishments, hoping the Dragon Knights would notice them. While others quietly set the Dragon Knights as their goal, hoping to become one through their own strength.

The whole team had completely assembled, Jiyan and Zord were standing next to Layson; both of them had coaxed and pestered the vice principal unceasingly to let them stand by his side. All the other students were very jealous.

The academy prepared horses for us. the vice principal arranged for them to be in the back of the formation.

After traveling around a hundred miles away from the capital, Jiyan asked, "Layson, did your injuries recover?"

Layson replied plainly: "Almost. What do you want from asking about it?"

Jiyan glared at me, "Why can't I just ask without a reason? Don't forget, I'm here to supervise on behalf of Jisue. If you treat me badly, I'll tell Jisue and she'll ignore you."

Zord looked at Layson and felt there are something strange with Layson. He asked Layson "What had happened to you, Layson?"

Layson said "Brother, I got Qi deviation when I trained at the holiday. My power just recovered for 60%"

Zord looked at Layson and thought in his mind "There is something about Layson. My intuition about him is not right, there are some secrets."

The day passed very quickly, and it was soon time to set up camp. The vice principal and the chiliarch of the eleven hundred soldier troop talked to each other for a while before deciding on an area to set up our encampment. They finally decided upon a clearing in a closeby forest. The Dragon Knights didn't even look at the students, they just rested by the edges of the clearing, making sure that there were no threats to us.

Everyone sat around the campfire, as it warmed them down to our bones. Jiyan sat down next to Zord and Layson. Then she took out a small box from her bag and passed it to Zord saying, "This is for you, it's something good~"

Zord received the box from her, opened it and took a look inside. Inside was surprising, a delicate pastry! Zord frowned and said:

"Thank you, Jiyan"

The pastry had a slight aroma of rose, and the fragrance quickly spread throughout his mouth. It was impossible to call this pastry anything but delicious.

When Jiyan looked at Zord, her eyes showed a trace of gentleness.

After everyone had finished eating, the vice principal instructed them to return to their tents.


Zord ducked into the tent, and Layson said to Zord, "Brother Zord, you really did it, you k you have conquered the heart of the number one school's top beauties. Impressive, impressive indeed."

Zord attempted to slap him, but Layson blocked with his hands. Zord scolded while smiling: "Don't talk nonsense, if Riva heard of this, he would seek me out for a death match! This is not the right time for fighting him. This is the war against Beast-Demon Alliance."

After 10 days of camping, in this period of time Layson had miraculously recovered all of my powers. He was quite satisfied, he had recovered all of his meridian channels and his body was filled to the brim with power.

Every night he would train a considerable amount of Mad God and Demonic Arts.

Zord asked Layson "Could you teach me your dark magic art? I didn't find anything about dark magic in our school library"

Layson held his tongue for a minute without saying anything. Then he said to Zord "brother Zord. I'm sorry, but this is the secret art from my grandmother"

"Okay, everyone has a secret" but this answer made Zord became curious about Layson's background.

Since they traveled in a carriage, their journey, which usually takes twenty days, took us about a month. They finally arrived at the fort, Stelu Fort, which was built at the edge of Stelu City. The commanding officer of this fort was Riva's father, Dragon General Rivo. According to the vice principal, this base had a total of 60 Dragon Knights, including the men who escorted them here. Making this the largest stronghold of the Dragon Empire. There were 10 infantry corps, five cavalry corps, 5 heavy cavalry corps, and 8 magician corps. Each corp consisted of thirty thousand troops and the total number of all the corps together was close to one million people. One could say that the entirety of the Dragon Empire's power was concentrated here. The remaining borders of the Dragon Empire were supervised by the reserve forces. As of now, there was an uninterrupted stream of reserves coming to the front lines.

Regarding individual fighting ability, humans weren't only inferior to demons, but also inferior to beastmen who were born natural fighters. However, since humans have powerful magicians as well as dragon knights as their shield, maintaining their advantage was an easy task.

In this one month journey, Zord had broken through to middle-level Arch Mages. Now he had the same raw power as an ordinary dragon knight.

The Dragon General Rivo welcomed them himself, along with Riva who had just transferred here. Rivo guided them to his mansion and held a magnificient welcoming feast for them.

When he looked at Zord, he said "Are you Zord? The one that defeats my son? Hahaha. Outstanding You are Arch Mages now. You must join the frontline with us. After this war, you must join dragon knight and become one of us"

Naturally, Riva sat with them, nobody would fight Riva to sit next to Jiyan. Zord noticed that Jiyan treated Riva coldly. Whenever he tried to approach her, she turned a cold shoulder.
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