Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Chapter 360

358 Bear San Goes Out To Sea Day 3

After we had our lunch, we acted separately, each had their own purposes. The director, Liz-san, and Nifu-san are holding the hands of the sleepy children while also carrying a sleeping child on their back. Gill, who saw it, carried the sleeping child on his back and went with them to the bear house.

Locals Anzu and the others, guided the group who wanted to go to the town. And Lurina-san followed them.

It seems that the fishing group will include Marina, wholl escort Noa, as well as Morin-san, Karin-san, and Elena-san.

[Fina, Shuri, its game time.] Noa

Noa made a quick declaration.

We parted once Noa and others got on a different boat from us.

We head for Kuro-ojisans boat. There are five people riding on Kuro-ojisans boat, Fina, Shuri, Tirumina-san, and Gentz-san. I invited him to go fishing with us, thinking that he should be with his family.

[Dad, can you catch a big fish?] Shuri

[I went to fishing before, but that was a long time ago. And I caught a big fish that time.] Gentz

In response to Shuris question, Gentz-san opens his arms wide, enacting when he caught a big fish.

[Ara, I wonder about that? I remembered him complaining that Roy could catch what Gentz couldnt.] Tirumina

While Tirumina-san smiles, as she denies Gentz-sans words, which is him boasting about catching a big fish. Gentz-san was crushed by Tirumina-sans words.

[Uh, I caught it afterwards when everyone wasnt watching.] Gentz

Gentz-san answered while his eyes were swimming. Based on his attitude, hes lying.

[Then, Im looking forward to see how much of your fishing skills have improved.] Tirumina

[However, I havent been fishing for a long time, so my arms might got dull] Gentz

Somehow, this time he made an excuse. Even though he was telling Shuri about catching a big fish a while ago.

However, regardless of that, Tirumina-san made a follow up.

[Shuri, your dad will catch a big fish.] Tirumina

[Really? Dad, do your best!] Shuri

Shuri cheered Gentz-san with a pure and innocent look. Gentz-san, who cannot say that it is impossible while looking at Shuris smile, he got driven into a corner.

[Ah, yeah, leave it to me. Ill catch a big fish.] Gentz

He proudly promised.

Oh, Gentz-sans face got cramped. He wished he could admit that he was basically a beginner. The salt on the wound spreads more and more. Perhaps hes the type that exerts power while driving himself on a corner? It doesnt look like that though.

Tirumina-san doesnt have to bully Gentz-san so much.

However, I cant follow u for him because Gentz-san, whos making a good impression would look bad.

[Yuna-oneesan, have you also done the same?] Fina

[Fishing? No, Ive never done it before.] Yuna

I answered Finas question without telling a lie. I dont want to show off in such a place. Gentz-san will be the only one getting driven into a corner. Sorry.

When I was still a hikikomori, I couldnt do things like fishing outdoors.

[Can you catch a big fish?] Fina

[Well, we wont know until we try it.] Yuna

I didnt said anything that will raise her expectations. Im sorry if I cant catch it.

We boarded Kuro-ojisans boat and go out to sea. Its a big boat. Besides Kuro-ojisan, another fisherman boarded the boat. He looks like Kuro-ojisans youngest son. Well, its not strange to have a few sons. By the way, his the eldest son was the one who became the mayor.

The type of boat in the town of Mereera is a sailing boat. The boat started to move when the sail got unfolded. The only difference from the boats in my former world is that in this world, they are using wind magic stones to make the boats move. Ive heard from Damon-san before. Apprentice fishermen are the ones using magic stones to move the ship. Half-fledged fishermen uses natural wind and magic stones alternately. It seems that a full-fledged fisherman can move the boat only by the natural wind. Is it like training wheels on a bicycle?

(TN: .)

The boat gradually moves away from the harbor. Noa and Misa on other boat are waving. In response, Fina and Shuri also turn around and waves back.

And when I saw the boat Noa and the others were on, I saw it. I rubbed my eyes. Its not a mistake. There was a bear-shaped thing on the top of the mast with sails. I rubbed my eyes many times to check.

I also check the boat Im on.

Is that? Its too high and hard to see, but theres a little bear on top of the mast.

Maybe Kuro-ojisan is also using a bear as a talisman?

Fina and the others are looking at the sea and are unaware of the bears on the mast. So I decided to pretend not to see it.

When the boat left the harbor, I went to Kuro-ojisan because I have something to ask.

[Where is the aforementioned island appeared?] Yuna

When I look at the sea, I can see some small islands, but I dont know which one is the moving one. Clearly, you cant tell unless youre a fisherman who goes out to the sea on a daily basis.

[I cant see it from here.] Kuro

According to Kuro-ojisan, we cant see it unless we go further offshore.

That is why it is known only to fishermen.

Well, Id like to know at least the direction. If I know the direction, I can go to the island by walking on the water with my bears.

[Can we get closer?] Yuna

[Is Miss interested in the island that appeared?] Kuro

I cant say in a loud voice.

[Well, Im an adventurer, so Im wondering what kind of island that is.] Yuna

I toned down my voice a little and answered as if I am only a little interested.

[Moreover, on one occasion its the Kraken, so if its a dangerous island, well be in trouble.] Yuna

[There is no danger if we dont get close. Its no different from a normal small island, except it just suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Are you really going to go?] Kuro

[I wont go. And theres a whirlpool, so we cant get close to it right? But if theres something, I wonder if I can deal with it if I know the direction of the island.] Yuna

I tried planning appropriate things. I cant tell them I wanted to go because there may be treasure. But then I dont want to be in the same situation as the fisherman who sank his boat. Kuro-ojisan doesnt feel good about it and may not tell me the location of the island.

[Well, if youre just looking at it from a distance, then thats fine.] Kuro

Kuro-ojisan changes the destination of the boat. The boat is steadily moving away from the port.

[The boats are getting smaller.] Shuri

Shuri is looking at the other boats. The other boats are heading to the point where they can safely catch their fish. Only Kuro-ojisans boat is heading in another direction.

Fina and the others are purely enjoying the boat ride, not knowing that they are heading to the island. After a while, Kuro-ojisan calls out.

[Miss, that is the island were talking about.] Kuro

Looking at the direction that Kuro-ojisan is pointing to. The distance is quite far. At this position, it looks like a normal islet. But you can see the green and you can see that the trees are growing.

I used the bear map skill to check the location. The place where the boat passed through the black nautical chart is created as a map. The map is incomplete, but if Im just going to the island, there is no problem. There will be a mysterious island ahead of this boat. All I have to do is pray that the island does not move too far.

[Even at the request of the Bear Girl, I wont get any closer. I cant break the orders that I have given.] Kuro

For me, there is no problem since I now know the direction. When I thanked him, Kuro-ojisan turned the boat back and head for the fishing point.

When we arrived at the fishing point, Kuro-ojisan and his son taught Fina how to fish. Not only Fina, but also Gentz-san, who (allegedly) can fish, is listening seriously.

Everyone who was taught how to fish hanged a thread. When you look at the rod, you can see something that looks like a reel.

Is that a magic stone?

A magic stone is set in a place that looks like a reel. Is it possible to wind a thread with the power of magic stones?

[Yuna-oneesan, youre not fishing?] Fina

[Im just going to watch leisurely.] Yuna

Im not interested in fishing. I like to relax. I dont like hanging out rods and wait. If I want to do, Ill do it. If I dont want to do it, then I wont.

[Yuna-oneechan, you too.] Shuri

Shuri grabs my clothes.

[Im fine right here.] Yuna

[Eh] Shuri

[Then, Ill lend you a bear instead, so think of it as my substitute.] Yuna

[Swaying Bear-chan?] Shuri

I summoned a normal-sized bear. The boat didnt tilt even a little despite the fact that I summoned a bear.

[Swaying Bear. Go fishing with Shuri.] Yuna

When I said so, Swaying Bear responded with .

[Can Swaying Bear-chan fish?] Shuri

[Who knows? But I think hes more useful than me.] Yuna

Shuri goes fishing with Swaying Bear.

I summoned a normal-sized Hugging Bear and told him to lay down. I rest there as I lean against him.

Yeah, it feels good. I have a fluffy cushion.

For the time being, I asked Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear to monitor the sea. I dont think a Kraken will appear. But dangerous sea creatures may still attack. Its like an insurance.

I watched Fina and others while being rocked by the waves hitting the boat. Fina casts a thread and looks at the sea. Shuri is fishing with Swaying Bear. Although Im okay thanks to the bear equipment, doesnt Shuri feel hot while shes hugging Swaying Bear?

Gentz-san said hell and Tirumina-san was watching him with a smile. Looking at such scenery and listening to their voices. The boat is rocking, but I dont get seasick, maybe because of my constitution or because of the bear equipment. Leaning on the fluffy cushion called Hugging Bear makes me sleepy. As I let out a little big yawn, I suddenly fell asleep.

[Yuna-oneesan, Shuri, get up] Fina

Someone was shaking my body. When I opened my eyes, I saw Fina. Then, I heard a sleepy voice beside me, When I look at the person who made that voice, Shuri is hugging me while sleeping.

[Come on, were heading back, so get up.] Fina

[Oneechan. Did you catch the fish?] Shuri

Shuri yawns a little while getting up.

Why is Shuri sleeping next to me?

[I caught a big fish.] Fina

[Really!] Shuri

When Shuri got up, she rushed to see the fish.

[Did you caught it Fina?] Yuna

[Yes, I was able to catch a big fish because Swaying Bear-chan helped me.] Fina

According to their story, earlier Shuri got tired of fishing and was looking around inside the boat while looking at the sea. They said that she was already sleeping beside me before they knew it.

As for fishing, Fina and Tirumina-san said they caught a few fish. But please dont ask Gentz-sans result.

[I was able to catch it thanks to Swaying Bear-chan. Swaying Bear-chan brought me a rod. It was cool. At the end, he held it in his mouth and pulled it with a squeeze, and he caught such a big fish.] Fina

Fina moves her hand to the left and right to explain how Swaying Bear caught the fishes. Swaying Bear, whos next to Fina, made a proud posture, and cried .

Well, what are you doing Swaying Bear? How can Swaying Bear even do that?

For the time being, I pet his head and praised him.

Authors Note:

Roy is the name of Tiruminas deceased husband. (Because some of you may have forgotten about him.)

And thats how she found out the location of the mysterious island.

All that is left is just going there.
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