Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Chapter 361

359 Bear San Returns From Fishing Day 3

I heard from Fina that Gentz-san wasnt able to catch any fish. But Shuri, who doesnt know that, is still asking Gentz-san about it.

Im screaming in my heart, however, my internal scream cannot reach her.

[Which one is the fish that you caught dad?] Shuri

Shuri peeked into the box containing the fishes and asked Gentz-san.

[Th, that is] Gentz

Gentz-san has a troubled expression. Looking at Gentz-san, I cant help him myself. But then, Tirumina-san approached him there with a smile. Maybe to put more salt into the wound!?? Gentz-sans HP is already 0. I feel sorry for Gentz-san because he cant show the fish.

[Shuri, this is the fish your dad caught.] Tirumina

[This?] Shuri

Tirumina-san was pointing at a fish in the box. Gentz-san was also surprised at Tirumina-sans words.

[To be exact, your dad and I caught it. A big fish caught on my fishing rod. But, I couldnt catch it by myself. At that time, your dad helped me pull it in. Dad, is so cool!] Tirumina

[Tirumina] Gentz

[Dad, is amazing!] Shuri

Shuri rejoices and hugs Gentz-san. Gentz-san strokes Shuris head. Then, Gentz-san looks at Tirumina-san, Tirumina-san smiles back at Gentz-san.

[Your mother is quite gentle, isnt she?] Yuna

[Yes!] Fina

Fina, who was watching the situation, nodded happily.

Apparently, her dads dignity as a father was preserved.

When we got back to the harbor, the other boats had already returned.

Noa arrived earlier, so shes waiting for our boat to moor.

Fina, Shuri did you catch any fish? I caught a big one. Show me the fish that you caught.

Apparently Noa wants to show it quickly because she caught a big fish.

[Well, this is the biggest fish Ive caught.] Fina

Fina showed the fish that she and Swaying Bear caught. At that moment, Noas expression changed.

[U~u, its big. What about Shuri?] Noa

[That is I was sleeping and not fishing.] Shuri

Shuri explains that she was sleeping with me and Hugging Bear

[U~u, thats why I feel like Ive lost.] Noa

Noas expression became even more dejected.

The result of their little game. The biggest fish was caught by Fina and Swaying Bear. Noa became the 1st runner-up, followed by Misa and Shia, and lastly Shuri who was sleeping.

[Its unfair to have Swaying Bear-chan help you. And I envy Shuri to sleep along with Yuna-san and Hugging Bear-chan.] Noa

Noa, who couldnt be the best, was jealous and puffed her cheeks, Shia interrupted her.

[While fishing, Noa also got help from Marina, so you cant really say that to Fina-chan.] Shia

[Thats because The fish was so big that I couldnt do it alone, so I cant help it.] Noa

[Then Fina-chan is just the same, right?] Shia

[U~u, Yes.] Noa

Noa cant really complain when her sister Shia tells her that. Well, fishing was their first experience, so it cant be helped. They would probably be fine if its just a small fish, but its impossible for them to catch a big fish alone. I think its amazing that they caught it, even with the help of others.

By the way, it seems that Misa and the other children also caught some fish with the help of the fishermen.

Shia said she caught it by herself, so technically, shes the best in the fishing game.

[I admit losing this time. Yuna-san, please lend me Swaying Bear-chan this time. Then Ill catch a bigger fish.] Noa

Etto, then that would mean Swaying Bear caught it, right?

I think you have to fish by yourself if you want to compete in fishing. Its kinda terrible to ask a 10-year-old girl for it, isnt it?

[Next time, I will lend you Swaying Bear when we get on the same boat together to make it fair.] Yuna

[Thats a promise.] Noa

I made a promise. I dont know if we have a chance to do another fishing trip. I cant ask the fishermen every time. In that case, we have two choices: build our own boat or fish without riding a boat. Yesterday, Noa said that some people were fishing on the rocks, which may be more realistic.

Then, when I look at the fish caught by Misa and Shia, the other children also show me the fishes they caught. There were also rare fishes and octopus.

[Yuna-oneechan. I caught a big fish.]

[Octopus-san, it felt nice]

[Theyre small, but I caught a lot.]

[Yuna-oneechan, look.]

[Yuna-oneechan. Please eat all the fishes that I caught.]

[Mine too.]

[Eat mine too.]

Everyone wants me to eat the fishes that they caught. Im happy with everyones feelings, but I cant eat that much alone.

[Well, thank you everyone. Ill have Anzu cook it tonight, so lets eat it together with the director and Liz-san.] Yuna

When I said that, the children nodded obediently. If I ate all those fishes that everyone caught, I might turn into a pig instead of a bear.

And no matter how much of a hikikomori I am, Im just a 15-year-old maiden. I still have some shame. Even if it isnt the case, I have to be careful not to overeat because I already have a punipuni(squishy) upper arm.

I thank the fishermen for letting us ride their boats, then we returned to the bear house. The fishermen will carry the fishes everyone caught later. Im really indebted to them.

Upon returning to the Bear House, the children reported to the director. I heard a lot about what kind of fish they caught, how I felt uncomfortable when they caught an octopus, and so on. Nifu-san smiles and listens to the childrens stories to the director and Liz-san.

Looking at those three, I think Nifu-san also became close with the children. Children are naturally gathering at Nifu-san. But as expected, most children gathered at the director.

After a while, the group exploring the town came back.

Then, like the children in the group who were fishing, they rushed to the director. The director is really popular. Every child talks to her happily. It seems that the group who visited the town also enjoyed it.

By the way, there was a child who came and talked to me.

Then, the fishermen brought the fish that the children caught, so I asked Anzu to cook it, and I decided to prepare the bath before meal so that I can enter first.

[By the way, Yuna-san. Did you know?] Noa

While soaking in the bathtub and healing the fatigue caused by the greetings, Noa, whos holding Swaying Bear in his cub form, asked me. She was jealous that Shuri slept with me and Hugging Bear, so I lent her Swaying Bear under the pretext of washing Swaying Bears body.

Even though once Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear were unsummoned would be beautiful again, they both liked to have their bodies washed, so I asked Noa and Misa to wash their bodies.

However, the way they washed them was so bad that the bears became full of foam, so I stopped them in a hurry.

[It seems that an island suddenly appeared in the empty sea. It is strange that an island to just suddenly appear.] Noa

Apparently, Noa also asked the fisherman about the mysterious island.

[But when I asked them if we could take a look at the island, they refused.] Noa

[It seems to be a dangerous place because there are whirlpools around it. Also, it seems that the boats that were trying to approach it also sank, so it cant be helped.] Yuna

[But they said that the island moved. Is the island really moving?] Noa

[There are floating islands, so if they are swept away by the ocean current, they will move, right?] Yuna

[But if there is such a moving island, I would like to go. I wonder if there is any way to go.] Noa

Yeah, I know, I also want to go, but I wont say that. I dont know what kind of danger there is on the island.

[Noa, even if you are the daughter of the lord of Crimonia and is somehow influential, you cant force the fishermen to do it.] Yuna

[I wont do that! Because if I do, my father will scold me!] Noa

She puffed her cheeks after refuting my words.

[I wish I could get on Swaying Bear-chan.] Noa

Noas happiness was restored by stroking the back of Swaying Bear that was chilling in the bathtub.

Then, when I got out of the bath, Noa and Misa dried Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear with a hair dryer while brushing them.

[They became fluffy.] Misa

The two happily hugs the fluffy Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear.
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