Kung Fu Beyond The World Book 1 Chapter 332

Volume 1: Kung Fu Beyond The World Chapter 332 332 Sneak Attack

Each year's college entrance examination is the focus of the attention of the media and the public.

Especially in an era of Kung Fu for the whole people now, after the college entrance examinations are completed each year, there are a large number of media to chase this hot spot, creating one after another "star of the whole people."

Even many provincial-level satellite TVs will launch various variety shows in the summer vacation of the next two months, inviting college entrance examination stars to participate, show strength, introduce experience ...

It is said that the ratings of some variety shows are quite good.

After the college entrance examination this time, the Xiang province immediately became popular.

Because after each year of college entrance examination training, each district will announce the final score list, especially the first group of students who can be admitted to the Top Four, it can be said that the people of the whole province are waiting for this list.

The number one in the list is really recognized by the everyone-the provincial champion of the college entrance examination.

Or maybe "the top team."

The media will naturally chase and interview the top-ranked students on the list, and the merchants are also preparing endors.e.m.e.nt advertis.e.m.e.nts and checks to prepare to spend money.

This is the usual practice.

After the college entrance examination this time, other provinces have successively announced the score list of this experience.

Only Xiang province has published a message and a name.

"In view of the Xiang province exam site, there was an emergency during the first pass of the college entrance examination, the drill was interrupted, there was no specific ranking. However, one candidate performed extremely well and was ranked first - Zhong Yihan, No. 3 High School, Anping County, Tai'an City. "

That's it.

Then the media exploded.

This time, it is not only the local media in Xiang province, but even foreign media, even state-level media, have followed the news.

What happened in the test center in Xiang province?

Who is Zhong Yihan? Why didn't anyone else get the grade, only he won the first place?

The reporters successively sought the Xiang Provincial Kung Fu Association and the Education Department, but the result was an official rhetoric "emergency incident involving confidential information, no comment".

A journalist went directly to the headquarters of the Kung Fu Association and requested to make public the training videos of the test centers in Xiang province and the truth of the incident.

As a result, the spokesman of the headquarters of the Kung Fu Association replied: "If it can be disclosed, then we don't need you to ask for it. We have already made it public. Since it is confidential and cannot be made public, it is not something you should know, Anything else to ask? "

The spokesman of the Kung Fu Association replied stiffly and immediately raised the heat of this matter again, which caused a heated discussion on the Internet.

However, the trend of public opinion on the Internet is that most netizens are laughing at journalists.

They said it was a confidential incident.

The reporters were angry but there was nothing they could do about the Kung Fu Association.

This conflict between journalists and the Kung Fu Association will not be the first, nor will it be the last.

On the grounds of various "confidentiality", the Kung Fu Association refused to be interviewed by reporters and refused to disclose the so-called "truth".

But reporters have no way to take them.

Not to mention that the Kung Fu Association is now a violent organ. They don't cooperate, and the reporter has no way at all. Let's say that there are seven or eight of the current news hotspots related to fighters.

Which media dared to offend the Kung Fu Association?

At that time, the media relied on their backstage, create topics, attract attention, and then completely provoke the Kung Fu Association, which was completely blocked by the Kung Fu Association.

Since then, none of the registered fighters, including Kung Fu learners, have been interviewed. Not to mention that some dangerous places need to be escorted by fighters. Those ordinary reporters are sent to death if they enter-but no fighter is willing to protect them.

The media that can't get the news is still worth living?

As a result, the media rapidly declined. Although it has not completely closed down yet, the market share has basically been lost.

So the reporters couldn't take the Kung Fu Association, so they aimed at Zhong Yihan.

Who made him the only student name in this announcement?

Moreover, everyone was also curious about what happened in the test center in Xiang Province, and why only Zhong Yihan was named and praised in the end.

Zhong Yihan was so annoyed by reporters that he hid in the Kung Fu Association and even changed his mobile phone number.

Of course, there is another important reason why he hid in the association-that is, he was worried about Li Hanguo's revenge.

The emergence of the fallen in the examination center in Xiang Province shocked the headquarters of the Kung Fu Association. The provincial Kung Fu Association even came forward personally and dispatched experts to cooperate with the Kung Fu Association of Tai'an and Qinggang to start cleaning up the forces of the Li family.

This time there are several master-level masters.

As a result, everyone in the Li family except Li Hanguo was arrested.

A secret altar beneath the Li family slaughterhouse was also found.

This discovery shocked the headquarters of the Kung Fu Association.

Who would have thought that the fallen could communicate with the evil gods by sacrificing animals?

This gave a wake-up call to the entire Kung Fu Association.

So in the next few months, the Kung Fu Associations in various places were mobilized to strictly investigate the breeding and slaughtering bases throughout the country, but they did catch some fallen organizations ...


The Kung Fu Association swept away the forces of the Li family, and Zhong Yihan was finally able to return home.

Although Li Hanguo has not been caught, the masters of the Kung Fu Association have found his trace and played against him.

Facing the masters of the Kung Fu Association, even though Li Hanguo had already had the first-level master strength, he was still injured and escaped and fled towards the south.

In other words, Zhong Yihan is finally safe now.

For at least a short time, the entire city of Tai'an was still under high pressure, and Li Hanguo certainly did not dare to return.

When he recovers from injury, he will come back for revenge ...

Zhong Yihan has been going to the Top Four.

On this earth, there are a few places that can be safer than the Top Four, let alone a Li Hanguo, even if it is a god from Different World, he dares not easily enter the Top Four campuses.

There, there is great horror!

Zhong Yihan returned home, but there was no one at home.

Because of Li Hanguo, Zhong Yihan let his sister Zhong Qiaoyue hide in Ying Xiaodie's house before. It is said that Zhong Qiaoyue was very popular in Ying's house. Even the ancestors went out in person and entertained her for a family dinner.

They were grateful to Zhong Yihan, and they extended this gratitude to his sister.

Zhong Yihan did not only saved Ying Nanyan, but he also frustrated Li Hanguo's plot.

Otherwise, Li Hanguo's conspiracy was successful and the evil god descended on Qinggang City, so Qinggang City will inevitably become a ruin!

When the space cracks appeared before, the Ying family took advantage of everyone's sales and spent a lot of money buying a lot of Qinggang City land.

Of course, the money is not only the family's own, but more of it is borrowed from the bank!

Once Qinggang City was occupied by the evil gods, Ying's previous investment of tens of billions had to be drained. Ying family would turn from prosperity to decline.

Therefore, the whole Ying family had to thank him.

When parents were traveling abroad, Zhong Qiaoyue was at Ying family—even Xiaohei was also taken away.

Zhong Yihan also enjoyed the silence and took a bath before going to bed.

During this time, he was really exhausted-both physically and psychologically.

Into the night.

Zhong Yihan slept in bed.

A dark shadow quietly opened the door of his bedroom without making a sound and came to the bedside of Zhong Yihan.

Then ...

A punch at Zhong Yihan on the bed!

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