Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball Chapter 16

15 Massacre

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The coach started to set up the main court so the game can continue. As this was happening Seiren was in the stands watching what happened and were completely in shock while looking at Tetsuya as he is just shaking his head,

Tetsuya: " He did it again, every time angry he destroy and demoralizes his opponents. He can use all the abilities of the GOM, but rather play using his style of play."

This made everyone look at him in fear, well everyone but Kagami who is smiling and itching to play him.

Tetsuya: " One game a player on the other team injured me that game, something unprecedented happened on the court. Aniki scored all 150 of our points after I went down. A whole basketball team quit after that game. After that he hated himself for it, and just played for fun."

Everyone thought the same thing

Everyone: ' An absolute massacre. Let's not anger him, or that will happen to us.'

Tatsumi sat on the bench eating for the court to be ready, trying to calm himself down.

Tatsumi:' Calm down, calm down, don't be that guy again, have some fun.'

The game was getting ready to resume when the coach came to talk to the team,

Coach:" Alright let's keep up the momentum, but first, Tatsumi seat out for awhile."

This surprised everyone even Tatsumi,

Tatsumi: " Why coach, we can keep up the pressure. "

Coach:" This is practice match remember, if the other team don't play his will our team learn and get better?"

Tatsumi must've been losing his senses as he wanted to see his teams' skills.

Tatsumi:" I understand coach, I'll sit out for a while.

And just like that the game continued on.

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