Kuzu Inou【Ondo Wo Kaeru Mono】 No Ore Ga Musou Suru Made Chapter 116

Kuzu InouOndo Wo Kaeru Mono No Ore Ga Musou Suru Made Chapter 116

116 War in the Forest 17 Running Thunder G.o.d 2

Principle (Serizawa Atsushi)I heard that he is immature in controlling the power, but I didnt expect it to be this much
AhI really thought I was dead by that

Two men stood in the whirling smoke. Although they both looked exhausted, they were safe. What surrounding them is the invisible wall.
This wall was pointless against that Principle Talent UserSerizawa Atsushi until a while ago, but for some reason, it protected them from the shock this time.

That guywhat happened to him? Did he die?

A boy was lying down on the ground in front of them. But both of them just looked at him and dont even try to move. It is the boy who cornered them a while ago and caused this large scale destruction. They cant approach him carelessly.


Lying face-down, the boys hand twitches. His back is moving slowly, so he seemed to be still breathing.

Serizawa Atsushi is still alive. He doesnt look as if he can move anymore, but

Even in that large scale destruction, the boy is still alive. With only deeply gouged ground around the boy. It looked as if he struggled through the explosion somehow by using his Talent. However, he doesnt look as if he can move anymore. He looks to be sustaining a serious wound as blood flows out from his whole body.

Hey, RindouWe shouldnt be minding about the hatchingof Principle or something. At this point, hes already dangerous. Its better to kill him quickly
Nothis child will be brought back as a sample. Because Original wants to examine him
Hey heyare you sane? If he does that again, we cant handle him, you know?
Leaving him like this will bring a greater danger in the future. Considering the risks, it should be better to bring him back with us

The skinhead man said that, and walked towards Serizawa Atsushi slowly. But the moment he tries to carry the boy, the boy suddenly disappeared from his sight.

What? He disappeared?
Tchtheres someone hereWhat now?

Rindou answered Urushibaras question with a question.

What do you mean by that?
Im asking whether to leave him and run away or not. Theres no reason for us to be here anymore, right?
We achieved the objective of this plan, but the capture of Principle is one of our big objectives. We must not miss this chance

Saying that, Rindou uses his Talent, Wall Maker to lay out the surroundings with walls.

I have sealed the way out. Find them, Urushibara. They should still be in here
Tchnothing will go well if youre greedy

Good grief, when I came to see you in worrySerizawkun, are you okay? From what I can see, you look to be seriously wounded

I strain my voice and answer to Midou Suguru (Pervert) who seemed to came to save me. I cant speak properly. I can only raise a weird sound like a zombies groan. I dont have the strength to move anymore.
Right now, Im being carried on his back, distancing from those guys while shaking, but to be honest, it hurts. Every time he steps forward, the vibration transmits to my whole body and a sharp pain resounds.
Thisfeels like its not only be a few rib bones that broke, but bones from 10 places of my body broke Although its my fault to not be able to control my own powerthis situation is too terrible.

Look! It was good to come and see him, isnt it? As expected, this guy was beaten thoroughly

Haa? Pikipikipikin. I can certainly feel veins showing up on my forehead. Something like agitating me naturally even though Im wounded without even caring for me. This guy!!!

Whatyous.h.i.tty beansprout b.a.s.t.a.r.d!!

While shaking on the perverts back, I strain my voice to curse the idiot. Im not that weak to the extent that I will leave this beansprout b.a.s.t.a.r.d says whatever he wants. Even though a dull pain runs through my body as I speak. Dont make me say pointless things, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!!

If you can talk that much, then you are okayI guess not. Serizawkunits better to not force yourself to talk any further. You are in a terrible state more than you thought

What are you saying? I know that my wounds are very bad, but I think its not to the extent that I need to be worried. I can think properly, and I should be able to move using my Talent when needed.

Dont talk, Serizawkun. Your bleeding is really badCant you feel it? Its a serious wound to the extent that its strange that you are still conscious. Any more of this will be a matter of life or death

Midou looks grim unusually. I have never seen this guy speak with such strong tone before. Is my wound that bad? Because I cant see my body as my neck hurts, I cant really feel that way I know that my stomach and eyes are heavily wounded because I felt a sharp pain running through them since a while ago. Well, when thinking that way, it might be quite bad

Serizawkun, at this rateno. I shouldnt be wasting my breath now. Anyway, lets head to Kagursan quick

Midou said that and raised his pace, but suddenly, a large invisible wall covering our sight, appeared.

Heywhats this invisible thing? I cant go through? Whats this? A wall?
Looks like they noticed us

This isclearly their ability. We couldnt move any further from here. They are probably searching for me so they lay out the wall to prevent me from running away. I want to destroy it like before, but the current me dont know how to do it.

This isnot good for us

Midou thinks for a while, facing the invisible wall, butas if he thought of something, he lays me down on the ground suddenly.
Laying me down gently as if hes tending for my wound. Ah, I cant believe I would be treated like this by that pervertits like Im a patient or an old man. No, Im a normal wounded person.

Serizawkun. Sorry, but please stay here for a while. Because weneed them to remove this wall as soon as possible

Standing up after laying me down, he showed a grim expression that I have never seen before.

A a?

A weird voice came out from my mouth. Whats this voice? I cant even talk properly, huh
Nono no. Not that. Thats not important.
Wait a minute. Dont tell my you guys plan to challenge them? You cant. You must not do that. You will be killed instantly. I want to say that, but my mouth cant move.

If I do this, no one will be able to find you as long as you dont move. Hiding
You just sleep there quietly. We will go and kick their a.s.ses!!!

Saying that, Midou and Ueki ran to where I was before.

No. They will lose right away.
I cant be sleeping here. I need to fight. I need to save them before they get killed. I thought of it, but my body really cant move. I want to stand by myself, but I cant muster any strength.


But still, I cant leave them like that. I pushed my body forcibly with my Talent, and somehow managed to stand.
I need to fight with them. Thinking that, I somehow stood up.
Up until there was fine, but the next moment, my sight turned white.


My knees drop. As I thought, I cant move my legs. I fell to the ground once again.
The shock and pain run through my body. At the same time, I felt my face falling into the red liquid.

What is this?
Red water. Water? No.

This isblood. Ah, I see. My blood, huh.
Did some rubbles stab my body during the explosion? Thanks to the pain all over my body, I didnt realize the bleeding. How long have I been losing blood?
Come to think of it, how much blood lost will kill a person?
Measuring from the puddle of blood spreading this ground How is it?

Thisisnt this far off surpa.s.sing the lethal amount?


The moment I think of that, a large amount of blood came out from my mouth. The volume of the pool of blood increases.
This is also my blood? This is bad. Really. Bad.


I can hear someones voice in my mind.

Ah, so cold. Its so cold right now. As if my whole body is freezing.
But have I ever felt this kind of coldness before? I dont think that I have felt the cold and hot properly up until now. Why am I cold? Why am I feeling cold right now?

When I was confused that way, my sight suddenly darkens. I can hear that guys voice again far from my mind.

nojya!? jya!!!

Shiro? Ah, its Shiro. Shiros voice. But my vague consciousness disappears right away. His voice becomes softer. I cant hear him anymore.

I think Shiro is still shouting of something, but I cant hear it.
And I cant see anything anymore. Neither bright nor dark. What the h.e.l.l is this?

I can feel that everything is disappearing gradually.
Sound, colors, pain, and also cold.
And. I cant feel anything anymore. Worry, questions, and thoughts. All of them disappears.

But stillI can feel that I can hear someones voice from somewhere.
But that is erased by the enlarging silence in my mind, and disappeared.

Andwhat came is an empty world. An overwhelming silence filled me.

Just like that, I really cant feel anything.
I cant hear any voice.

And lastly, I

I felt that my lifetearing up like a thread.

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