Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 1 Chapter 23

Volume 1 Chapter 23 23: Another Japanese Lover?

Country K was in an uproar!

People all over China were in an uproar as well!

The people from Japan posted pictures of a seemingly 'normal' photo of gorgeous couple in front of an Airport in Sapporo.

They wondered if those two were celebrities from another country so they cannot help but take a photo of them and post it, hoping that they were some reactions.

And it did caused a huge reaction! A huge revelation!

The photo showed a 'very' familiar, well respected and idolized figure of Country K, together with a 'mysterious' yet gorgeous woman.

Who is this lady that the Devil is with? Could she be his lover?!

The media was thirsty for more information! This juicy gossip cannot be ignored!

Newspapers, magazine and the internet were covered with the headline.

[The Devil has a Lover in Japan?]

This news was very similar to Lillie Bai's case, who might also have a lover in Japan. But, to Ethan Li's case, they have evidences! Hundreds of them!

Unfortunately, the media cannot distinguish who was this goddess walking side-by-side with Ethan Li but they can definitely tell that she was a rare beauty!

Just by a simple get-up, even the famous A-lister actress under HL Company, Ping Xiao Yue, cannot be compared to this mystery lady.

Inside Sunrise Media, Ping Xiao Yue stare at her phone with an ugly expression, the grip on her phone was so tight, the screen already cracked.

"Yue-er, be at ease. You know those kinds of gossips cannot be trusted. That woman just so happen to stand beside Mr Li, she's just an irrelevant person!" Xiao Yue's assistant said with an arrogant tone

"Humph! Our Xiao Yue is better than that woman! How dare those stupid people compare her from the real goddess! Are those people blind?" Assistant Chen harshly discriminated.

"That's right!"

"She's just a thirsty bitch who leeched from Mr Li's radiance!"

"You shouldn't downgrade yourself with someone like her, Miss Ping!"

"You're the Ping Family's princess, who does that s.l.u.t think she is?" People under Ping Xiao Yue sucked up to her, causing her ego and arrogance to get bigger because of it.

Their words were like a dull knife, seemingly dangerous but useless.

If they knew that the woman they were slandering is actually a person who's equally as powerful, or maybe even more, as the person they idolized, wouldn't they want to kill themselves in fright?

Who would dare slander the She-Devil? They must be asking for an early death!

"Hm! You're all right! Whoever that person is must be someone of no importance." Ping Xiao Yue haughtily replied.

Xiao Yue is the youngest granddaughter of Ping Weng, Ping Xiao Zhi's father.

Ping Xiao Zhi is Zhang Guan's ex wife and their daughter is Xiao Yue.

Now you probably know where Ping Xiao Yue got her arrogant attitude from.

At the Bai family's old residence, Elder Bai and Old Madam Bai were staring at a newspaper with wide eyes.

They might be old but their eyes are still sharp! How could they not recognize their eldest granddaughter?

"This...Little flower is in Japan...with that boy?" Elder Bai's eyes dilated. What is that boy planning now?

"Isn't this such a great news? Their relationship finally leveled up!" Old Madam Bai clapped her hands in delight.

"What great news?! My poor little flower is with a beast! God knows what he'll do to her!" Inside Elder Bai's mind, he imagined a big bad wolf cornering his little flower, red riding hood, inside the forest, ready to 'eat' her.

"No, no! My little flower wait for grandpa! I'll come and save you from that rogueack!" Old Madam Bai smacked her childish husband harshly on the head.

"Dear, your poor husband is innocent! Why did you smack me, wuwu." Elder Bai tearfully and pitifully whined to his wife.

Old Madam Bai sighed and glared at him, causing the poor Elder to immediately shut up.

This wife is such a bully! I call for domestic abuse! Battered husband!

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