Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 1 Chapter 28

Volume 1 Chapter 28 28: Hope To Receive Her Love

"Take him back and never show you faces to me again."

"Y-yes, ma'am!" The goons scurried to carry their crippled leader.

Lillie watched in cold gaze as they disappeared from her sight.

"Are you alright?" Ethan asked, appearing behind her in concern.

This...isn't the role seem to be reversed? Was it not suppose to be him who will be the knight in shinning whom will save the damsel in distress?

He must've known, Lillie is no damsel in distress but a damsel with kicks.

"En." Lillie let out a long breathe. The heavy feeling was gone.

She admit that she could go overboard sometimes but, what that faux leader did might've eradicate him and everyone with connection to him.

Lillie was already benevolent to teach him a lesson. If this matter reached the Underworld Reapers' ears, there will be bloodshed.

The rule that the Underworld society took great caution of is that no one can claim to be what they are not, especially if one proclaims to be one of the Legendary Mythical Leaders.

Being one of the real leaders, Lillie should be the one who's the most furious. He was lucky that it was her who he encountered, if it were the others he'll be dead by now.

The Legendary Mythical Leaders might be a group of powerful figures however, they are no where near friends.

They see each other as a threat towards the Underworld Leader's seat. Lillie and He Jiu were old friends, so when they find out each other's identity, they decided to create a Blood Alliance.

It is a contract or an agreement to be comrades in arms forever. If one committed treason, the Underworld Reapers will kill him/her and all of their power will be given to the other party.

Lillie and He Jiu do not wish to have the throne but the other two Leaders wanted their power, that is why they have no choice but to fight them off.

"I'll message Haruka to tell her we'll find another place to watch the fireworks." Ethan softly said and gently pulled Lillie towards his embrace.

Lillie didn't seem to mind Ethan's actions and let it be, she does not want to appear petty.

Ethan was new to the place but his guts told him to go up the hill. When they've reached the top, the scenery was breathtaking.

The city could be seen from up here. The buildings' light were like colorful stars in the dark horizon.

Lillie had to admit, the place was beautiful and air was cooler and fresher.

Ethan held Lille's hand and lead her towards the edge of the hill. Once again, Ethan placed his haori on the ground, letting Lillie sit on it.

The atmosphere was peaceful for Lillie. As for Ethan, he had so much coming through his mind.

He wanted to ask her a lot of things. Firstly, when did she learn to fight like that?

Oh wait, he forgot that Lillie was a black belter back then.

Speaking of back then, why did she hated him? What did he do to make her dislike him?

Also, he wanted to confess his love for her. He wanted to tell her the truth about those letters.

He wanted to tell her. "It was me who've been sending you those letters. It was me who wanted to be your boyfriend so bad!"

But, his tongue would quickly back out as soon as he open his mouth, no words were let out.

For being the infamous Devil of the Elite Society and Business World, he was such a coward in front of her.

Although, he would not deny that for the past few weeks he's been with her, for the past few days here in Japan, he was so darn happy.

He was happy that Lillie would no longer look at him in scorn like he was the thorn to her rose.

However, she still talk coldly to him sometimes, she talk like that to everyone so that's an improvement!

With just that, Ethan was satisfied.

Hopefully, she would learn to love him soon.

(Extra Scene)

[We've changed location]

Haruka received Ethan's message while holding a plastic full of beverages.

[Where are you?] She replied.


"..." what?

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