Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 1 Chapter 35

Volume 1 Chapter 35 35: Cousin

Storm was confused all through out the ride back to what he thought was the way to the Bai mansion.

Did Country K's roads changed? Or did the Bai Family relocated?

The latter was quite hard to believe. That mansion stood for many generations. So, where are they going?

Lillie turned off her phone after she've send a message to Elliot that they're back.

When she noticed that Storm seemed to be lost she said, "I no longer stay at the Bai mansion."

Storm tilted his head, not understanding her meaning.

"Since my parents arranged my marriage to him.." She pointed at Ethan.

"..they decided for us to live together from now on."

Storm's eyes shrunk, his fur stood up and bared his fangs in an aggressive manner.


Ethan didn't flinched, instead he directly stared at Storm's red eyes and gave him a mocking smirk.


"Awuuu awuu!"

The driver almost lost his control on the wheel because of fright. He swear, after they've arrived at the Tranquil Villa, he'll sign for resignation!

Lillie pinched the bridge of her nose and exhaled. Two a.d.u.l.t males acting like kids.

The car entered Peach Town after the security checked them. They almost loaded their guns when they saw Storm but Lillie reassured them that he's trained.

Storm scoffed. He's smarter than those pesky humans, except for his Mistress. No one is more intelligent and cunning as her.

"Welcome to Tranquil Villa, Storm. This will be your new home." Entering the villa, Storm was dumbfounded.

Though it's not big as the Bai mansion, it's still massive. Plus, when he came to the backyard, he saw an acre of land full of plantation.

Butler Tian and Nanny Ying welcomed them home as the servants carried their belongings back to their rooms.

When Storm came back from the garden, he saw Butler Tian and immediately jumped onto him.

Nanny Ying almost had a heart attack. But then, she heard Butler Tian laughing.

"Hahaha Xiao Hei!"[1] Butler Tian laughed, petting Storm's head.

Nanny Ying sighed and shook her head.

It appears this stoic old man can laugh and smile after all.

"Nanny Ying, no need to be afraid. Storm has been the Bai family's friend and guardian. Rest assured that he'll do no harm." Nanny Ying nodded.

They were ordered to let the others know of Storm's presence and not to panic, he already caused quite the commotion when he suddenly entered the garden.

"Young Miss, Madam Agathe came here yesterday and send a package." Butler Tian mentioned.

"Where's the package?"

"Inside your room, miss."

Lillie thanked him and went upstairs to her bedroom. Ethan watched her until she disappeared from the hallway's corner.

Currently holding the phone on his ear, he listen to his father's voice.

[It'll be your Granduncle's birthday tomorrow. We are expected to come as usual.]

"Yeah, I'll come." He answered indifferently.

Although, he might not show it, Li Ye Feng knew that his son hates visiting his Grandmother's family.

To be blunt, he hates interacting or even seeing a certain female cousin.

Ping Xiao Yue.

Ping Lin Hua is Ethan's paternal grandmother and her brother is Ping Wen.

Ping Wen will be celebrating his 70th birthday tomorrow, surely he'll see his abominable cousin again.

Every time there's an occasion in the Ping family, the Lis are always present. Ping Xiao Yue could be seen beside Ethan, following him the whole time.

If you wish to search for Ethan Li, one must look out for Ping Xiao Yue. The female guests would swoon and admire Ethan Li from afar and when they wish to interact with him, this Ping Xiao Yue would have a way for that to not happen.

The only thing he's grateful of her is shooing the ladies away from him. But that doesn't sound terrible compare from being bothered and constantly hearing her babbling on how amazing she is.

Talk about extreme narcissism.

At least those ladies are polite and proper with class while Ping Xiao Yue was just plain shameless.

Blame that to constant spoiling and pampering from the Ping family.

She never failed to irk him to no end. That's why he tried to avoid her as much as possible.

However, because he is soon to be married, he can make a valid excuse to not interact with her anymore!

Or...if only he can invite the future missus for extra protection.

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