Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 1 Chapter 38

Volume 1 Chapter 38 38: Dazzling Castles Princess

Elder Ping was still surprise even though he've guessed it. This Grandnephew of his was hard to please. The ladies handpicked by him and his family were harshly refused every single time.

If he cannot find anyone, he might've suggested him Ping Xiao Yue. Marrying one's cousin or any distant relative is not unheard of. However, there was something telling him that it was a bad idea to match Ethan and Xiao Yue together.

He's glad he wasn't muddleheaded back then. Ethan's fiancee, just by looking at her, emit such intense aura. The formidable air around her cannot be hidden.

Lillie was silent the entire time, ignoring everyone's gaze. However, their was something she cannot ignore.

This feeling...she was familiar all too well.

Killing intent.

Oh hoh? Someone wanted to kill her? Well, you must make yourself worthy first.

"Cousin brother's fiancee? Wow, you're really beautiful." Ping Xiao Yue calmly walked towards her.

Lillie raised her eyebrow. That intense killing intent was definitely coming from her. What does she want?

"I'm Ping Xiao Yue, nice to meet you...uhm.."

"Ana." Lillie replied.

"Miss Ana, I believe this was the first time I've met you." Ping Xiao Yue sweetly smiled.

"I believe so." Only a handful of people had met and seen Lillie Bai, most of them were important figures all around the world.

They thought she doesn't want anyone knowing what she look like that's why they've kept their mouth shut, in fear to face her wrath.

The ladies who've been following Ping Xiao Yue went beside her to steal glances at the engaged couple.

They were grieving that their crush, Ethan Li, was already engaged. His fiancee was definitely a beauty. Even though they are beautiful in the eyes of 'normal' people, in the Elite Society, they stood by average.

If they stood beside her, they're afraid they would never get married. Their gap would be like a heaven and earth.

Some were glad that it was her who will marry Ethan Li and not his arrogant, narcissistic cousin. Ping Xiao Yue's looks was not even a percent of Lillie's beauty.

Plus, Lillie's looks were all natural unlike Ping Xiao Yue who had her nose, lips and b.r.e.a.s.t done.

Suddenly, one of Ping Xiao Yue's 'friends' pointed out something very interesting that Ping Xiao Yue thought of a malicious scheme.

"That dress, isn't that the dress Dazzling Castle posted a few days ago?" The woman who pointed it out was a die hard fan of Madame Agathe's works.

Dazzling Castle had a Weibo account and on that you will find the new dresses and bags they made. Also, you will find the clothes Madame Agathe made for her family, especially Lillie.

She just love showcasing her daughter's fashion sense. Her own clothing line, Dazzling Castle's Princess.

The clothes she wore were posted on Weibo. The ladies felt like Madame Agathe was torturing them, why you say?

Well, the dresses of Lillie Bai, no matter how much money you offer, was not for sale.

They could only swallow their grief.

Back to the main topic, the ladies recognize the dress. It was indeed the dress posted for Dazzling Castle's Princess line.

It's impossible for anyone to wear the She-Devil's clothes...this means, it was an imitation!

"Ana, that dress...is that really from Dazzling Castle?" Being an actress was really a perk. She could fake her emotions really well.

When she saw that Lillie was being silent, she mentally mocked her.

"Ana, do you know what will happen if Lillie Bai finds out you had someone imitate her dress?" Ping Xiao Yue hid a malicious smirk.

Hah, bitch you're dead. Just because you're cousin brother's fiancee doesn't mean you're safe from the She-Devil's wrath!

Everyone know their rivalry, their hate for one another. That's why no one would've guessed that 'Ana' is the She-Devil herself.

The guests heard what she said and all whispered their hateful thoughts.

"I thought she was a lady with prestigious background, I can't believe she'll stoop that low to imitate the dress Lillie Bai wore."

"She must've seduced Ethan Li really well to be placed on a lofty seat."

"Just look at her, she wasn't even trying to deny it!"

"Shameless bitch!"

The Li family heard every word those idiotic people said that they wanted to cough blood of anger and embarrassment!

Angry because they dared curse their daughter-in-law, accuse her of being fake and embarrassed because Lillie was being slandered at their own relative's house.

Elder Ping felt really uncomfortable because of this. He was really angry, he felt sorry for Lillie.

She will be a Li soon, she's the woman who'll be marrying his Grandnephew. He've caused her such predicament at his own party.

One cannot help but feel embarrassed.

As he was about to speak, the grand doors of the party hall flew opened as a 'familiar' group appeared.

The guests gasped in surprise, who would've expect for the Bai family to attend Elder Ping's party!

The Ping were the Li's relative, wouldn't that make them enemies?

The clothes they wore were surely made by Madame Agathe, look the theme color was matched to what Lillie wore.

Ping Xiao Yue felt like the heavens were on her side. She can make a complaint on Lillie's shameless actions to the Bais personally!

Let's see how you escape this mishap now, Ana!

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