Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 1 Chapter 42

Volume 1 Chapter 42 42: White Bird Organizations Elders

Gabriel's eyes were covered by the sunglasses so, Yi Fei didn't see his eyes turning to her direction.

If the topic was all about the game, Gabriel simply cannot ignore. Removing his mask he said, "It's called Mystique. Sis said it's connected to Nightingale."

Yi Fei tilted her head, unsatisfied with the information. "That's all she said?"

Gabriel shook his head. "She was explaining too much so I made her stop. I don't want her to spoil me too much."

Too modest! You're too modest!

If I was sister-in-law's blood sibling, I....

...I would probably do the same.

Gabriel and Yi Fei sighed.


Inside a dimly lit room, the only thing that illuminates the place is a huge flatscreen TV as it flashed the occupants its contents.

"Mystique skyrocketed the gaming world thanks to everyone, whom contributed their hard work." Elliot announced and showed them the game's current ratings.

The board softly clapped their hands.

"For celebration, the company will be hosting a party as thanks for everyone's hard work, I hope the esteemed board members will attend as well." Elliot passed on Lillie's words.

"Of course, Secretary Anderson. Please, send our best regards to CEO Bai and Miss Fujikawa." A Chinese woman with black hair said, formally.

"CEO Bai is too humble. We all knew she and Miss Fujikawa were the ones whom had the biggest contribution on the game." A blonde man replied.

The board members were changed since the Zhang Guan incident. Lillie had handpicked everyone very carefully.

Much like Elliot, they are not your ordinary businessmen/women, especially if the She-Devil herself choose them.

(Inside the Lillie's office)

[I didn't expect Mystique to be this popular!] Currently on video call, Haruka was grinning from ear-to-ear when Lillie informed her.

With doc.u.ments on her grasp, Lillie skimmed through its contents. "You should believe in my capabilities more often." If Haruka was drinking something, she would've spit it out directly on her tablet.

How could she forget...being capable is an understatement, she's a monster!

Plus, her being one of the Legendary Mythical Creatures, White Bird, what she is capable of doing...only god knows what! Her power is limitless and yet...Haruka wondered why Lillie would fight Ethan when it came to business when she's already this powerful. Don't be greedy, Lillie!

Haruka ended the call because she didn't know if Lillie was still listening to her.

Elliot had taken care of the board meeting with the new board members. Speaking of board members, those people are Lillie's trusted confidants whom are all members of the White Bird Organization.

Yes, all of them belong to the mafia and Lillie is their boss. She's already their boss in the Underworld and now, she's still their boss in the 'Human Realm'.

Human Realm is what the Underworld call the normal society, while they call themselves dweller of the Demon Realm as they think of themselves as Demons, monsters and etcetera, because they are not good people.

Hey, at least they admit it, right?

The board members and Elliot left the boardroom and went into another room, two floors above the boardroom and just below the floor where Lillie's office was located. This time the place does not have the serious atmosphere but a warm and relaxing one.

The room was bright, it had a large flatscreen TV, couches, tables and refrigerator. If the living room and a kitchen had a baby, it'll be this one.

The board consists of six members, three for both s.e.x. These six, plus Elliot, were the Elders of White Bird Organization, Lillie's most trusted subordinates.

Lillie asked them a favor to disguise themselves as members of the board for WPE.

As soon as everyone entered the room, it's as if there was invisible switch that turns on and off. The former business-like and serious board members' behavior and attitude, suddenly changed.

"Geez, if my parents heard that I'm a board member of WPE, they'll probably laugh so hard their trachea would fall." The man with bright and curly blonde hair said in humor.

He's White Bird Organization's head hacker, Lan Wu Cheng, known as Red Raven by the Underworld. People who are close to him knew that he was a playboy, a carefree guy that never meddles in business stuffs.

He hates business stuffs.

But since his beautiful Boss let out an order, how could he refuse?

"I was surprise that you even accept it. Didn't expect you were that deeply smitten by the Boss' beauty." The beautiful and tall Chinese woman with black hair, scoffed.

An Xiu Ling, the head strategist of White Bird Organization, also known as Enyo [1]. She hates people like Lan Wu Chen, a playboy. After being dumped by her boyfriend of ten years for her best friendcliche as it may soundshe swear to never love again.

"Awww, don't be jealous babe. You're still the number two gem in my eyes." He said, huskily and send her a playful wink.

"You want me to pierce your eyes?" Lan Wu Cheng yelped when An Xiu Ling gave him a deadly glare and threatened him with the daggers on her hand.

Elliot sighed, not even wondering how she sneaked them inside the company.

"Now, now, Ling-er, you wouldn't want to stain the Boss' carpet with blood, right?" The peacemaker, sort of, is another Chinese woman. Her hair was the color of blood, clearly dyed but one cannot help but shiver when someone saw her. Plus, that creepy close-eyed smile she always had, it causes everyone's nightmares.

She is Feng Chunhua, known as Thousand Face Succubi, the leader of WBO's information broker that specializes in seeking out information while the victim is intoxicated with l.u.s.t.

Like a courtesan but with guns and death.

Beside her is a handsome Chinese man with jet black hair and serious grey eyes that were covered by a square frame eyeglasses. He is the ever so quiet and mysterious Song Mo Kun, leader of the Elite Assassination Squad, known as Silent Death.

His coworkers didn't really know him much but, they knew he's extremely loyal to the boss.

Lastly we have the twins, Cyrus and Cyra. Both abandoned by their mother to fend for themselves, they grew up on the dangerous streets and learned to survive by fighting and killing.

If you're not strong, you diethat's their motto. Infamously known as the King and Queen of the streets.

Now, they are known by the whole Underworld as Killer Jack and Jill. They're inseparable, everyone knew how ruthless they are. Imagine a fourteenth year old kid holding a man, trice their size, squeezing him single handedly on the neck, with crazed grins on their faces, whispering terrifying words that would hunt anyone even when they die.

Lillie was just randomly roaming the streets when she stumbled upon a group of armed men in red suits, surrounding two bloody teenagers. They, unfortunately, caught the eyes of Red Dragon as he tried to force them into submission. When the twins refused, he send elite assassins to end them.

The assassins were stronger than the ones they've fought off before. They were completely vulnerable.

Lillie had heard about them and were also intrigue by their strength that's why she saved them. And from them on, they now belong to White Bird.

"Dream on, stupid raven, Boss wouldn't even bat an eyelid for you." Cyrus deadpanned.

"Hah?!" Lan Wu Cheng exclaimed, angrily.

Cyra rolled her eyes and mockingly said, "You're not even a quarter inch as handsome as boss' fiancee."

"Fiancee?!" Lan Wu Cheng's jaw dropped.

"Don't tell me you don't know?" Based on Lan Wu Cheng's expression, An Xiu Ling assumed that he didn't.

"For a hacker of your calibre, you sure don't know your stuff." She snorted.

"I was busy, okay! Plus, there wasn't a single news about their engagement."

"You think Boss would let that happen?"

Lan Wu Cheng was silent but his answer is clearly 'no'.

"Anyway, who's the lucky bastard that manage to tie our Boss with the red string of fate?"

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