Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 1 Chapter 44

Volume 1 Chapter 44 44: Wish To Wait For The Wife And Greet Her

A black figure leaped through a mansion's rooftop without being seen. With the help of the night, the figure in all black perfectly blend in with the darkness.

Tall, aggressive looking men were roaming around the estate, not a single rock was left unturned. And yet, the figure went unnoticed and failed to see him/her jumping inside one of the mansion's window.

The mysterious intruder accurately went inside the mansion's study room that belongs to the head of the household. Stealthily roaming around the study, the intruder began to rampaged and opened every drawers he/she sees. The books were emptied out of the shelves, checking for any secret compartments. The paintings were taken down, things were pulled. The wall and floor were knocked to check if it was hollow.



The intruder carefully pulled out a tile. It was a safe that can be accessed by a password, finger print and voice. This type of safe, unless you have the remote, when you got it wrong even for the first try, the alarm would trigger.

For the finger print, this office has it everywhere but, what is the only thing the master would always touch that others cannot?

Duh, the safe.

The intruder sighed, everything was child's play.

The screen turned green once again after the finger print was placed. Now, this was the tricky part, the voice access.

The intruder moved his/her mask until it shows a mouth. Clearing his/her throat, the intruder leaned closer and said,

"Open." In a rough, deep voice of an old man. If one would not look at the intruder's slender and youthful body, you wouldn't believe that the voice came from him/her.

With a satisfying click, the safe opened and revealed the things the intruder exactly wanted.

"I see..."


Ethan drove the car through Tranquil Villa's gates. The security saluted before going back to his post. Noticing Lillie's car is not present, he assumed that she's still at the company.

He hoped she don't work too much. He knew how much of a workaholic she is, much like him but worst. Her body just came out of the cold after all.

Nanny Ying and Butler Tian greeted him when he entered the house. Nanny Ying offered him dinner but he politely refused, saying that he will wait for Lillie.

The roles have been reversed. Ethan felt like a wife waiting for her husband to come home from work. He's not complaining, only if he could kiss her and say 'Welcome home, honey.' Lillie would probably slap him silly or kick him in the 'baby maker' if he tried to kiss her again.

Entering the living room, he was about to sit on the couch when a humongous, black living-thing came into his view. Storm lift his head up and stare blankly at Ethan's person as if saying, 'The f*ck you looking at?'

Ethan's eyes narrowed, that beast is laying lazily ON.THE.WHITE.COUCH.

He was about to call Nanny Ying or Butler Tian when he remembered that this wolf is as stubborn as his Mistress. Even though Storm likes Butler Tian, he would not listen to him when he don't want to.

"Get off the couch." Ethan coldly ordered. Storm stood up, making Ethan surprised but then his face twisted in annoyance when Storm turned his back against him, arrogantly showing his tail before laying back once again.


Even though Lillie infuriate him sometimes, she's still lovable. Unlike this damn animal, not cute at all!

Ethan took a few strides forward. If he does not want to leave, then fine! I'll make you my seat instead!

Storm's breath hitched when a weight threw itself on him. Howling in anger, Storm bared his sharp fangs to Ethan, whom stoically stared back before averting his attention on his phone, completely ignoring the frustrated wolf.

If you're concern that Ethan might squash Storm to death, don't worry. Storm is bigger and stronger than humans. Though, I cannot say the same thing towards Ethan, no matter how hard Storm squirm, he cannot flick him off.

Storm reluctantly gave up. He swear, as soon as this bastard got up, he'll bite his head off!

Suddenly, Ethan and Storm's ears perked at the familiar sound of a car's engine. When Ethan got off, Storm immediately ran off and dashed out of the living room, completely outrunning Ethan, whom had a reputation to keep.

Even if he wanted to, he cannot just run like a mad man rushing his way to the entrance door and excitedly wait for his wife to come in. That was Storm's job...sadly.

He can only calmly walkthough a bit fasterhis way towards the door.

Lillie entered the villa and was not surprised to see Storm waiting for her by the door, his tail wagging enthusiastically.

"I'm home." She said, patting Storm's head gently. Storm's tail wagged even faster, incredibly happy by receiving his Mistress' affections.

Lifting her head, Lillie's eyes focused on a corner where Ethan stood with a calm expression. His arms crossed and looked at her as if he's expecting her to say something.

She silently stared at him in curiosity. Lillie hummed in confusion when Ethan stared at her intensely, as if impatient.

"Welcome home." Ethan grumbled, annoyed that she didn't greet him and instead, she greeted her wolf.

Excuse me, who is your hus-future husband again? Is it that damn wolf? Isn't this against the law?!

Hello, mother-in-law? Yes, I would like to report that your daughter doesn't see me as her future husband, instead it was that annoying wolf of hers! Please explain to your daughter who's her husband again!

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