Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 1 Chapter 47

Volume 1 Chapter 47 47: Inside Cell 666

With White Bird's prominent figure made its appearance inside the HQ, everyone bowed their head and greeted her in unison.

"Welcome back, Boss!"

Lillie waved her hand, allowing them lift their heads but their eyes refused to meet hers in fear that their legs might give up. If a normal citizen saw these group of intimidating people, they would never expect that they will feel feeble in front of this slender woman in white.

The juniors whom saw their Boss for the first time were in awe. Even though the Boss wore a mask, just by looking at her plump red lips, her smooth, flawless, white skin, they can definitely tell that she's a beauty!

As for the senior subordinates, they did their best to stop their trembling body. Their Boss' vermillion red eyes were moving left and right, she was searching for a rat! The clicking of her heels didn't help ease their nerves. Instead, they felt even more terrified.

When they heard her heels stopped abruptly, their hearts jumped. Did she found someone suspicious?

"You." Her delicate finger pointed at a man. The man flinched when he saw her finger pointing at him while the others were relieved that it was not them who were called out.

The man Lillie called was a new face, he was recruited a month ago.

"Boss!" The man stepped out of his line and saluted.

"You are?" Lillie curtly questioned.

"R129 under the Beta Assassin Regiment! Specialized in hand-to-hand combats and sharp shooting! Recruited one month and ten days passed!" He concisely elucidated, the anxiousness he was feeling a while ago vanished.

Lillie nodded and raised her hand. R129 bowed and came back to his line. The seniors sighed in relief knowing that R129 was not a rat.


"Yes!" A tall, muscular man came out of his line, his expression was unreadable as a prominent aura surrounds his. He was one of the oldest subordinates who's under the Alpha Integrators and Torturers. They are the ones who handle the enemies and traitors they've caught, torturing them to spit out the information they needed.

"Bring me to the Blazing Purgatory, Cell 666."

T16 saluted, obediently followed her command. When the others heard what she uttered, they felt fear rushing through their veins.

The Blazing Purgatory is a notorious prison block where people who created the greatest treason against White Bird are punished brutally. Forced to live in torment forever, denying its tenants the sweet taste of death.

The Torturers inside are all elites and are expert in giving the prisoners their daily misery. Be it physically, mentally or both. All of them are coldblooded demons.

"Ahh! Ahhh!"

T16 didn't flinched nor shivered as he heard the Blazing Purgatory's prisoners cried of agony. He was already used to seeing such horrifying view. There, he saw a body tied on a blood table, his stomach was open and his entrails were out but, the man is still alive because he was screaming.

It was one of his favorites. Cutting a man open and sewing him back without anesthesia.

"P-P-ple-ase! K-kill m-meahhhh!!" He cried is utter despair and pain. When T16 looked at the cause for everyone's anguish, he saw an unfazed woman. It seems all of this monstrosity didn't bother her one bit.

White Bird seemed to enjoy everything, not even a slight squirm was shown.

If she isn't the reincarnation of the Goddess of Death then who?

As they come near their destination, a profound screaming and m.o.a.ning of a woman was heard. Her voice sounded hoarse and dry, might be because of her non-stop vocalizing. Cell 666's guards saw their infamous Boss so their bodies straightened.

Her presence was already expected because every time White Bird visits the HQ, her first stop will be Cell 666.

"Greetings to Boss!" The guards addressed her in sync.

"How is she?" She asked.

"The prisoner is having one of her 'sessions' with the other prisoners." One of the guards informed.

"Separate them, I want to see her." She indifferently ordered."

"Yes!" As the guards went inside, you can hear men and a woman's voice screaming crazily. After a few minutes, the cell's metal door opened and the guards held five huge men out by their necks. The last guard was inside, chaining a beaten, n.a.k.e.d woman on the wall.

The cell's stench reeks of blood, sweat, urine and other more inappropriate substance as the woman on the wall was covered by all of them. Her body is pale and purple, her hair was in messy tangles and her eyes were dull, as if the life inside her was sucked out.

Red lips curved into a sinister smirk, red eyes were staring at the miserable woman in mockery.

"How are you faring today, Yu Mei?"

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