Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 1 Chapter 64 1

Volume 1 Chapter 64 64: Hurts My Eyes Part 1

"You're not fighting alone."


"I did not choose to fix all of your mess, it's my obligation to fix them. My organization is being attack by that fake, you think I would just let you take care all of it?" Lillie glared at him.

Ethan was speechless.

"I appreciate your kind intentions. I know that you felt responsible for the things happening in the Underworld. I'm not blaming you for leaving, it is your right to choose. Unfortunately, someone made this as an opportunity to rise. And that someone was not satisfied." She solaced, softly.

Ethan's heart thumped. Can somebody try on pinching him? Never mind, if this was a dream, he wish to never wake up.

Or maybe, can someone check if this was really Lillie Bai?

A month has already passed since the first day they've met at the restaurant and a lot has already happened. Their parents gifted them this villa for them to live together. They've build their own company and became allies in the Underworld.

Also, Ethan have noticed Lillie's change of attitude towards him. Once, she was so cold, distant and mean to him. But now, she've turned soft, gently, kind and a bit sweet from time-to-time.

"Alright, I won't. But I'll still help in the best way I can." He responded in determination.

"That's good to hear." Lillie lips curled upwards into a gently smile that caused Ethan's heart to jump wildly.


After their talk, Lillie and Ethan stayed at the living room while enjoying the warm tea she brewed and the midnight snacks Nanny Ying prepared for them.

Suddenly, the peaceful silence was destroyed by a loud ring. Lillie lifted her phone and glanced at the caller. Without moments hesitation, she answered it while stepping outside on the balcony.

Ethan sensed something, his guts tells him that there'll be trouble approaching soon.

Only a minute has passed before Lillie came back inside. The wrath on her face was evident. The aura she emitted was extremely cold and deadly that even he almost shivers in fear.

As he was about to open his lips to ask, he was cut off by her saying, "Prepare yourself. We're going to the HQ, now." In a demonic tone.

Ethan and Lillie did not waste any seconds before they furiously drove towards the HQ with their big bikes. Ethan's midnight black bike was in contrast to her silvery white. Upon nearing the HQ, the two had caught the sound of guns shooting, bombs blowing and people screaming. To put it simply, it was a war zone.

Lillie's eyes narrowed, her eyes changing into crimson red. She saw the people her men were fighting. They were wearing what seems to be a dark red uniform.

It's the fake Red Dragon.

Ethan sneered when he saw the men in red and thought that their uniforms looks ridiculously ugly. What the heck is wrong with whoever made that sh*t? Was he or she probably got hit on the head as a baby?

If Madame Bai saw this, she'll definitely give whoever it was a good smack of fashion sense.

Lillie gripped on the motorcycle's handgrip and accelerated it, aiming towards one of the red men and hit him, sending him flying a few meters away.

"Your ridiculous outfit hurts my eyes." She deadpanned.

See, even my wife agrees.

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