Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 102 4

Volume 2 Chapter 102 102: Lillie And Yu Meis Past Part 4

"Gone? But..but how could that be?" Mr. Bai asked in disbelief. If anything, he did not blame his daughter, he was just as surprise as she was.

Lillie was very careful and would not leave things so carelessly, much less a very important doc.u.ments.

"I'll check the surveillance camera"

"No." Lillie interrupted. Mr. Bai abruptly stopped as he was about to leave the office. He looked at Lillie incredulously, "What? Why?" He asked.

"I know who took them." Her hands clenched until they turned white, eyes narrowed in anger. "What I don't know is why would she do that."

"She?" He repeated, puzzled.

Lillie faced her father and said, "Yu Mei."

Mr. Bai was speechless. No, as the matter of fact, his silence meant he expected this. That girl gave everyone an uncomfortable vibe. That so, they still treat her well for being a good friend to his family's Lillie.

"That girl...why would she do this to us..." Mr. Bai looked at his daughter, "...to you?" Upset was an understatement, he was disappointed.

When Lillie found out that the doc.u.ments were missing, the first person she suspected was Yu Mei. Lillie cannot accept the fact that there's a possibility that Yu Mei would betray her, that's why she spent half an hour in denial, rampaging through her room, study room and even the office in search for the project's doc.u.ments.

Besides, Lillie was informed by the security, that's been assigned to watch the surveillance camera, that Yu Mei came inside her study room, saying that she's been asked by Lillie to fetch some doc.u.ments for her.

What proof does Lillie still needs to accept the truth? There are plenty already slapping her to face reality.

Lillie shook her head, friend or not, Yu Mei had some major explaining to do.

Dialing her number, Lillie waited for a minute before it was answered, "Yu Mei!"

[Lillie! Help me!] Lillie was about to berate her when she was interrupted by Yu Mei's anxious cry.

"Mei? What's wrong?" Lillie's anger was replaced into concern. In her peripheral vision, she saw her father frowned.

[I-I..I-I'm sorry, Lillie, I'm so sorry!] She heard Yu Mei sobbed.

"Where are you?! What happened?!"

[I..I though t-they would leave me alone if I gave them WPE's project, your project. B-but, t-they t-tied me up and k-kidnapped me! Oh Lillie, I'm scared!] Yu Mei's voice trembled as she cried.

'Odd.' Lillie thought as she couldn't help but notice, 'How come her phone's with her?'

"Fortunately they didn't caught your phone." Lillie thought she heard Yu Mei's breathe hitched. Maybe it's because she's crying.

[Y-yeah, I-I manage to hide it i-in my bra.]

"Don't worry, Mei. I'll call the police and we'll get you." Suddenly, Lillie heard Yu Mei screamed.

"Mei?! Mei!" Lillie called, her heart pounded in fright.

[Well hello there, Lillie Bai~] A stranger's gruff voice spoke in a taunting manner. Sweat covered Lillie's neck as she thought of the possibilities on what would happen to Yu Mei now that she was caught.

"Who are you?" Lillie demanded. In these kind of situations, Lillie forced herself to sound strong and nerved. Despite feeling anxious, she will not satisfy this man with weakness.

[Kufufu! That is for you to find out, little girl. If you want your friend to be safe and sound, do as say and you'll find your happily ever after together~]

"And how can you assure me that you'll do nothing after I appear?"

[Assure you? Hahaha! You have no rights to negotiate, I have the upper hand. Not only your friend but WPE's precious project are within my grasp!]

"You can have the damn project! Just hand me Yu Mei!" Lillie exclaimed in rage.

[Oh? You don't want the project back? Well, that's fine with me. You can have the girl. Come to XXXX building at City Z's abandoned town. If I saw someone else that isn't you, say goodbye to your little friend] The message was clear. This man wanted her to go alone.

Lillie knew that this wasn't a good idea, far from it. City Z is one of the most dangerous part of Country K where people from illegal civilization roam free without worry.

Something is definitely off, but Lillie choose to ignored it for the sake of her friend.

If only Lillie had the intelligence and power of her older self, non of this would be a problem as she would just send a single person to destroy the whole city along with its dwellers.

Hearing Lillie's side of the conversation, Mr. Bai processed everything in a whim. He could offer a help but he cannot rebuke Lillie's stubbornness. She will make sure that he had no say to this situation.

"This is dangerous! You and I both know that whoever that man is, he will not play fair! You will not only endanger your life but Mei's as well!" Mr. Bai did everything to stop his daughter. From pleading, begging and even threatening. Once Lillie made her decision, no one can stop her.

"Don't worry, dad. I can find a solution to this, trust me." She ended the discussion with finality and no more room for argument.

Mr. Bai stood in one place as he watch his daughter leave the room. His heart was pounding in anxiety. A bad premonition appeared in the sky as a crackle of lighting flashed the huge window behind him.

He took out his phone and dialed someone's number. "I need to ask you a favor."


Dark clouds loomed the entirety of City Z, hanging all over the buildings as it creates a natural canopy throughout. Thunder roared above the sky as if a war broke through the heavens.

A flash of blur passed the wet streets in high speed before slowly stopping a mile away from the abandoned building. Lillie turned the engine off and removed her helmet, letting the heavy drops of rain kiss her black-cladded body and her natural ash colored hair.

Lillie scanned the area before deeming it safe from others. She got down from her motorcycle and took off running. Her boots stomped on the wet pavement, splashing the muddy water on herself but, Lillie payed no attention of it, as she was too focused on making her way towards the rendezvous without showing herself.

Nearing the building, Lillie slowed down and went to the side. She cautiously went inside the building through the window. She'll be damned if she went through the entrance. The least she could do is be stealthy and observe the inside before rushing in to get Yu Mei.

Soundlessly jumping down inside one of the rooms and began to check the others. The building was eerily quiet and empty. Inside an unfamiliar place, Lillie had no time to dally around and immediately ran up the stairs and began to checked each floors' room.

"That bastard. There's no one here!" Lillie muttered under her breath. She hid behind the darkness and slumped down to take a break. She closed her eyes and heightened her senses, especially her hearing.

She caught a slight shuffling and muffling. Lillie immediately darted towards the sound. Hearing the muffling getting louder, Lillie slowed down and asses her surroundings.

There were hundreds of piled up boxes littering around the place and Lillie used this to her advantage to hide. Getting closer to the sound, Lillie finally saw Yu Mei.

She was tied on a metal chair with a while cloth covering her mouth. Her hair was tangled, clothes disheveled with tearstained face.

Lillie gasped, 'What had they done to her?' She double checked her surroundings, sensing no one near, she immediately came to Yu Mei and undid her bindings.

Yu Mei weakly stirred awaked and was surprised to see Lillie in front of her.

"Lillie!" She called in relief as soon as the cloth on her mouth was removed.

"I was so scared! T-they forced me t-to..to" Lillie tightly hugged Yu Mei and caressed her back.

"Shh...that's enough, you're safe. Everything's alright now." Lillie was not only reassuring Yu Mei but herself as well. The heavy feeling that's been knocking on her senses was being relentless.

But, something tells her that everything is 'not' alright.

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