Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 105 2

Volume 2 Chapter 105 105: How Life And Death Met Part 2

(Warning: Not suited for children or people with weak minds. This chapter contains inappropriate acts)

Lillie was tortured, humiliated and violated! They didn't stop, they didn't let her go unconscious as they always find a way to snap be back into reality. Even a bit drop of relief, they selfishly denied.

The last bit of cover that hid her shame was no longer present. Lillie has been paralyzed and rendered mute by the drug. Her consciousness came back and as if to make her life even more humiliating, she was able to watch with a clear mind how these men would violate her.

At least a dozen men towered above her n.a.k.e.d frame, her torturers stood among the crowd with rancid and lecherous expressions. Their eyes were filled with l.u.s.t.

"For a teen, she sure have a nice body." One of them said, licking his lips.

"As the leader, I'll be taking her first."

"Who made you leader?!"

"It should be me first! I gave her the drug and was bitten in the process!"

Lillie took their bickering as her advantage while she assessed her surroundings. She was beaten and tortured beyond what a normal humanto what more a teenagercould take so, you can't blame her if she can't even lift a finger.

However, you underestimated Lillie's will if you even thought that. Her body accepted the drugs and made it part her system. Her irises look as if it's sucking the red out of her sclera, turning her once beautiful sapphire eyes ruby.

The men didn't appear to notice the sudden change with her eyes nor the movement of her hands. Unbeknownst to them, through the disregarded clothes, Lillie manage to slip her hand and search for a familiar coldness of metal.

Her gun.

There's nothing to brag about these goons, they're pretty clueless and inattentive. They did not even took extra precaution as they just disregarded her clothes beside her, within arms reach.

One should never underestimate someone, especially Lillie Bai. Her blood boiled with vengeance and raw rage. She vowed that if she escaped, everyone who took part of thisYu Mei especiallywould wish that they were never born or crossed their paths with hers!

She'll make their lives miserable. She won't let them die and face the afterlife's purgatory, she'll make her own that's ten times worst than what they have in hell!

'Kill.' Is what her thoughts were filled with.

Lillie Bai will make them pay!

She forced herself to an extent just to move her body. Every movement send a painful shock through her nerves as if she's being pierced by needles.

There are a dozen of fully grown men who had experience in combats. Lillie would be lying to herself if she said she could take all of them at once. No, it's impossible for her to take them down in the first place with her condition.

But, it's already proven a fact that no one should be able to move after being fed with a powerful drug like Sleazy Night. Lillie would defy even the heavens just to prove that statement wrong!

"What's going on here?" A loud, heavy footsteps echoed and a man's rough voice spoke in demand.

"Boss!" The men greeted in sync.

Liu Sheng entered the dirty place along with two other men. A cigar was placed on his teeth, taking a puff every once in a while.

A vicious expression made its way on his ugly face when his eyes dropped at the beaten and bloody girl on the floor, not a single garment covering her body.

"Look how the tables had turned. Don't you agree, Lillie Bai?" Ignoring the blood sticking on his shoes and his white trench coat, he crouch beside her and admired the 'art' his men had done on her.

"Hm? What's this?" His eyes met Lillie red eyes. He frowned in confusion.

'Strange.' He thought.

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