Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 118

Volume 2 Chapter 118 118: Rumors Or Truth?

The media exploded when an anonymous post from Weibo emerged into the light.

[Ethan Li's younger sister, Li Yi Fei of Sky Emperor University, called a woman named Theodora Crevier her sister-in-law!]

Netizens immediately fired the comment section with their reactions and thoughts. Student and former student alike of SEU, joined in and answered some the outsiders' questions.

{Ah, ah, ah! What the hell am I seeing?! Can someone please smack me in the face?!}

{I would also like to be smacked! Is this real?! Is this real, ah!}

{CEO Li is already married?! When, when?! I demand to see a marriage certificate!}

{Who the hell is this woman?! How dare she steal our CEO Li!}

{People above me, I was President Crevier's classmate and I knew of their relationship. All I can say that this is impossible!}

{Person above me, I'm Li Yi Fei's classmate and all of us clearly heard her call Miss Crevier sister-in-law! Even our Math professor was dumbfounded!}

{M-My Ice Goddess is married to that asshole?! I cannot upset!}

{Person above me, aren't you the president of Miss Theodora's fanboys club?!}

{Oh?! Su Cang, it's you!}

{Wuwuwu! Pres, it must've been hard for you!}

Suddenly, the landlord [1] posted another news.

[Insiders revealed that Theodora Crevier came to SEU because of an official school request! The school had Miss Crevier organize the annual Batch Reunion 20XX! From Miss Crevier's former classmates and batch mates are to attend!]

{What the f*ck?! How did this person know before us, Miss Theodora's former classmates?!}

{Maybe the landlord's a faculty member?}

{The school would not let anyone reveal such news!}

There wasn't even a day passed and netizens from all around the country, and maybe even the world, used their skills to gather information about this dark horse, Theodora Crevier, who allegedly caught the infamous Devil, Ethan Li in a wedlock.

And as expected of the most prestigious school in Asia, no one had the ability to hack into their information system.

Theodora Crevier was a very private person.

When they typed her name in a search engine, they found out that she was an international sensation. She've won her country five gold medals in a Martial Arts competition.

And a champion of the Four Arts of the Chinese Scholar [2] competition!

She does not have any social media nor a contact number they could use to reach her.

If no one had seen her personally, they would think that Theodora Crevier was not a real person at all...

...which they are both right and wrong at the same time. There is no one with the name Theodora Crevier,

but a Lilliana Theodora Crevier Bai, to be precise.

"Waaahh! Sister-in-law, I've caused you trouble!"

The tranquility of the Tranquil Villa was no more because of the loud cry of Li Yi Fei, as she kowtowed in front of Lillie.

"Pay no mind of it." She sighed, waving her hand.

She underestimated this person's skills big time. No matter, there's no trial she cannot dominate.

This predicament may also be of use to her.

Gabriel sat by a corner, silently cursing Yi Fei for yanking him with her when he's about to be saved from being interrogated by his whole family.

Well, it's actually better if it's just his parents and grandparents berating him.

If it were Lillie....

Wuu...he shudders just by the thought of it.

As for the sobbing mess that refuses to stand up, she had been reassured and cooed by Lillie and Ethan countless times before finally settling beside Gabriel on the couch.

She was gulping down an iced tea like it's the last time she would drink it before screaming in agony because of brain freeze.

Gabriel smacked her on the head and scolded her. "Idiot."

Lillie and Ethan looked at each other and then at the two with sharp eyes.

A certain devil had informed her of his little sister's 'coincidental' oddity and late-night walks.

Seems like Gabriel's late-night activities has revealed itself.


Gabriel and Yi Fei: We're just playing !

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