Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 120

Volume 2 Chapter 120 120: Self Proclaimed Queen B: Enter

Inside the grand ballroom of Bai Chteau hotel, gathered people of distinguished backgrounds.

As former students of SEU, their background certainly not simple.

90% of the students who graduated from SEU are now successful and wealthy people in the society. Some are powerful government officials, doctors, engineers...

And of course, everyone's favorite;


To prove, just look at Ethan Li. He's now one of the most successful businessman, world-wide.

As for the person whom gathered everyone at Bai Chteau...


They never heard of their beloved President Theodora being a sensation in the Elite Society. Just based on her achievements back then, it's impossible of her not being known.

She maintained an inconspicuous status.

Not until recently.

Who could've guessed that the woman who managed to catch Ethan Li's heart was their own Student Council President?

The woman who swore rivalry to Ethan Li?

Well, no one can blame her nor Ethan.

They are actually perfect for each other. Some even ship them secretly.

"Where are Miss Theodora and Ethan? They're the only ones missing."

"Traffic jam maybe?"

"Or maybe they had some of their sweet moments first before coming."

"You! How could you say such inappropriate thing ah!"

"What? Maybe it's true."

"Their rivalry back in the days was quite fierce. Even if you were to beat me to death, I could never expect this outcome."

"I agree. But, I actually hoped for them to be together."

"En, en! Honestly speaking, there isn't anyone else but them who are fitting for each other."

"Shut your mouth! How could Ethan marry that woman? She's nothing but a stuck-up prick who thinks she owns it all." A tall, voluptuous woman wearing a revealing red dress rudely interjected.

The self proclaimed Queen B of SEU harrumphed arrogantly at everyone, ruining the light mood.

People around her quiet down, not having the courage to provoke her.

They wouldn't dare.

This woman had the power to cause trouble in their peaceful life. Her family's filthy rich and are one of those family who was established since ancient times.

Albeit, she took it as her advantage. Obvious enough, she hadn't changed. If there is a person who's green in envy and black bellied,

It's Yang Hui.

Not only does she have a formidable background, she's also part of the entertainment circle. An actress that climb the ranks using her family's power.

She's also famous for being the top celebrity with the most scandal. Being seen with multiple lovers, a certified home-wrecker and a scheming b*tch.

Unfortunately for the people she stepped on, they cannot fight back in fear of receiving more trouble. They all reluctantly step back with hearts full of rage.

Being the kind of person she is, it's clear she was a big bully back in SEU. The only person who can see her from eye-to-eye was Theodora.

The student body president isn't intimated nor afraid of anyone.

Why should she?

If there is one person Yang Hui hated the most, it's obviously Lillieor Theodora.

She's adamant in ruining Lillie's life.

Whether it's about her social status or her achievements in school, Yang Hui wants it.

But when she tried to scheme her way to the top by destroying Lillie reputation, a mysterious patron supports her and almost made her family go bankrupted.

They didn't found out who it was. Because of fear, her parents forced her to drop out of school and to never provoke Theodora ever again.

But, they're no longer students. Yang Hui is now an a.d.u.l.t and she can do whatever she wants.

What can a nobody do to her?

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