Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 121

Volume 2 Chapter 121 121: Tie You On The Bed

That is why she planned a little 'gift' for her, as thanks for all the trouble she had, just to arrange a party for them.

It seems luck was on her side too. The press was also invited to the party because one of their former classmate is a Public Relations manager that handle today's press conferencethat will be happening after the party.

She will expose Theodora's stains, and glory will finally be in her favor.

"Everything is ready." One of her lackeys informed.

A vicious smirk appeared on her lips. "Good. Theodora should thank me instead. She'll be a millionaire's mistress. Plus, she get to enjoy Bai Chteau's luxury room for free!"

"Hehe, lucky her." Yang Hui's lackey giggled.

Yang Hui knew how hard it was to reserve a room in this hotel. Luckily for her, one of her lovers actually booked a room for her.

The perks of being WPE's marketing manager, not only does he have a handsome face, he's loaded and had a privilege to book a single room for one night at Bai Chteau.

She's been begging him non stop for it. Unfortunately, it'll only be wasted on that sl*t.

Because she's so benevolent, Yang Hui choose to give Lillie her favorite lover.

See, she's so kind.


"Hmm...I see...Thank you." Lillie turned off her phone and faced Ethan, who wore a striking black, Armani suit.

The black gives him his usual mysterious yet aloof aura that made any girl swoon.

It hugs his lean body perfectly, giving him an impression of a dominating CEOthe CEO part is true, but dominating? You should look for Lillie on that part.

And as for our leading lady,

You should know from a mile away that she wore a dress that was hand-made by dear mother Bai herself with so much passion!and fashion.

Contrast to Ethan's black suit, Lillie donned a white and gold, body hugging dress that indicates her slender yet curvy build.

On the skirt was a slit that shows full view of her long, jade-white leg.

It doesn't look frivolous on her at all. As the matter of fact, it pronounced her noble and elegant aura even more!

Ethan was contemplating whether he should just lock her up so that she cannot attend the party wearing that!


Unbeknownst, Ethan was already chugging a gallon of vinegar just by her dress.

If he see her ravishingly gorgeous, what would those other, boorish, perverted men out there would think?!

Would they imagine her under them on the bed na?!

"What are you thinking?" Lillie saw the odd look on his face.

What weird stuff is this guy thinking again?

A frown marred Ethan's handsome face, making Lillie arch a brow in puzzlement.

"I'm thinking whether I should just tie you on the bed."


Lillie glared at him. "How about I tie you up instead?"

"That would be nice too."


What the hell is going on with this man's head?!

H-how shameless can he be?!

"You don't like what I'm wearing?"

"I love it."

"Then what's wrong?"

"If I love it, other men will certainly love it too."

There's no sense with this argument.

But wait...

You seem to forget who Lillie is.

Lillie placed her hands on his chest and playfully trace them up to his neck.

Her warm breath tingles his ear as she seductively whispering "But only you...managed to have 'it'."


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