Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 122

Volume 2 Chapter 122 122: Yang Hui

Yang Hui was casually enjoying what Bai Chteau has to offer, as did everyone else.

She admit that the hotel lives up to its name as one the most luxurious and extravagant hotel world-wide.

The services offered by the facility is astounding that it made you feel you're living like royalty.

Everyone here who cannot afford Bai Chteau, or any facilities the Bai have, could only wish that they never part with it.

No one does...

That is why almost 94% of the students who graduated from SEU would either wanted to employ for the Bai or Li family.

Bai family's White Phoenix Empire and Li family's Hong Long Company has the highest salary.

Even if you were a mere janitor there, you could have an average salary of five hundred dollars per month!

Though oddly enough, no one from their batch managed to hook a job at WPE.

Yang Hui admits that everyone from SEU are capable individuals, they have the potential.

Regardless, how come no one from their batch works at WPE? At least one is a PR manager at HL Corporation's Sunrise Media.

Humph! She wonder where did Theodora got the money to reserve the hotel's grand party hall.

She heard it cost's millions!

If Theodora and Ethan were really a couple, Ethan would not come at a Bai's property. Instead, he would just offer their own hotelsecond only to Bai Chteau.

Because of the intense rivalry between the Bai and Li, Ethan would refuse to even step inside their property.

Much as Yang Hui hated to admit, it seems she underestimated Theodora's capabilities...

"Hey look! It's Ethan!" A female voice exclaimed in a soft voice to her friend.

People who were close to her quickly look at the party hall's entrance.

And indeed, a devilishly handsome man in a black, Armani suit entered the hall. His cold and aloof aura made people want to kneel and worship him.

Yang Hui's eyes observed every detail of his figure.

His slightly childish, high school boy looks from before was nowhere to be found. As if it was peeled off and changed into the alpha male he is today.

Tall, dark and handsome.

But wait,

Who is that woman that he held so tenderly on his arm?

Yang Hui felt pain on her lips, not even realizing that she bit it out of rage.

This...isn't this too heaven-defying?!

That woman is outrageously beautiful!

An unparalleled beauty that every women would turn green to out of envy and would only wish to achieve through surgery!

Yang Hui touched her face. Compare to her, who indeed went under the knife to look beautiful...

She gritted her teeth, contempt and envy was not hidden on her face.

"That woman...isn't that Miss Theodora?!"

"Really?! That's her?!"

"Now that you mentioned it, you're right!"

"Her hair color might have changed, but her unmistakable cold beauty is still the same, which I fell hardly in love for!"

"Only her face you say? You should be ashamed!"

"As a certified member of President Theodora's fanboys club, her coldness, aloofness, smartness, kindness, and gorgeousness is what we all fell in love with!"

"Is it really necessary to put -nesses in her assets? Though I agree to everything you say."

"Aren't these two really too much? Just look at how perfect they are for each other!"

"I can't believe their relationship would turn out to be a hate then love. I thought those only exist in books."

"Blame the author for that."

"The what?"

Yang Hui's face turned ugly even further. She wanted everyone to shut up.

That b*tch is Theodora?!

No, no!

She refuse to believe it!

She clearly went for plastic surgery! There is no way that woman is the same black-haired, eyeglasses-wearing nerd from before!

Yang Hui forced herself to calm her raging nerves.

Ethan might see her make a ruckus and would think her as petty.

She should compose herself and look pretty in front of him.

Ethan Li, a man like him is what she needs.

If she became Mrs. Li...

She can't imagine all the fame, power, status and wealth she'll receive.

She could finally be a real member of the Elite Society!

She would be the hottest topic of men and women alike.

She would be what people could only hope for!

It would be the pinnacle of her life!

But, she must face a heavy obstacle first.

The hindrance in her life,

Theodora Crevier...

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