Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 123

Volume 2 Chapter 123 123: Be My Guest

The PR manager was quick to approach the two along with the press he invited for the day.

"CEO Li, to confirm everyone's curiosity, is it true that you and miss Theodora are in a relationship? To be exact, married?" Their former classmate questioned, his eyes burning with passion.

Ethan didn't even need to think his answer before saying a flat "Yes."

Everyone: "Ooohhhh!"

"Ah, ah! I think I heard my heart break into pieces! Quick, I need treatment!"

"Treatment you say?! I need an ICU!"

"This couple is where the saying 'match made in heaven' came from!"

"When did you two realized your feelings for each other? Aren't you two like the opposite poles back in SEU? What made you two"

"Weren't you informed in the invitation? Your questions will be answered after the party." Yang Hui calmly interrupted, her h.i.p.s swayed as she walked towards them.

Everyone did not dare block her and automatically gave her way.

Yang Hui's eyes did not left the domineering man as she gave him a seductive smile.

Her dress for the evening is very eye-catchy and l.u.s.trous. It gave her an impression of a shining ruby.

Unfortunately, this ruby was fractured.

No longer pleasing to the eye.

Yang Hui was observing every men in the party. Their eyes that ogled her before, changed course to the woman beside Ethan.

Men. It's true that they want a white lotus woman who they can dote.

But, a white lotus cannot satisfy their inner beast.

She used to act like a white lotus that is why she've seen it all.

Seduction is the best way into a man's mind.

When their l.u.s.t has been sated, it will only take time before she can have their heart.

Just look at her achievements.

She can make married men leave their wives.

Break into cold men's facades and make them beg for more.

That's why Yang Hui is confident.

Ethan Li's case is difficult, she admits. But, she had encountered men like him before.

Men are hungry for s.e.x.

And she's the only one who can satisfy them.

"Nice to see you again, Ethan." Her breathless, s.e.xy tone did not escape Lillie's ears.

"Who are you?" Ethan deadpanned with his usual, stoic face.

People quietly laughed behind her.

Yang Hui froze. "I-I uh..." She awkwardly stammered.

Lillie answered for her, "She's our former classmate, Yang Hui."

"Don't remember."

"She dropped out."

Yang Hui was greatly embarrassed. She wanted to snapped at anyone who talked that wasn't Ethan. But since it was Lillie, she can only contain it.

She managed to give her a small smile and politely greeted. "Ah, that's right. Miss Theodora, it's good to see you again."

Lillie hummed in acknowledgement.

"As what Miss Yang said, questions will be answered. For now, enjoy the party." Lillie regarded to everyone.

Everyone agreed and came back to their table. They will not refuse miss Theodora's generosity because it may only happen once in their life to come at Bai Chteau.

As the party's organizer, Lillie sat in front the stage. And as Lillie's partner, Ethan obviously shared a table with her.

Lillie was aware of the intense hatred Yang Hui emitted that was being sent to her way.

She can even feel her vicious glare on her back when they left.

Even when the party has not yet been planned, Lillie knew exactly who'll be courting death.

Based on her former and current personality, Lillie knew what her purpose was.

You want to steal my man? Be my guest.

Just don't forget to return him lateroh wait, never mind. I forgot he's allergic to rabid dogs.

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