Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 124

Volume 2 Chapter 124 124: Scheming

When the Headmaster arrived at the venue, he was rendered speechless.

That man beside Lillie...isn't that the brat who always squabble with her?

What's going on?

The Headmaster was an old fashioned man. He rarely uses the computer for work to what more look for the most hottest gossip in the media.

He was also recouping from a cold and had the Vice-Principal to look after the school for the meantime.

So you really can't blame him for not being informed.

Lillie's table was located on the front row, which she shared with Ethan and the former student council members. Next were the faculty members.

Because he came late, the Headmaster didn't know where to place himself.

Fortunately, Lillie saw him and motioned him to come to them.

Sighing in relief, the Headmaster composed himself and walked towards their table.

On the way, the former students greeted him, which he returned with a polite smile.

You can't imagine how proud he was to them.

They all grew up spectacularly.

Suddenly, his eyes flickered at the woman in a bright, skimpy red dress staring idly at the man beside Lillie.

When their eyes met, the Headmaster obscured any emotion he had in his eyes.

This particular person...should not have been invited.

Yang Hui was not blind.

She can see clearly that the Headmaster did not see her as any of his precious students.

Instead, he look at her as if she was a nuisance. A dirt in his eyes.

No one could blame him.

Yang Hui was still a former student of SEU even if she was expelled, and SEU are known for nurturing and producing the best people for the society.

I think there's no need for further discussion on why the Headmaster doesn't regard Yang Hui the same treatment.

There's no denying...Yang Hui is nothing but a stain in SEU's emblem.

When reaching the table, the Headmaster greeted Lillie a doting smile and said, "Xiao Hua [1]."

The Headmaster had a steady relationship with the Bai family for keeping Lillie's identity as Bai heiress hiddenhence the nickname.

Lillie shook her hand with his, "Headmaster, it's good to see you well."

The Headmaster chuckled, "Likewise, miss Crevier. My, look how much you've grown! I almost didn't recognized you."

Then, he face Ethan with a polite smile, "Same goes for you, Mr. Li." and shook hands with him.

"En. We heard you caught a cold. Are you feeling better now?"

"Hm, hm! Thank you for your concern...."

Laughter shrouds their table as the former students chatted and mingled with their kind Headmaster.

The party commenced, and a video presentation was projected on a large screen with photos and videos taken by these former students.

It was heartwarming, as they relieved and reminisced the good memories they created in SEU.

After the video, everyone moved to the buffet room for their dinner.

Mouth watering food were presented on large platters, beautifully arranged.

As it lives up to its name, everything looks like it was meant to serve royalty.

They all felt like kings and queens all of sudden.

The champagne tower was filled, giving the buffet room more fragrance.

Yang Hui moved.

She grabbed two glass of champagne and spiked one of them with a black pill.

The pill dissolved in milliseconds. It did not even stained the champagne, as if there was nothing wrong with it.

Yang Hui smirked viciously. This pill was a gift from her grandfather. Even she needed to be careful with it.

She even double checked the glass she would give. It's impossible to determine whether the drink was spiked because the pill was tasteless and odorless.

"Tonight, your reign will finally come to an end. Theodora Crevier, it's time to abdicate your throne."

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