Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 125

Volume 2 Chapter 125 125: The Toast

On his peripheral vision, Ethan saw Yang Hui approach them holding two glasses of champagne.

He had an idea on what she was planning, and this caused his eyes to cast a dark shadow.

Ethan automatically veered his eyes towards Lillie, to only catch her staring at him as well.

"Don't worry."

These two words extinguish his burning wrath like wind.

He replied with a silent nod before snaking his arm around her tiny waist, pulling her closer to his chest before kissing her forehead.

Lillie was surprised.

Though, it was not only her.

Gaping mouths and wide eyes came into view to the people in front of the two dog food distributer.

Women could not help but sigh at Ethan's loving gesture to his wife. While the men hoped for a woman to dote and embrace in their arms like Lillie.

Su Cang, Gabriel and Yi Fei's math profession, watch on the sidelines with tears streaming down his face. "Huhuhu...Miss Theodora..."

Yang Hui offered Lillie a forced smile and greeted her in a sweet tone. "Theodora, I would like to make a toast with you, as thanks for all your hard work for our reunion party." She made sure that her voice is loud enough for the others to hear.

Everyone automatically grabbed their champagne glass and raised it to join.

Using everyone's participation in the toast, Lillie had no choice but to accept the drink that was 'kindly' offered to her.

If she didn't, they would think she was being arrogant and haughty.

And that, is not the kind of person was their precious President.

Lillie accepted the glass, Yang Hui's triumphant smirk did not escaped her eyes.

"Cheers~" Yang Hui sang. A trace of mockery dripped from her tone.

Raising the glass for a toast, Lillie gracefully drank everything in one go.

'Fool.' Yang Hui thought, secretly grinning.

Lillie placed the glass on the table. Her eyes scrutinized the corner of the room.

A waiter walked towards them to offer everyone another glass of champagne. Lillie took two and offered one to Yang Hui.

"I would also like to make a toast, for you and everyone. Thank you for coming."

Yang Hui accepted the drink without further thought.

Everyone happily complied and made a toast.


Yang Hui sipped the sweet and cool beverage.

"Alright everyone! Grab yourselves a partner, it's time to dance!" The hired MC announced.

On cue, the lights dimmed and a slow, classical music began to play.

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