Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 126

Volume 2 Chapter 126 126: My Diamond

Ethan lightly squeezed Lillie's hand as he looked at her in concern.

Whatever is in that champagne, nothing good will ever happen to whoever consumed it.

Ethan had no idea what could it be. But since Lillie drank it, she should know...right?

"What was in that drink?" He had the opportunity to ask when he guided her towards the dance floor.

Lillie wrapped her arms around his neck.

With the help of the spotlight, the two shone and glittered as they waltz around like two graceful, black swans.

"It gives me a familiar sensation, but I'm not sure what it was." This caused a frown to mare Ethan's handsome face, worry evidently painting it.

"This is not good. What if it could kill you?"

"Nothing could kill me. Not anymore." She retorted. Coldness glinting from her eyes. "I don't know the specific name of the drug, but I'm sure it's likely a replication of Black Egg."

This...is not good.

Ethan knew what Black Egg could do to a person. He'd witnessed first hand how the White Bird Organization deals with their prisoners with the use of Black Egg.

With people's assumption, they thought Black Egg was an aphrodisiac. When in truth is that Black Egg is a capsule filled with millions of nanobots that attached themselves on the nervous system.

Then, they melt inside the body because they are not adapted with the temperature.

When the nanobots melts, it will heat the nervous system causing a misconception in the brain telling the body to extinguish the heat quickly.

And the only solution was s.e.x.u.a.l contact.

The real purpose of Black Egg is to control the person's nervous system, specifically the brain.

That is why it was called as a failed experiment, but it managed to keep its usefulness as a torture device and a fortune.

However, when someone consumed it for a very long period of time, the nanobots will adapt to the body's temperature and serves it purpose.

Take Yu Mei as a good example.

You don't get it yet? You'll find out soon.

Lillie noticed the look on Ethan's eyes and said, "It's just a copy, it will not harm me. Besides, I've consumed the Black Egg and my body turned out fine."

"What?!" Ethan exclaimed, causing a few heads to turn, at Lillie's nonchalant confession. "How could you do that to yourself?"

Lillie shrugged, "I'm training my body to dispel poison and bad drugs."

Ethan was greatly upset by this. "You're not allowed to do that to yourself anymore."

Raising her eyebrow, she asked "why?"

"Because I'm worried, okay?" He cupped his hands on her cheeks and pulled in closer until their noses touched.

His eyes were closed as he said, "Your body is a precious, rare diamond. As the dragon, it's my job to keep any intruders out."

Then, his lids opened to present a pair of silver eyes, staring into her sapphire blue orbs.

"I'm the only one who's allowed to enter. You are my diamond. You are mine as I am yours."

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